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Prepared by
Dr. N V S Venugopal, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities

UNIT – I : The Multidisciplinary nature of Environmental Studies

UNIT – II : Natural Resources

1. What do you mean by Environmental Science? Explain.

2. What is an Environment? Explain its components.

3. What is an Environmental Study? Discuss its uses.

4. What is the need for public awareness and participation in the environmental educat

5. What do you mean by “Natural Resources” state its kinds.

6. Discuss the utility of forest resources to the society.

7. Explain the reasons for decline in the world forest resources..

8. What is sustainable development of forests?

9. Discuss the benefits of a forestation.

10. What do you mean by Deforestation? Discuss its causes.

11. What are water resources? Discuss the kinds.

12. Discuss the uses of Dams.

13. Write short notes on:

a) Floods b) Drought c) Water crisis

14. What are mineral resources? How can the dereliction of land be controlled?

15. What are food resources?

16. What is soil erosion? Discuss its causes.

17. What are energy resources? Discuss its kinds.

18. What are energy resources? Discuss its kinds.

19. What is solar energy? Discuss its merits and demerits.

20. What is wind energy? Discuss its merits and demerits.

21. Explain the non-conventional alternatives of energy.

22. What are land resources? Discuss the factors that effect land resources.

23. What is meant by sustainable development?

UNIT III : Ecosystems

1. Define Ecosystem

2. Enumerate some characteristics of an Ecosystem.

3. Classify the Ecosystem.

4. What are the functional components of Ecosystem?

5. Name the types of consumers.

6. Define food chain and food Web.

7. What are decomposers and consumers?

8. What are the two types of ecological succession?

9. Define primary and secondary succession.

10. What is Grassland Ecosystem? Explain.

11. What is Forest Ecosystem? Explain.

12. What is Desert Ecosystem? Explain.

13. How does energy flow in the Ecosystem? Explain.

14. What is Aquatic Ecosystem? Explain.

15. Write about Ocean Ecosystem.

16. Write a short note on Ecological Pyramids.

UNIT IV : Biodiversity and its conservation

1. What is Biodiversity? Explain its types.

2. Discuss the Bio-geographical classification of India.

3. What are the values of biological resources? Explain.

4. Discuss in brief the biodiversity at Global Level and National Level also.

5. What are hot spots? How to monitor them?

6. What are the threats to Bio-diversity?

7. Discuss briefly about the endangered and endemic species of India.

8. Write short notes on:

a) In-situ conservation b) Ex-situ conservation

c) Gene Banks d) Tissue culture

9. How to preserve our Biodiversity?

10. India a Mega Diversity Zone – explain.

11. What is a Biotic Community? Explain its structure and functions.

UNIT – V : Environmental Pollution

1. What is Air Pollution? Discuss its causes.

2. Discuss the various ways of control of air pollution.

3. What is Water Pollution? Discuss its sources.

4. What is Soil Pollution? How will you control it?

5. What is Marine Pollution? How will you control it?

6. What is Noise Pollution? How do you prevent noise pollution?

7. What is Thermal Pollution? State its positive environmental impacts.

8. Discuss the harmful effects of Thermal Pollution.

9. What are Nuclear Hazards?

10. What is Solid Waste? Discuss the measures to prevent urban and industrial waste.

11. Write about the various ways of Solid Waste Management.

12. Discuss the role of an individual in prevention of pollution.

13. Discuss some case studies on pollution.

14. Write short notes on:

a) Floods b) Earthquake c) Volcanoes d) Landslides.

15. What are the general causes of earthquake?

UNIT VI : Social issues and the Environment.

1. What is sustainable development? Explain.

2. Discuss the basic aspects of sustainable development.

3. What are the uses of water harvesting?

4. Explain the watershed Management briefly.

5. Explain strategic land-water management.

6. Explain the reasons of environmental degradation in rural areas.

7. How can the waste water be managed?

8. Discuss the effects of Urbanization.

9. Write short notes on:

a) Environmental Ethics b) Re-settlement and rehabilitation

10. Write a detailed note on rein water harvesting.

11. Write short notes on

a) Global warning and acid rain

12. What is Ozone Layer depletion?

13. Explain about consumerism and waste products.

14. What are the main provisions of the Environmental Protection Act of 1986?

15. Write a short notes on

a) Forest Conservation Act b) Wildlife Protection Act

16. Discuss the main provisions of water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1974.

17. Discuss the main provisions of Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981.

UNIT VII : Human Population and Environment

1. Explain the effect of population on sustainable development.

2. Explain the impact of population on poverty.

3. What are the various rights of rural women (Human rights and Environment)

4. How does the value education help the environment?

5. Discuss the causes and impact of AIDS

6. Explain in detail the role of Information Technology and its applications on environmen

7. Discuss the social empowerment of women in India briefly.