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Established in 1976 Company Employees 3,700 People In-House Design Site (Pre-Press) Computer Design Type Setting Computer Computerize Image Setter Computer To Plate (CTP) Scanner Expose Vamish Expose Machine Production Site 8 Color Offset Printing Machine 6 Color Offset Printing Machine 5 Color Offset Printing Machine 4 Color Offset Printing Machine 2 Color Offset Printing Machine Folding Machine Hard Cover Book Binding Line Perfect Binder UV Varnish Glittering Machine Wire Stitching Gathering Machine Giftbags Machine Giftboxes Machine Envelope Machine ~Drofile Standard Production Office Supplies School Supplies Fancy Writing Papers Writing Pads Novelty Products Fancy Products & Gifts Hard Gover Books Enveldpes Diaries Shopping Baas & Gift Bags Tissue Paper Gift Boxes Wrapping Papers Customized & Commercial Production Automotive Manual Handbook Company Annual Prospectus Promotional & Advertising Leaflet Promotional Calendar & Diaries Book Binding & Publishing Promotional Packaging Company Product Brochures Supermarket & Dept. Store Leaflet We at PT. SOLO MURNI (KIKY CREATIVE PRODUCTS, INC.) wish to express our thanks and gratitude to each and every valued customers for their good support and cooperation during the past years. PTSOLO MURNI is one of the largest manufacturers of stationery products in Indonesia and will continue to produce products of the highest quality. We look forward to your continous support Thank you. Sincerely, a Sinyo Haryanto The President of Kiky Creative Products, Ine.