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COD. 90121

Activity 2 - Unit 1 and 2: Writing Assignment.

Course Director:
Mg. Jorge Hugo Hernández V.

Presented to:
Carlos Andrés Camacho

Delivered by:

Edwin Fabián Liévano Echeverría– Código: 1.116.546.423

Johan Salomón Mendoza – Código: 1.1153913.653

Grupo: 90121_320


Yopal – Casanare
Edwin Fabián Liévano Echeverría

Part 1:

I can participate in electoral day.

I could be a volunteer in a foundation.
May I sit with you?
I must stop the car when I see a red light.
I should use the pedestrian crossing more often.
I ought to be punctual with my job.
I have to pay attention when I cross the street.
I need to study very hard to pass the course the English III.
You had better use the footbridge than cross the street.
I would have to work on Sunday.

Part 2:

I was watching a scary movie last night.

I was having dinner with my family last night.
I was doing collage's homeworks last night.
I was playing video games in the computer last night.
I was chatting online with my girlfriend last night.

I was not sleeping early last night.

I was not accompanying my niece in the hospital last night.
I was not cooking my dinner last night.
I was not washing my clothes last night.
I was not partying with me friend last night.

Part 3:

Trip to the city of spring, Medellín.

First day: I will go to the capital of Antioquia,

Medellín. I could go to visit the botanical
garden, see different flowers, then I have to
get on the Medellín metro, they say it's very
beautiful, to go to other places of Medellín
you had better use the metrocable that the
bus, I can go to the Atanasio Girardot
stadium and look at the cups of my favorite
Atlético Nacional soccer team that is
exhibited in the stadium, I could buy the
original shirt of the football team in the
Second day: I could travel to the peñol stone
in Guatapé, I can climb its steps and observe
its landscape. I must take breaks when I'm
climbing the steps. I should buy a souvenir
from the peñol stone in Guatapé or in the
tourist shops, I could take a boat ride through
the lagoon and visit the islands.

Third day: I will go to the hacienda Nápoles.

You could visit the water parks and enjoy the
pools, you should use the tour guide to see
the animals that inhabit the farm, I can go to
feed the hippopotamus Vanesa who is the last
one who lives in that place. I need time and
money to be able to visit and know these
places in the next holidays.
Johan Mendoza

Part 1:

I can participate in the political, civic and community life of the country
I could do military service
I may work tonight
I must respect the traffic signs
I should support democratic events
I ought to protect the country's natural resources
I have to take care of my vocabulary in front of the children
I need to study with discipline
You had better to wait the green light to cross
I would use the pedestrian bridge

Part 2:

I was studing at home

I was playing with my son last night
I was eating a delicious sandwich
I was checking the refrigerator with the refrigeration technician
I was watching a movie with my wife last night
I was not driving a bicycle last night
I was not visiting my parents in their house
I was not walking in the park with my family
I was not reading the bible last night
I was not organizing my clothes

Part 3:

My Next Holidays

Hello, my name is Johan Mendoza, my next

holidays will be in the month of July. I want
to make a trip with my family to Quindío; for
which I must plan the trip route very well. We
will start our journey from Tauramena
Casanare, I should take the Sogamoso route to
Bogotá because the land of Boyacá is very
beautiful. That first day we will rest in
Bogota, where we will visit my grandmother
and my uncles.
The next day we will start the
trip at 10 o'clock in the
morning, because we should
sleep very well with the cold
weather of Bogota. We will
take the route through the city
of Ibegué, we could see some
friends who live there; We
would really like to stay but
the travel time is very short and we will not be able to stay. On
this second day of travel we will arrive in Armenia to rest comfortably, so we can enjoy the place
the next day.

Finally, on our third day, we will visit the coffee park, we should not miss this place because it is
one of the most attractive parks in Armenia. That day we will enjoy the mechanical attractions
and the beautiful landscapes of the place; for this we must go with comfortable clothes for the
occasion, in addition we could not forget a camera to capture the best moments. To end our little
vacation trip, we could take the route to Medellin, visit family and then return to our place of
Part 4:

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