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1st Summative Test in PROFED 104 Name: ________________________ Class Sched: __________

Date: _________ Score: ____/45___ Rating: __________

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B. Instructions (Enumeration): 22. Teacher Marian is fond of exploring new technologies or
Among the choices provided in the box, identify the critical attributes of
Enumerate the different characteristics of a 21st gadgets and applications in delivering her instruction.
the 21st Century that is described in the situation given in each item. Write
century teacher. Write your answers after each
the letter of your answer before the number of the items.
number. 23. Teacher Nenita hates technology. She is annoyed with
11. teachers who waste time preparing their expensive tools
A. Integrated and Interdisciplinary
B. Global Classrooms
12. prior to teaching.
C. 21st Century Skills 13.
D. Relevant, Rigorous, and Real Word 14. 24. Teacher Arnel is not that confident in using projector and
E. Adapting to and Creating Personal and Social 15. laptop as a multimedia tool for his teaching. Thus, she
Change and Lifelong Learning requests the assistance of his tech savvy students all the time.
F. Project-Based and Research Driven C. Instructions (IDENTIFICATION):
G. Student Centered Identify if the item suggests a 21st century or a 20th 25. Teacher Mary is always sent to a training by the school.
H. Technologies and Multimedia
century classroom. Write 21st century or 20th However, she still sticks on reporting even after she is trained
century as your answer on the spaces provided for many times.
below each item.
1. Teacher Janine enrolled an MOOC on Sign Language to better
16. Students and teachers have mutually F. Instructions (IDENTIFICATION 2 pts per item):
serve her students, especially those with disability.
respectful relationship. Identify what 21st Century Skill the situation is and identify what
2. To make sure that Teacher Marco is on the right track with the
specific content under the skill it belongs. Write your answer after
teaching content of his subject, he makes sure that all his lessons
17. There is an emphasis of no child left each item. (Ex. Learning Skills-Special Communicating)
are based from the curriculum guide.
behind act. 26. Teacher Julia asked her students to keep their phones
3. Teacher Ana is adhering to the concept of teachers as guide on
while they are doing an activity.
the side rather than sage on the stage.
18. Grades are based on standardized testing. 27. Teacher Mandy reminded the students to not believe
4. In the new curriculum, teacher Jessica observed that products and
everything they read on social media.
performances are given more value that written tests.
28. Teacher Carlos has a different seating arrangement every
5. Aside from the executive officials in the Philippines, teacher 19. Teacher’s freedom has increased. meeting.
Lalaine taught her students several influential leaders from other
29. Group activities are emphasized by teacher Danny.
20. Students are motivated because teachers 30. Teacher Hazel uses her computer as an object of
6. Aside from the literary elements learned by the learners, they
expect less from them. instruction.
were also transformed into much more responsible children of
31. In writing Review of Literature, teacher Sally gave her
their parents because of the moral they gained from the story.
E. Instructions (IDENTIFICATION): student list of open access journals and other OERs.
7. Teacher Arthur is using Facebook as a learning platform in his
Identify the part of a pencil, according to the pencil 32. Teacher Lisa would always give an oral test to her
metaphor, the situation in the item is referring to. students.
8. Right after graduation, Maria immediately enrolled a post-
Write your answer on the spaces provided below 33. Instead of what, who, and where, teacher Nancy asks
graduate degree.
each item. how and why questions.
9. Teacher Sarah always gives an activity which will hone his
21. Teacher Carlo mastered the subject matter 34. Teacher Edna let the students change the ending of the
students into individuals who could contribute, functionally, to
story they discussed through any presentation.
the demands of the community in this generation. he is teaching that is why he does not bring
35. Teacher Irene assigns an officer of the day every meeting
10. Students in today’s generation are not just receivers of anything in the classroom.
who will help the teacher manage the class.
information, but contributors to the existing body of knowledge.