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Good night Miss

My name is Merli Yudit Delgado Gavidia. I am 23 years old. I am currently studying the
career of industrial engineering. I was born in Cajamarca in 1995. I currently live in
Chiclayo. My favorite sport is basketball. I like to cook. My favorite food is rice with
seafood. I like to listen to romantic music.

Well, my last vacation was half a year ago. I had planned a Cusco with my friends from
the university study trip. So we traveled to Cusco on July 28, 2018, by plane accompanied
by my best friend. When we arrived, we stayed at a relative's house for 15 days. The first
week we attended an international congress of industrial engineering students, in which
we performed different activities such as technical visits and in the evening integration
party, the second week we made a tour of the tourist sites of Cusco, in which we were
impressed Macchu Picchu, the third week traveled to Puno, it really was a wonderful
experience. What struck me the most is the climate, the love of the people, the Lake
Titicaca surprised because there were many things to buy and eat. After we return to
Chiclayo. Now I would like to go to Paracas.