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By Phatsakorn Rodphol (Field)

The binary tree is a tree data structure in which each circle (node) can be maximum divided
into two branch, the left and the right branch. Sometime, we refer the left and the right
branch to be the left child and the right child. ​A recursive definition using just set theory
notions is that a (non-empty) binary tree is a tuple (L, S, R). L and R are binary trees
or the empty set and S is a singleton set. In some case, the binary tree tree to be the
empty set as well. Machine learning is the advance computer technology technique
that use the data analysis to teach computer to have ability to learn as human. The
computer will have the ability to learn from the experience. The machine learning
algorithms use the computational method to learn the information directly from data
without relying on a predetermined equation as a model. Deep learning is a
specialized form of machine learning. First, the machine learning will learn from the
data that we given to the computer. The increase in amount of data will result in
better decisions and predictions. ​Then, the machine learning will use the data to be
the tool to predict the result.
By Phatsakorn Rodphol (Field)

This is the data of the Weight, height, Body Surface Areas, and Voice of the woman
age two, six, and twelve from the standardized. I decided to use the weight, height,
body surface area, and voice to be an category to identify the age. The challenges
that I faced when I tried to collect the data is that every website have different age
standardize in height and weight.

This is the data that use for the measurement

This is the data use for Answer

This is the data use for testing

By Phatsakorn Rodphol (Field)

I think that my Ai is not really accurate because the frequency of the data is not big
enough. The bigger number of the data will also increase the effective on the ability
of Ai machine learning. For instance, the age of the women that I decided to use in
the data for training the Ai system is only woman in age two, six, and twelve. So, if
the person who have age that in this three category or the height, weight, and
surface areas is not the same with the standardized. The Ai system may calculated
the wrong result. I think that the increase in number of data will make the Ai system
become more effective. In addition, the number of measurements may be not
enough to make this Ai system to be effective enough to use in the real life.