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Nama : Dini Nabila Martiani

NRP : 03111740000041

Recently, there have been found a giant sea creature on a beach in Seram, Maluku. This
creature, which is 50-foot-long was found dead by Asrul Tuanakota, a local fisherman.At first, he
thought that the creature was a giant squid because some of the body parts looked like tentacle.The
local people there was questioning and wondering what exactly that creature was. The clear seawater
also turned into a bright red because of the creature’s corpse. George Leonard, the chief scientist at the
Ocean Conservancy, told HuffPost that the rotting carcass was probably a baleen whale, judging by parts
of a protruding skeleton and what appear to be baleen plates used to filter out food
.Furthermore,Seram is located near the migration route for baleen whales,so it makes sense that one
would be nearby.The same case happened again in Philipined, but they said that it was brought by a
recent earthquake.