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The simplest form of the adjective is its positive form. When two objects or persons are being
compared, the comparative form of the adjective is used. When three or more things are
being compared, we use the adjective’s superlative form.

A few adjectives, like good and bad form their comparatives with different words:

That is a good book. This is a better book. Which of the three is the best book?
He made a bad choice. She made a worse choice. They made the worst choice of all.

The comparative forms of most adjectives, however, are formed by adding the suffixes
–er and –est, or by placing the words more and most in front of the positive form
1 One syllable words form the comparative by adding Small
–er Smaller
2 Two-syllable words that end in -y, -le, and -er form Pretty
the comparative by adding -er and -est: Prettier
3 Words of more than two syllables form the Resonant
comparative with more and most: More resonant
Most resonant
4 Past participles used as adjectives form the Broken
comparative with more and most: Damaged
5 Predicate adjectives (adjectives used to describe the She is afraid
subject of a sentence) form the comparative with more He is more afraid
and most: They are the most afraid of them all.
Usually, two syllable words that have the accent on the first syllable form the comparative by
adding –er and –est.
Ex. common, cruel, pleasant, quiet.
BUT tasteless, more tasteless, most tasteless.

Some two-syllable words that have the accent on the second syllable form the comparative by
adding –er and –est: polite, profound,
BUT: bizarre, more bizarre, most bizarre.

The rules given above should prevent abominations like “more pretty” or “beautifuler.”
Superlative Sentences Comparative Sentences

1. The Mount Everest is the tallest mountain of the planet. 1. My apartment is more small than my mother's apartment.

2. The best place to visited in Colombia is the Caño Cristales. 2. Empire state is the building more taller than Trump tower.

3. Royal Penthouse Suite in the Hotel President Wilson,Geneva, 3. The music of Daft Punk more better than The weeknd.
Switzerland, is the most expensive room of all world.
4. Colombia is a country more bigger than Spain. Superlative Sentences
4.Chris Evans is the most handsome actor of world, of year 2017.
5. My partner Couldn't reserve a conference hall for the a business summit
5. The food of my Mum's is the most delicious. of Company where we work. We need help of the our contacts but it was
more difficult than usual.
Comparisons of Equality

1. My School is as good as yours.

2. They all are so tired as me.

3. Tania is as lazy as Camile.

4. Tiger is as dangerous as lion.

5. Cats are as beautifull as dogs.