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NO eg Republic of the Philippines: i a Department of Cducation B eee “s.SQS) "SCHOOLS DIVISION OF ORIENTAL MINDORO Si Sta, Isabel, Calapan Cit DIVISION MEMORANDUM To: PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOL HEAD PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HEAD ALL OTHERS CONCERNED ATIN: SENIOR BOOKKEEPERS OF NON-IMPLEMENTING UNITS. axe 0 Gul FROM: ERVILLANO A. ARZAGA, CESO, ;chools Division Superintendent SUBJECTS: DIVISION MEETING OF SENIOR BOOKKEEPERS OF NON- IMPLEMENTING UNITS DATE: MARCH 11, 2019 There will be a Division Meeting of Senior Bookkeepers of Non-Implementing Units on March 22, 2019 at the Division Conference Hall. The meeting shall be at 8:00 AM onwards. The meeting aims to: 1. discuss topics on guidelines prescribed under Circular Letter 2019-1 dated January 3, 2019, “Release of Funds for the First Quarter of FY 2019", 2. discuss guidelines prescribed under Circular Letter 2019-3 dated January 4, 2019, “Guidelines Covering the Crediting and Validity of Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA) for Regular MDS Sub-Accounts Effective First Quarter of FY 2019 and Onwards”, 3. discuss early procurement activities and the preparation of the FY 2020 Budget; and 4. discuss other concerns and related issues. This will be attended by senior bookkeepers of the existing non-implementing units as well as Budget and Finance officers and personnel from the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent-SDO Oriental Mindoro. Attendance to this meeting is on Official Business. All expenses which include food, travel and other incidental expenses are chargeable against local funds subject to usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations. For strict compliance. Office Address: Sta. babel, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, 5200 S&S Te.No. (043) 288-7830 Email Address: oriental Lovetiegs Fearbor