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My name is Rindu Dinanti, an undergraduate student of Andalas University’s, Bachelor

Degree in Dentistry. This study plan is created for my Elective Student Application to
Faculty of Dentistry, Hong Kong University. I already have secured sponsor for my study
which is from my campus program that is called “Student Mobility” that will pay all my
expenses during my study in Hong Kong University.

Before completing my Bachelor’s degree I have a plan to add my experience to

study about dental in overseas to improve my knowledge and ability as well to reinforce my
character, that is why I decide to learn more about Dentistry in HKU Dental Elective Program
for 2 weeks, As it is known that Hong Kong Faculty of Dentistry is growing rapidly, it is
proved by the achievement of "No. 1 dental faculty in the world based on QS world
University Rankings by Subject in 2018" which is certainly a very big achievement especially
for a university in the region of Asia and this program that held by HKU will not only teach
theoretical knowledge when I sit on the class but more than that, Hong Kong university
has many professors who are expert in their field as well as the latest technologies needed
in dentistry, world-class facilities include a Problem-based Learning Suite, Virtual
Reality (Haptics) Training Unit, Centre for Advanced Dental Care, Advanced Endodontics
Centre, Cleft Lip and Palate Centre, AO Craniomaxillofacial Surgical Training Centre, ITI
Centre of Excellence in Implantology, and Centralised Research Laboratories, etc.

Based on the best facts that isowned byHKU Faculty of Dentistry above, make me
interested to look and feel directly become part of HKU, studying with friends from
overseas and of course the great teachers in HKU that will be a great opportunity for my
capacity building to learn in such a high rank University which I can share and
become a reference for my campus in the future.

Hong Kong is the country where I would like to stay. I have read much more about Hong
Kong and I found that Hong Kong is a multination country, many foreigners, many
foreign industries, and it improves greatly time by time. This condition will be an
advantage for foreign student like me to learn much new knowledges and gain many
Studying in Hong Kong will be a great chance for everyone, including me. After searching
for the University in Hong Kong, I am sure that Hong Kong Faculty of Dentistry as number
one Dental Faculty in The World will enable me to realize all of my expectations with its
curriculum especially in “PBL system”. Which is the important factor that makes me believe
that following Dental Elective Student Program is a right choice, one of the characteristics of HKU
Faculty of Dentistry that to make students deeply understand practical experience in enterprises
by offering “dental problems” and allow students actively contributes to the learning process
during group discussion of the problems which is encourage me deeply, because I like to handle
and solve the case about the currently dental-health-problems situation.

At The end of my 3 weeks program completed, my deepest commitment is to go back to

Indonesia, do all things I got and learned from Hong Kong especially from HKU Faculty of
Dentistry, try to building a new good learning curriculum with my own capability as well as try to
develop the Indonesia’s Dental School Education System, especially for my Home Institution, Andalas
University Faculty of Dentistry. I have a desire to transfer and develop the knowledge that I have gained
from this program to the Several or All Dental Student in my Campus. I want to motivate and equip them as
well as share and spread the knowledge I have, is the happiness of life for me. That is my biggest goal.

Finally, HKU Facdent as the leading Dental Faculty in Hong Kong is the great place for me to grow
and improving my self. I desire to be the part of this educated community, which will trigger my
potential improvement. If I get the chance to join here, I will give my best perform to learn more
and discuss about Dentistry. I do really hope that studying at an international university will
make me understand more how to deal with many types of people and after graduating,
confidently with all of my educational background and experiences.