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MODEL QUESTION PAPER MATHEMATICS Class 12" Maximum Marks: 75 ‘Time: 3 hrs ‘All questions are compulsory Section A {Long Answer Type] 5 x 5= 25 marks 1. Find the equation of a tangent and normal to an Ellipse 2 yt eyy a =1 at (x9) Or Calculate absolute maximum value and absolute minimum value of x +10x? -12x 335459 2. Evaluate Evaluate = a8 +3xt4 xe +2x41 3. Evaluate % vtan x Mian + Yeotx or de Evaluate po (:-a)'(x-») 4. A particle is moving in a straight fine from a fixed point according t@ the law yeh —40 43145. Where xis in mts.tis in seconds. Find the distance, velocity & acceleration at the end of 3 seconds. Or {A particle moves ina straight line according to law =) + at” + bi +6 Where Sis in mis.tis in seconds and a,b,c are constants. Find the value of ab and c it being given that =1, $= 7m/s f =12m/s° 5. A weight of 36 kg is suspended by two ropes 6m and 8m long fastened_ 0 two points on some horizontal line 10m apart. Find tension in two ropes. Or 19. If three forces are acting at a point in equilibrium, then find angle between them. 20. Find the acceleration of a body whose displacement is $= 31" +517 +2 at the end of 2sees 21. If the resultant of two forces P & Qmakes an angle 8 with P Prove that Rsinx P+Qcosa™ 22. Solve the Differential equation x dy = y d. tan@ = 23. Find the integrating factor of a differential equation a +tanx” Section D [Objective type Questions] 6x 1= 6 marks 24. foosecx dx a] log cotx b] log(cosecx + cot x) ¢] —log(cosecx + cot x) ] None of the above 25. fatae aj Yoga b] a’ loga ga’ 4] None of the above 26. rlsyae i al flax b) ~ f/x ol fyenae d None of the above 27. [flee = 24s (e)ee It a] f(x) is odd MATHEMATICS Maximum Marks: 75 Paper “B” Attempt all the questions: Section A_[Long Answer Type] 5 x 5=25 marks 1. Prove that ea 1d l 145 t|=abe+ab+be+ea h 1 1+e or Using properties of determinants, prove that le x? y? yy? zx=(x-yXy-z2Xe-x)y+ yz +2). oy 2. Solve the following system of equations x-ytz=4 Qxty—32=0 2 Find the inverse of matrix 125 231 3. Differentiate Secvx by using first principle method. Or Differentiate Cos (2) b+aCosx, 4, Find the shortest distance between the lines 7 = a,+ 45, & F =a, +55, . Or [jms bee cxa]=abe]. 5. Differentiate e“* by using Ist principle method. Or Prove that