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Neato Burrito! Updated: Mar 15 Craving some zesty veggies? Are you finding yourself feeling less than full after a trip to the salad bar and by mid afternoon you are already bingeing on snacks from the Market? Don't give up and settle for over priced junk food just to get some sustenance so you can go about your day. Instead, give Wraps a try! DO! | know, | can hardly believe it myself that this veggie burrito has always been an option at Central and that | only just recently discovered it! This burrito is fresh and super filling, allowing you to feel satisfied and ready to crush the rest of your day! This Veggie Burrito can be found at upstairs Central at Wraj Edible Delectable This burrito includes rice, black beans, melted cheddar cheese, guacamole, salsa, onions, tomatoes, peppers and spinach, all wrapped up in a tomato basil wrap! (The Veggie usually comes with sour cream, but | typically ditch it to keep it on the lower calorie side!) Most importantly, this burrito only costs $4.751! Itis fresh and made to your liking so you can make it your way! The Wraps employees are also known for being burrito making pro's and are super fast, so even with a line you will be in and out in no time! Don't! Habanero's Fresh Cantina can be convenient because the options are already prepared so you can visualize what you want or maybe don't want. But lets get real, the food is pre-made, which means by the time you make your way to the dining hall, those burritos and refried beans have been sitti for a good while. We are talking TT atthe