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1 – Kid’s Staff Lesson

Lesson 6: Joy In Levi’s House (February 10, 2019)

Target Value: Jesus Brings Joy
Goal: Through this lesson, the children will understand that Jesus made friends
with “bad” people to help them to change and that they will feel joy that Jesus
accepts them as they are and be open to change and that they accept others as Jesus accepts
I. Bible Background: (FOR TEACHERS ONLY)
The religious teachers in Jesus’ time really had trouble understanding the purpose of his coming into the
world. That purpose can be summarized in two of Jesus’ statements:
“The Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost,” Luke 19:10
“I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance,” Luke 5:32
The Pharisees and the teachers of the Law felt that they were right in God’s eyes and did not see
themselves as sinners. Therefore, they did not feel the need of a Savior. Their righteousness became a
measure with which they measured others who were not as good and righteous as they felt they were. Instead
of helping them, they judged them and isolated them, so as not to become contaminated by their sin.
Jesus refused this attitude of the “righteous.” He came to seek sinners who really needed help. He called
people like Levi and sat and ate with them with one purpose only, namely that they would repent, believe in
Jesus and begin a new life as Levi had done.
Those of us who agree with Jesus and accept this attitude toward others will experience the joy that was
there during the supper in Levi’s house. But those who cling to their own righteousness will always have trouble
with a judgmental attitude towards others and joy will elude them.

II. Opening Routine

A. Opening Prayer
B. Praise and Worship
C. Tithes and Offering

III. Guiding the Children through the Lesson

Creating Interest: Review Last Week’s Bible Story
Last week we heard about a woman who went to fetch water at a well.
- Whom did she meet at the well? (She met Jesus.)
- What did Jesus ask her for? (A drink of water.)
- Why was the woman surprised that Jesus asked her to give him a drink? (Jesus was a Jew, and she was
a Samaritan woman. Jews did not talk to Samaritans.)
- What did Jesus tells the woman to do? (Go home and bring her husband.)
- Why couldn’t she do that? (She lived with a man who was not her husband.)
2 – Kid’s Staff Lesson

- Why did the woman run back to the town to invite her neighbors to come and meet Jesus? (She wanted
them to know Jesus was the Messiah.)
- Why did the people of Sychar become very happy? (They believed in Jesus too, that he was the Savior
of the world.)

Let the children repeat the memory verse last week. John 4:42b

Ask the children to discover something new in the group. Remind them that last week’s story talked about
joy. So will the stories for the coming four weeks. Talk more about joy to the children.

Highlight the Theme of the Unit: Jesus Brings Joy

Jesus wants all children to be happy. If there are some who are sad or naughty, you should approach them.
Try to be friendly to them and help them to learn to know about Jesus who can eventually change them.

Today we will hear how Jesus made friends with people whom others did not like, and helped them to

A. Telling the Bible Story: Luke 5:27-32

Jesus Calls Levi
One day Jesus took his disciples with him to the shore of Lake Galilee. So many people wanted to hear
him that a house was too small to meet with them. As they walked along many people followed him. They had to
pass a tax office, where everyone who wanted to sell things had to pay the tax. Several men were sitting behind
their tables writing and counting money. One of them was Levi, the man in charge of the office.
Jesus stopped. He looked at Levi, “Follow me Levi!” Jesus called.
Levi looked up from his money. He looked at Jesus whose eyes were full of joy. Jesus wanted Levi to
become his disciple.
“I will follow you, Jesus. Let me clean up my desk first,” Levi said. He turned over the books to one of the
other men. Then he left and followed Jesus.
At the beach, Jesus sat down on a boat that was tied up. All those who followed him including Levi looked
for a place to sit. They all tried to get as close to Jesus as possible. Then Jesus started to teach about the
kingdom of heaven. Everyone paid good attention. What about Levi? Levi also listened carefully to what Jesus
After Jesus finished speaking, Levi walked up to him. “Please Jesus, come to my house tonight, I will
prepare supper for you and the other disciples,” he said. “I will also invite some of my friends. We all wamnt to
hear you again.”
3 – Kid’s Staff Lesson

“We will come tonight” Jesus promised.

Jesus Has Supper at Levi’s House

In the evening, Jesus and his disciples went to Levi’s house. Levi was already expecting them. He had
prepared delicious food. His living room was made into a dining hall with tables set and bright lamps
everywhere. Levi’s friends sat on the benches surrounding the tables. Some were tax collectors like Levi. Some
were people who had done something they should not have done. So those who waited for Jesus weren’t good
people, but people who were isolated by others. They were very happy that they had been invited to Levi’s
house for supper along with Jesus who loved them.
Levi’s friends bowed politely when Jesus and his disciples came into the room. Jesus sat down at a table
and Levi sat close to him. Then the supper began. After all the good food had been served, Jesus talked to all
the people who had come for Levi’s supper that evening.
Suddenly, Levi stood up and said to his friends, “From now on I will follow Jesus wherever he goes. Jesus
has called me to become his disciples. He is now my teacher and my master, and I must follow him.”
His friends looked at Levi with amusement. They understood that this was a farewell supper. Levi their
friend would leave them. But they could see that he was very glad. Therefore they praised God for what they had
heard and seen that day.

The Pharisees Do Not Agree With Jesus

While Jesus was eating and drinking in Levi’s house, some Pharisees and teachers of the Law gathered
outside. They did not want to come in and eat together with sinners and tax collectors. They stayed outside to
watch what Jesus and the other people in the house were doing. Suddenly a Pharisees approached one of
Jesus’ disciples who sat closest to the window and asked him, “Why does your teacher eat with the tax
collectors and sinners?” Jesus heard the question and turned to look at the Pharisee. Then he answered his
question. “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners
to repentance.”
This is what Jesus meant by those words. “You Pharisees think you are right and do right. You do not
need me, the Savior of the world. But these people sitting here know that they have often done what is not right.
They need me, and I can help them to change and become people who do what is right.”
When the supper was over, everyone went home. But Levi left his home and went with Jesus and his
disciples. He had been called to become one of Jesus’ disciples too.

Application and Response: Talking About the Story

Children, one day, Levi who was not accepted by the good people in Capernaum found a great joy.
- What happened to him?
- Why did Levi invite his friends for a big supper, together with Jesus?
- Why did Jesus love to eat with Levi and his friends?
4 – Kid’s Staff Lesson

- Why were the Pharisees upset when they saw Jesus eating and drinking with the tax collectors and
sinners in Levi’s house?
- What did Jesus tell the Pharisees?

Jesus wants to help all of us who know that we are not always good. We cannot change ourselves, but
Jesus can. If you feel sorry for your bad attitude and the bad things you have done, he forgives you and helps
you to change, to have a good attitude and do the things you should. That is what repentance means.

Memory verse:
Luke 5:32
I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

Activity: Sharing Time

In a group of 2-3, can you share how the story today will best apply to them at them as a child
- What would you do as a child to follow Jesus at this time?

Give children time and be able to encourage them to do what ideas they brought up to follow Jesus.

V. Closing Routine