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Theme Song

I need to stop wanting what everyone has
Just for the sake of having it.
I need to stop wanting what everyone has
And take only what I can give with.

Make my life simple, make my life sweet
I want forever to sit at your feet.
I need to stop wanting what everyone has
And take only what I can give with.

I need to take only what I can give back

Just for the sake of sharing it.
I need to take only what I can give back
And want only what I must live with.
Repeat refrain

Jesus was ever a lover of children. He accepted

their childish sympathy and their open,
unaffected love. The grateful praise from their
pure lips was music in His ears, and refreshed
His spirit when oppressed by contact with
crafty and hypocritical men.
1. To provide experience of fellowship among children in the province
EG White, Desire of Ages, 512
2. To promote Adventist Christian education
3. To teach children of the principles of stewardship
4. To instill in children the importance of prayer and Bible reading
5. To strengthen commitment of children in the Great Commission
8:45 AM Song Service Sofia Rumbaua &
Jane Lycheca Quiming
Song Service Charmelle Yvonne Abellera & Welcome & Announcements Trisha Mae Perez
Kylie Acoba Call to Worship
Opening Song Theme Song Worship through Praise
Opening Prayer Paul Andrew Hope Cabalonga Introit “Holy, Holy, Holy”
Welcome Remarks Erwin Luis Felipe Hymn of Praise “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name”
Musical Offering selected TAESI pupils Invocation Speaker
Special Feature TAESI Pupils Worship through Giving
Sessions 1 & 2 Stewardship of My Body 1 &2 In Tithes & Offerings Jasmine Leah Allapitan
Maureen Mariñas
Doxology “Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow”
Closing Song Hiroshi Kanazawa
Offertory Prayer Jasmine Leah Allapitan
Closing Prayer
Worship through Meditation
Scripture Reading Hazel Angela Malabja
1:00 – 3:00 PM
Prayer Song “Now Dear Lord as We Pray”
Pastoral Prayer Paulene Lora Magday
Group 1 Stewardship of My Home Prayer Response “Hear Our Prayer, O Lord”
Song Leaders Havadae, Jananelle & Kale Message in Song Angklung
Opening Prayer Ramiel Aranda Introduction to the Speaker Eljhene Joyce Dulay
Presider Joash Gabion Message Maureen N. Mariñas
Children’s Ministries Director, NELM
Musical Offering Aira Mercado
Worship through Service
Session Elaine Joy Domingo
Group 2 Stewardship of My School Hymn of Consecration Theme Song
Song Leaders Eljhene Joyce Dulay & Sofia Rumbaua Benediction Speaker
Opening Prayer Hazel Malabja Anthem of Assurance “Lift Up the Trumpet/We Have This Hope”
Serving Deacons
Presider Jasmine Leah Allapitan
Dave Joseph Manzano
Musical Offering Angklung Johnre Sam Velasco Christian James Nieto
Session Oscar Garcia Vincent John dela Peña Jaylord Gandeza
Group 3 Stewardship of My Church
Song Leaders Sophia Juliana Jacinto & Brittney Rola COMMITMENT SERVICE
Opening Prayer Athaliah Chloe Buduan 3:00 PM
Presider Romar Angelo Tejo Song Service Alexia Wayne Angala & Emmerson Pillos
Musical Offering Minare Kids Opening Song Theme Song
Session Maureen Mariñas Opening Prayer Shaira Gaile Marcos
Group 4 Adults Remarks Carla Kristina Tumaru
Facilitator Pastor John Bayani Musical Offering MAMS Pupils
Message Pastor Mitchelle Domingo Commitment Message Stewardship of My Community
Pastor Jupiter Jacinto
Commitment Prayer Speaker