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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the

Our Punong Barangay, the Honorable Brgy Chairwoman Amalia Sornito,

Kagawad on Education, Hon. Maturino Diaz, PTA Officials, headed by Mr.
Ramil Tendido, teachers, parents, alumni, students, friends and guests, good
morning. I am very much overwhelmed of your presence today as I am about to
present the State of the School Address (SOSA) of Campetik Elementary

To date, the school has a teaching force consisting of nine- regular Teachers,
headed by one School Principal and the following non-teaching staff: one
utility, and two security officers.

Campetik Elem. School is an institution that that aspires to provide well-

disciplined, value-laden and competitive graduates imbued with the essential
knowledge and skills of productive citizens of the community.

Campetik Elementary School also commits to provide quality classroom

instructions by imparting learning through competent and adequately trained
teachers who demonstrate desirable values and traits that shall explore all
avenues to gain commitment and greater participation of stakeholders to school
programs, projects and activities.

With this mission-vision the school planned to venture lots of improvements in

both academic and non- academic competitions. Now that, our school belongs
to the newly created District- the Palo III District, I am challenging the internal
stakeholders which includes the parents, learners especially the teachers to be
involved and win in every battle/competition we undertake. I am also grateful
to all the teachers for your hard work and dedication. We are just starting to
accomplish lots of things, programs, and projects to be accomplished. We are
very good. But we can be GREAT.
My dear teachers, parents and stakeholders, our tasks indeed will go beyond to
the highest realm of our individual calling. We become paragons of learning to
our students as we continue ourselves to strive for excellence.

In fact, we were able to harvest some of the fruits of our toils. The workforce
and the student body comprise a strong and rich human resource which is
evident in the awards and recognition garnered by some teachers and students in
various academic contests and other events in the district level. But I do hope
we can join and represent the school in the next higher levels. We are also
working on producing competent graduates who will become assets in their
secondary schools and in the community. That students coming from Campetik
Elementary School will be equipped with relevant skills which will make them
become more useful in the community.

On the other hand, the school is also fortunate to have compassionate PTA who
are willing to support the school in every undertakings. One to mention is the
conduct of the fundraising activity to finance school projects. But, we do not
stop there. We will continue to work with you as we strive for a better Campetik
Elem. School.

The PTA officials also work hand in hand with the school especially in the
implementation of school programs and projects. But the participation of the
PTA in meetings and conferences both for general PTA meetings and the
Homeroom PTA gatherings is fluctuating. As partners, we expect that strong
participation of parents and other stakeholders in school is high and it must be
sustained. Parents involvement in meetings, general assembly, and during
monthly PINTAKASI is much expected. Get yourselves involved and be aware
of the schools daily operation.

Non-government organizations and other government agencies have made

linkages with the school and have helped provide avenues for the development
of potentials among the students. One to mention is the Fo Guang Shan
Foundation who gave financial assistance of 10k for the installation of steel
frame for the roof cover of the staircase. The financial aid helped in the
installation of the steel frame and lobby grills for that effect. Another linkage to
NGO is the BDO Foundation which provided the school a first aid kit. Just
recently, we have also established linkage to MAC for the provision of
playground set-up for our students and to PAF for the provision of empty drums
as trash bins.
January 2018 to January 2019 marks my 1 st anniversary as public servant in this
school. With this 12 month stay, may I in this respect enumerate the tangible
accomplishments we reap from the rigorous and concerted efforts and
cooperation of the teachers and staff, parents and pupils.

On physical facilities. Improvement of school structures, like the installation of

standard electrical wirings and connection for the Grade V-B, Grade V and
kindergarten classrooms and the school office. An electric bell was also
installed to give bell signals to our students.

It is a common knowledge that our school is easily flooded even with just slight
rain, how much more with heavy rains? To ensure that learning instruction is
sustained, we devised a minor solution and on a trial an error basis scheme, the
construction of the school drainage phase 1. The project was a success.
Classrooms are no longer easily flooded during slight and heavy rains except
when there is typhoon and tropical depression.

For school beautification, the vacant area just beside the office has been cleared
and remodelled. Construction of plant boxes and a little bit of landscaping has
been done to improve its view. The use of used tires added beauty and the
painting gave more color to the area. Painting of the other flower boxes, exterior
walls of the school building was also done last July 2018.

The school flag pole has been properly placed and installed in an area that
children are correctly positioned during flag ceremonies.

The school also considered the safety of our children situated at the 2 nd floor of
that building in going up and going down. That is why, the repair of the
staircase had been done together with the installation of hand rail. The hand rail
was also painted to preserve its life from rust including the railing of the second

Two steel Grills has also been installed at both sides of the lobby of the second
floor to safe guard our very active children from crossing to the other side, and
staying at the roof of the adjacent building.

The installation of roof cover for the staircase was also prioritized. This is to
ensure that our children are safe from any harm might be brought because of the
exposure to rain and sunlight. Children are convenient in moving up and down
even with or without rain. But we are still waiting for the manpower to do the
painting. The materials are available, but the manpower is lacking. The school
would be happy if there are volunteers who will do the job. Are there

With the increasing number of enrolment in Grade 1, our request for an

additional teacher was granted. But another challenge we embraced is where to
house our new teacher. Nevertheless, we constructed partition in the classroom
of Mrs Catayas, so that our new teacher will have her room to hold instruction,
otherwise, the new teacher will be taken back and be assigned to other schools
with available classrooms. This led to the opening of another class in grade 1.

As to staff development aspects, School – based INSETs were conducted,

attended by teachers. All the teachers were able to attend District-led trainings,
3 teachers were able to attend Division – led training, while 1 teacher served as
mentor in the Division Schools Press Conference.

As an educational institution, the teachers are very important human resources,

tasked to assist the child in attaining knowledge and enhancing their skills and
talents. There is a 1:28 teacher – student ratio as of SY 2018-2019. Hence,
each teacher must skillfully balance the attainment of her lesson plans while
making it sure that all the 28 students with various family backgrounds,
attitudes and passions will be given equal opportunities for academic growth.

In the aim to further enhance the academic journey of each student and to fully
implement of the K-12 Curriculum, textbooks were provided. However, it is
sad to note that there are some learning areas that are not given textbooks yet.

Next school year, the school has lined up several activities and programs, like
symposiums, trainings & lectures, personality development programs, in order
to further facilitate students.

However, much as the school has a lot to be proud of, there are also a few
aspects where the school needs to focus and improve. These include computer
facilities which are non-functional at all. With over 275 students, our TLE
laboratory and a mini library cannot accommodate them all.

The school stage is ready for various programs and school events. However, it
needs major renovation and require a bigger budget. The LGU through the
school SEF has pledged that they will finance for the renovation of the school
stage. We’re currently working on the approval of the project proposal.
For CY 2018, the school was entitled with 1 storey 2 classroom building. But
when the DPWH personnel validated the school site, our school did not warrant
because of the space we have. Necessary steps has been done to modify the said
building but we failed. However, due to persistent request, our school was
included in the list of school building entitlement for CY 2020, a 3 storey 9
classroom bulding. Many things were fixed and mended. Hopefully, everything
will turn out well specially during the site validation.

The schools environment is relatively safe. However, in spite of the security

measures provided by the school, 3 theft incidents were recorded as of last
year., a student of our own confessed her wrong doings to her teacher.

On the other hand, a number of students still escape from classes by jumping
over the fence or by fooling and giving many reasons for them to be allowed to
go out.”Waray kkami balon mam, ginpapauli ako ni nanay para kumuha ak
balon, mapalit hin para project, and etc. Hence, there is a great need to improve
the school fence, strengthen our security measures which will entail a monetary
requirement. For this year we are thankful that Honorable Amalia Sornito has
provided us with gate guards.

In this age of mobile technology, multi-media equipment is very important.

Functional computers, sound system, television, LCD projector with screen
used to enhance classroom instruction. That is why, teachers have their class
project on this effect.

Amidst all these challenges, Campetik Elem. School stands as a growing

institution. These legacies that we engrave to our students may be an instrument
of hopes and inspirations that we are one in our quest to educate the young who
are the future leaders of tomorrow. With your constant support and dedication, I
doff my hat.

Today, marks another milestones of Campetik Elem. School, being the new
school administrator, I am honored to be so. There is no greater calling than to
serve you all.

When we WORK TOGETHER, we CAN ACHIEVE great things.

Thank you so much.