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April Joy K.

MaEd-Sped MR

Coach Carter Movie

My first impression of this movie is that, it will all be about basketball on how
to win a game. I was partially right with my thought. What I like the most about
this story is that it doesn’t only focus on basketball it also gives the importance of
education. Thus this movie will surely touch the hearts of the athletes and will serve
as their inspiration.

I see Mr. Carter as a dignified man, he has created a contract that states
the agreement of coaching a basketball team at the same aiming for a good
grades. He is solid on what he has stated in the contract. He have emphasize also
the importance of respect. Just like as a teacher Mr. Carter also has his ways of
disciplining his athletes. He has used reinforcement both positive and negative.
He haven’t just coached a game but he had taught his athletes on the
importance of education, the importance of having a good future.

Respect is essential in our daily living, thus this means that respect will start
within yourself. If someone commit a mistake he makes sure that this young man
should receive a corresponding punishment depending on the mistake he had
made. He never favors anyone, he treats his athletes equally even his own son.
Thus this imply that he is firm in all his decisions and will take responsible in all his

It is unlikely for a coach to talk and touch about the performance of the
athletes into their academics. Relating this issue to our athletes they tend to be
more focused on being an athlete than being a student. It is a fact that there are
some athletes who struggles also in academics not all but there are few. This
movie highlights on how to balance on being an athlete at the same time being
a student. It points out that education must always come first, because education
is the only treasure our parents can give.

In a game you have to work as a team, if somebody wins everybody wins,

if somebody failed, everybody failed. Showing sympathy to your teammate is a
sign that you have considered and welcomed him part of the team. Team should
work as one.

Relating to my teaching experience of the first strategy Coach Carter has

implied is to let your opponent played-out until he becomes tired. I was struck in
this scenario because as a teacher of learners with educational needs one of the
strategy to teach them is to let them play first until they get tired, when I see them
exhausted then it is my time to insert and teach them. In this way they will be able
to listen to me and behave properly.