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ESA JOB OPPOR UNITIES (516) | commntne | recognised by Higher Education Commission with three years | years Series fron he rtovan eda protiiency te BS 7 amar OE] taghe Secondary School Covance Second, Dinan) From | 205 ‘Operatar | gomsmemn, | inatiation recogriued by Doard wth Speed of 40 words per | Yeare (esis) | SESE, | minwees ana soo ney depressions per howe with 90M Aceuroey nd imowindge of shorthand would be considered an bded 5 faniar caer ‘sa esi” weap son a0) TF] Bak Rane "Sd | Secondary School Cariicate wih = valld URV driving Weanss | 2050 (e205) | oneitnn | Rivng ites roy experienc athe ova el ee | 7] Seeurty Goara] —— 09. ‘Gries Bae TeSOt) | ovens, | a Portals canaidaten years S, | SStomdary School Ceretcate or equiatent with 5 year ‘Szperience in ebevant eh seth inant Fa genesis: ‘SELSC ra Sr cqurcee qutcaton wah minimum Mah 2" Preference shal be sven to those whe have previous ea ‘coc cane Ary Bcation Certificate third lane MR wth 157] Tin Operator | ——Oy | Seconaary School Cortieate with years experience mn relevant | 3035 (0593). |_coreanwo | neta years 147 | ale Qua ‘05 _, | Secondary Sahl Certificate with experience of work as Naib | 20-30 Poa Kon asta PUNJAB FORENSIC SCIENE AGENCY re aol or ect gel eet ae CY GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB SS PRIMARY & SECONDARY HEALTHCARE DEPARTMENT “sS7 DISTRICT HEALTH AUTHORITY, MANDI BAHAUDDIN ‘CAREER OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS ON “ADHOC BASIS” Distt Heath Authority, Mandi Bohauddin invite applications from suitable candidates / ‘qualified Allied Health Professionals (Male and Female) domiciled inthe Puna for appointment purely on Adhoc basis in District Headquarter Hospital, Mandi Bahauddin, under the control of Government ofthe Punjab, Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department. The detail of vacant posts i available in the office of District Health Authority, Mandi Bohauddin, a [Sea] Name of Post 3. Sc. (Hoax) Nutrition orl. General Terms and Conditions: 1, Nesiorist—Jepivlear quicaion fiom any] "+ Less tan 40 yar age inclicing upper | [@@s-17) HEC recognized degre awarding) agent. insite / university Hiring will be purely on Adhoe basis [Cinal __[M._ Sc. Clinical Peychology or] (post specific & Nonzansferbl) fora |, setoloist fequivalem: qualifeaion fiom any] period of oe year aginst vacant seat \@s-17) | HEC recogized degree awarding] + Curitues have no right o cli regula [nly Male) [inst / wives appointment nor the adc service shal lopertion |B S®- Hons) Operation Theatr) count toards snot and revocation Irheaer” Technology or equvalea} anytime by the competent auth. b. ualifcaion from ary HEC] + Cangas having domicile of Puj one recognized degree avartinginstae] can apply only. [NE rami 1 NOTA/DAsial teint ons wo] /] 6 Depatent sight accept ejector JDenst JB. Se (Ho) Dental Hygiene x] "canal any applet or rene ls |Tectuoogst Jaquivaeat qulificaon from exy » proces (@8s-17) JHC recognized degree awarding) 4 These appoiniments are on adhoc /| insite / university temporary basis and can be teminated B.Sc. (Hors) Emergeney/Ineasive] thou. reson, [Emery care Scenes or equal See js. Memes ig |naliloaion ftom ary HEC) 2 How Technolo {teste torls, ein fempineddepeeavariginste)“, pppixicn akgvih atest university. phutocopies of Domicile, CNIC, Irena! Urology |®- S¢, (Hons) Renal Dialysis or] Academic. (Degree & Marks Shee] lc. [Technologist [°aivalent qualification from any] Certificates and Experience eters ct. to \es-r1) recognized degree awarding) fe submitted in the office of CEO| sgh sl (DHA, Mandi Betavddn, Income Janesteia [2-8 ons) Anesbiesisor) spicetions willbe consider ejected, equivalent qualicaion fiom any] a PP Et eo Canes, ll sho gl sey Committe atthe ime of nerve. inter ons) Respiratory TREEPY] 5 Inerviow dite & venue wil be fs. [therapist [aeguvelect qualification rom eny/ communicated to candidates via SMS last) HBC recognized degre evarding]} — Ermal) ‘Telephone, mentioned. o insite / nivesiy candidae’sappcaton, B. Sc. (Hons) Spech / Language Speech ——fPatology or equivalent 3, Last Date of Application: [Thenpist qualification fiom any HEC! + This is a comtiqucus process and resognized degree awarding insite] inferesied pesos may apply at any time university. al ulfllment of poss. CTE AUTO OU a Bee UU Cea DISTRICT COMPLEX, MANDI BAHAUDDIN, Ph #: 0546-650150 {(IPL-2724)] Bl hint ini ca Ey Ae ; Hy hat a ihe ae |. E L E E | | ee ee i i i i i i i i fi i i ne Tami ened rp Th rT rT wie tl ey an t L ni ! Hi} id H i ii i ali neh ai fi i Uh lige jl { A jl 4 Tt tA A tal it he iy ui le ra a ue i He si f iy Halal a i. fe rio; PV Pht | i oh a |