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SUMMARY OF FI PHASE TL 2017 DAM SAFETY INSPECTION LAKE LURE DAM & APPURTENANCES LAKE LURE, NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina Identification No. RUTHE-003 Prepared For: Lake Lure Town Council ‘Town Council Meeting October 10, 2017 Prepared By: B. Dan Marks, Ph.D. P.E., Principal NC Registration No. 09631 Marks Enterprises of NC, PLLC Firm NC Registration No. P-0199 SUMMARY OF PHASE I INSPECTION FINDINGS 2017 DAM SAFETY INSPECTION LAKE LURE DAM & APPURTENANCES, LAKE LURE, NORTH CAROLINA. ‘The purpose ofthe Phase I portion of the 2017 Dam Safety Inspection of Lake Lure Dam and its appurtenances was to determine the current condition ofthe dam and associated facilities such as spillways, gates, overiying roadway, powerhouse, penstocks, etc. and the level of operation and riaintenance activities relative to the overall stability, integrity, and safety of the dam by conducting extensive visual inspections, monitoring excessive leakage and seepage from the dam, and reviewing all operation and maintenance records, reports, construction drawings, and communications with State Dam Sefety Officials. The lack of the latter information and documentation of routine operation and maintenance activities was disturbing relative to existing ddam safety issues, Beyond adequate operation and maintenance of the hydroelectric power generation facilities there is litle evidence that any routine operations, maintenance, and inspections havo ever been done. This philosophy conceming improper upkeep, caretaking, and ‘concentrated attention to the most important amenity associated with the entre town did not ‘occur overnight but was a gradual drifting away from responsible upkeep of a major portion of the infastructure of the town and surrounding community and the development of a complacent philosophy through the years based on the old saying “i tis’t broke yet — don’t try to fix it”. Prior to delving into the existing major issues and resulting major dam safety concems relative to the performance and condition of Lake Lure Dam and its appurtenances, a brief discussion of ‘orientation at a dam or river must be provided so that the reader is familiar with references to rections. In all countries excapt Canada and France the standard method of orientation at a dam or river is to position oneself so that you are facing downstream in the direction of the flow of ‘water, On a dam, the reservoir of lake would be to anes back, In this position, the left sbutment ‘ofa dam or the loft honk ofa river will he to onas loft side, Conversely, tho vight abutment of a