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Learning activity 4/ Actividad de aprendizaje 4 Evidence: Consolidation activity / Evidencia: Actividad de consolidacién Stage 1: “My visit to the fair” / Etapa 1: “Mi visita a la feria” Look at the following images of Richard at the Frankfurt Auto Show and read his descriptions. / Observe las siguientes imagenes de Richard en el Salén del Automévil de Frankfurt y lea sus descripciones. a SN SERVICIO NACIONAL DE APRENDIZAJE al Frankfurt Auto Show My visit to Frankfurt for the 2014 Auto Show was great. This was the 65th edition of the fair. It took place from September 25th to October 2nd in Hanover, Germany. | arrived in Germany on Tuesday, 23rd of September, two days before the start of the event. | flew from New York to Frankurt. | enjoyed the flight lot. Engin BD viens D Frankfurt Auto Show ST | | arrived at the exhibition center on Wednesday, which was the first day of the show. There were outdoor and indoor exhibitions and lot of visitors. | first visited the electric cars pavilion. There were several exhibitions by different car makers. | enjoyed them all. The place was full of people because the cars were really amazing.