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Classes of Software:

Both system software and application software interacts with the computer hardware. However, the system
software operates the computer hardware and provides a platform for running the application software. The
application software on the other hand helps the user to perform single or multiple tasks.

System Software – Set of programs that coordinates activities and functions of the hardware and various other

Example: Operating Systems – Windows XP, Linux, MAcOS and Ubuntu

Device Driver software – Graphics Driver

BIOS Software

Application Software – Program that helps the user solve particular computing problems.

Example: Microsoft Offices – Word, Excel, Access

Web Browser – Google Chrome, Opera

Game Software – World of Warcraft

Sound Software – iTunes

Audio/Video Software – VLC Player, Real Player

The system software holds the application software and maintains the functionality of memory, accessory
devices, printer, keyboards and display screens.


So, hindi mo mara-run yung mga application softwares kung wala si system software. At Hindi mo naman magagamit si hardwares (CPU,
Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor) kung wala si system software.

Custom Software – also known as bespoke software or tailor-made software. Software that is specially
developed for some specific organization or user. In short, they are the ones that are customized.

Example: ATMs

Supermarket checkout scanners

Commercial software – is computer software produced primarily for sale or commercial purposes. This software
is often proprietary although free software packages can also be commercial software. In short, this software
are the ones that must be purchased in order to be used. In some cases, a short trial period may be offered free.


Custom software, mga customized. Kadalasan kaya nagkakaroon ng work ang programmers dahil sa pag-create ng customized software
ng isang company. Bale 1 is to 1 ito. Hindi pwede gamitin ng iba, only intended para sa company na nagpagawa at nagpurchased unlike sa
Commercial Software, pang general sya, everybody and everyone can buy the software. Ito yung kadalasan na may bayad pag
dinownload at may free trial. Dito sila kumikita.