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TAHUN AJARAN 2018/2019

Nama sekolah : SMP Darul Arqom

Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas/Semester : IX
Waktu : 120 menit

I. Choose the correct answer (A), (B), (C), or (D) for each number!
For questions 1 to 3 read the following the 2. Why does the student’s Association hold
text. the gathering?
A. To obey the request of the principal
To welcome the new members of our B. To greet all the new seventh graders
school on the seventh graders, C. To meet all seventh graders in Student’s
the student’s Association will hold
a student gathering for all students of
SMP Nusantara on August 15 D. To get information about the students of
at 4 p.m in the hall. of seventh graders
To all seventh graders, please come. It
is a must for you. 3. ‘The student’s Association will hold a
student gathering for . . . “
For more information, The underlined word is closest to . . .
Contact Rudy at the Student’s Center A. Performing
Student’s Association Deputy B. Watching
To get information about the students of C. Collecting
seventh graders D. Meeting

1. How can the students get more

A. Come to school
B. Gather in the hall
C. Contac Rudy
D. Come to principal’s office
Read the text and answer questions 4 and 5 6. Where will the event be held?
A. In a cafe C. In a house
To : Intan B. At school D. In a city hall

Hallo girl! How are you? I hope you 7. What is the purpose of the text above?
feel better now. Well, there is good A. To inform abour birthday party
news from school today. Public Library B. To get people’s attention of the event
will hold a book fair in our school next C. To tell about the entertainment in the
Saturday. There will be some school
interesting books to buy. The lists of D. To invite people to attend a school
books had been already distributed.I’ll reunion
show you tomorrow if you come. All Questions number 8 and 9 refer to the
price will be cut off until 75%. It’s following text
fantastic, isn’t it? I’ll buy some.
Dear Willy,
Sender :
Wishing you luck and success in
all that you do.
4. What will Aldi show to Intan?
Your graduation is something to
A. Lists of prices
B. Lists of books You are someone to congrtulate.
C. Fantastic books
D. A good news from school From Caty

5. From the message, we know that . . . 8. Why is the text written for?
A. Aldi will buy some books at the A. To congratulate Willy finished in school
books fair B. To succeed Willy’s school
B. Intan has already got the lists of the C. To celebrate graduation
books D. To share the job
C. Aldi invites Intan to buy her book
D. The principal will hold the books fair 9. “Your graduation is something to
For questions 6 to 8 based on the text. The underlined word is closest in meaning
to ....
Time flies so fast that we may no
longe share moments together.... A. Tribute
B. Rejoice
Come and meet your your old friends C. Publicize
There will be refreshments, D. Dedicated
entertainments and games at SMPN 1
Kebayoran Baru on Saturday,
Questions number 10 -12 refer to the
September 4,2017.
following text.
Contact Person :
Andi (0856 3355 4422)
Read the text and answer questions 13 and
Announcement 14
To : Basketball Team

There will be a basketball competition for

junior high students in our city.
The contest will be held next month, June
8 to 12 in the sports center not far from
our school. We were the runners-up last
year, so we have to become the best this

Therefore, our team will practice every

day during this month. Please gather at
the school basketball court after school
today for our first practice. We have to
win. Keep up the good team work.

Basketball Coach,
Mr. Aly

10. Why do they have to keep up their good 13. Why is it important for us to read the text?
team work? A. To identify price P of the product
A. They will join the competition B. To know the r weight of the product
B. They want to be a good team i
C. To tell ingredients of the product
D. To get detail information about nutrition
C. They want to be the winner
D. Their coach is Mr. Aly fact
11. Where will the basketball competition be 14. From the label l above, we got the
held? e the product is . . .
information that
A. At the school basketball court. A. It has a lots of cholesterol
B. In the nearby sport center B. It is safe to consume
C. At the center of the school C. It is Safety to use
D. In the city center D. Height price

12. “......the freshmen, the sophomores and the The text is for questions number 15-17
The underlined word has closest meaning FAMOUS FABLE
with ...........
A. Second grade students Don’t miss the great offer!
Aset of the most read children’s
B. Third grade students
stories written by both local and
C. Special uniform foreign writers
D. New students Get fifteen books for only Rp
15. What is being advertised in the text?
A. Local books According to Javanese tradition Kartini
B. Foreign book had to follow her husband. Then she
C. Famous fable moved to Rembang.
D. Children books In September 13 1904 she gave a birth
to her son. His name was Singgih. But
16. What books will you get for Rp 400,000? after giving birth to a son, her condition
A. Twelve books on either famous fables was getting worse and she finally
or favorite stories passed away on September 17 1904 on
B. Fifteen books written by foreign writers her 25 years old.
C. Twelve books on favorite stories
D. Fifteen books on famous fable Now Kartini has gone, but her spirit
and dream will always be in our hearth.
17. To whom is the text directed to? Nowdays, Indonesian woman progress
A. Students is influenced by Kartini’s spirit stated
B. Teachers on collection of letter “Habis Gelap
C. Children Terbitlah Terang”.
D. Mother

For questions 18 to 20 refer to the 18. What is the text about?

following text. A. The life of Kartini’s family
B. The life of R.A. Kartini
Every April 21 people in Indonesia
C. The heroic Woman
commemorate the kartini day. It is
D. Kartini’s dream
beautiful day for woman because we
celebrate the birth of great lady R.A.
19. What was Kartini writing?
Kartini. Everyone knows who Kartini
A. Novel
is. She is our National heroine and a
B. Book
great lady with the bright idea.
C. Article
D. Letter
Kartini was born in 1879 April 21 in
Mayong Jepara. Her father was
20. Why were Indonesian woman progress
Ramasosronibgrat a Wedana ( assistant
influenced by R.A.Kartini?
of head regency) in Mayong Her
A. She was a hero woman
mother Ma. Ngasirah was a girl from
B. She gave spirit for Indonesian woman
Teluk Awur village in Jepara as the
C. She struggled for woman emancipation
daughter of a noble family, she felt
D. She wrote a letter entitled Habislah
lucky because she got more than the
Gelap Terbitlah Terang
ordinary people got. She got better
education than other children. In
November 12 1903 she married Adipati
Djoyodiningrat, the head of Rembang
Read the text and answer questions 21 to
23 22. “The goat screamed for help to fox. But the
wicked fox just turned around and cried
On hot day, a thirsty fox came to a
deep well to drink. Unfortunately, he
From the statement, the fox was . . .
fell into the well and could find no
A. Evil
way to escape. A thirsty goat came to
B. Kind
the same well and saw the fox. He
C. Smart
ask to the fox whether the water was
D. Generous
good. The fox is tricky, he thought of
the way to escape from the well so he
23. What can we learn from the story?
told the goad that the taste of fresh
A. Never trust a stranger easily
water in the well was very nice.
B. Always have a positive thought
Then, He ask the goat to jump into
C. Don’t judge the book from its cover
the well to share the water.
D. Always prepare everything before you
When the goat finished drinking the act.
water, the fox informed him, the
difficulty they were both in. He Read the text and answer questions 24 to
suggested a plan for their escape. 26
“if,” said he, “You will place your
March 16th was my daughter’s 5th
fore feet upon the wall and bend your
birthday so I baked a cute birthday
head , I will run up your back and
cake for her. I decorated it with some
escape,and I will help you out
of her favorite cartoon characters, it
was such a wonderful experience for
The goat readily agreed and the fox me. My wife inspired me to make this
leaped upon his back. Climbing on special birthday cake.
goat’s horns, he safely reached the
On that day, I went shopping
mouth of the well and left the goat
and got all items for the cake. I never
made it before , so I was a bit
The goat screamed for help to fox. nervous. Before I made the cake I
But the wicked fox just turned imagined how to decorate it, and then
around and cried out.” You are I started right away. I chose chocolate
foolish oldfellow! If you are clever flavor and followed the steps in the
you will think before jumping.” recipe. And I finally I could make it.
It was not bad at all.

21. Who stayed in the well at last? All the people who were invited to
A. The goat the party loved the caked. I was very
B. The fox proud when my wife told the guests
C. The thirsty fox that I made the birthday cake by
D. The clever fox myself.
Party. He moved to United Stated from
. I was satisfied to see the look on 1933 until his death. E lived in Prince
their face to know that I could make town, New Jersey. He died on 18th
such a delicious cake. I promised my April1955.
daughter I would make another cute
cake for 6th birthday cake. 29. What is the text written for?
A. To tell the achievement of Albert
24. What is the main idea of the second
B. To amuse the readers or listeners
A. The decoration of the cake was
C. To give information about Albert
Enstein’s childhood
B. The cake made by writer was delicious
D. To tell the life of Albert Enstein
C. The writer made the birthday cake by
30. When did Albert Enstein win the Noble
D. Baking cake was a bad experience for
the writer
A. In 1905 a podium towards the eastern
and the western
25. The text shows that the writer’s cake was .
B. In 1919
C. In 1933
A. Bad
D. In 1955
B. Tasty
C. Terrible
31. “In 1905 he also did some of his famous
D. Expensive
work in Physic”.
The underlined word has the same meaning
26. Why was the writer nervous when he
with . . .
baked the cake?
A. Well
A. He was ashamed of his wife
B. Great
B. He could not make a cake at all
C. Familiar
C. Some people were watching him
D. Popular
D. It was his first experience to bake cake
Read the following text to answer
The text is for questions 29 to 31
questions 32 to 34
The Yogya Kembali Monument is located
Albert Enstein was born in 1879
in Yogyakarta. It is three kilometers north
Germany. He graduated from the
of the Yogya city center in the Jongkang
University of Zurich in Switzerland in
Village of the Sleman Regency. The
1905. In 1905 he also did some of his
monument was ingurated on June 29th,
famous work in Physic. In 1919 he won the
1985 to commemorate the historic
Noble Prize for Physic.
Indonesian struggle for independence.
Between 1919 and 1933 he lived in
Yogya kembali means Yogya returns, as a
Germany and travelled a lot to talk to other
reminder of the returning of the Indonesian
scientists. Then, in 1933 he had to leave
republic Government.
Germany because of Hilter and the Nazy
34. What can be found in the western entrance
There two sections of the Yogya Kembali of the monument?
Monument. The first section of the Cureng A. A wall engraved with 420
Aircraft is on the eastern gate, while the B. Two wheeled-mechine guns
other section of Guntai Aircraft stand C. A replica of the Guntai Aircraft
closer to the Western entrance of the D. A replica of the Cureng Aircraft
monument. The monument has two
wheeled-mechine guns which can be seen Read the following text and answer
from a podium towards the eastern and questions 35 to 37
western side. In the southern end of the
Once upon a time in West Sumatra, a
yard, there is a wall engraved with 420
widow took her two children to a party. At
names of freedom fighters who lost their the party, a traditional music show was
lives during a great struggle, from about to perfrom at a stage. The children
December 19th, 1948 to June 29th,, 1949. A asked their mother if they could go and see
poem by Chairil Anwar, titled Karawang the show . ‘’Yes, you my go there. But
Bekasi, is written on one side of the wall please remember, don’t go too far,’’ said
dedicated to the unknown patriots. the mother.

The children then ran to the stage. Soon

The Yogya Kembali Monument is they got boret just watching the show so
surrounded by fish ponds. It is divided into they took a walk around the stage. They
four alleys which lead to the main building. forgot their mother’s message not to go too
The main building consists of different far.Suddently they saw a pond. Then they
floors displaying a wide-range of jumped into it and enjoyed its fresh water.
collections during and after the war times.
Meanwhile, the mother felt so desperate
It shows dioramas, carved reliefs or
because she could not find them until the
collection of clothes and weapons. day turned into night. She went home
without her children and fell asleep after a
32. What is the topic of the text ? long hour of crying in her sleep, she
A. Yogyakarta building dreamed about meeting an old woman who
B. The Guntai Aircraft told her, to see them, throw a handful of
rice into the pond. Your children will
C. History building of Indonesia
D. The Yogyakarta Kembali Monument
As soon as she woke up, she quickly ran to
33. “The Yogya Kembali Monument is located the pond and had a handful of rice in her
in Yogyakarta. It is three kilometers . . . hand. When she rached it, she threw the
The underlined word refer to . . . rice in the pond and called her children’s
A. Location names. The dream was true! Two big fish
with beautiful colors appeared in the
B. Yogyakarta city
pond.The mother cried when she saw them.
A. Wheeled-mechine Her chldren turned into big beautiful fish
B. The Yogya Kembali Monument because they disobeyed their mother’s
The village where the pond was located is
Many species have long larvae life
now called Desa Sungai Jernih. It is called
stages. But other species can remain in
so because the water in the pond was very
egg stages or asleep in their pupal in
clear. Today, the people of the village
order to survive winters.
come to that pond because they think it is a
sacred place.
37. The text mainly talks about . . .
35. Why did the woman feel so woried? A. Moth
A. She couldn’t find her children. B. Larvae
B. Her chidren ignored her message C. Insect
C. She went home without her children D. Butterfly
D. Her children went to swim in a pond 38. How dop the larvae of some butterfly
species survive winter?
36. What is the best title of the text? A. They live from a week to a year
A. A mother and her children B. They remain asleep in their pupal
B. A village in West Sumatera C. They connect to flowering plants
C. Desa Sungai Jernih D. They are related to moths
D. West Sumatera 39. What do butterflies evolve from?
A. Moths
Read the text and answer questions 37 to B. Insect
40 C. Larvae
D. Flowers
Butterflies are day flying insects of the
40. “ . . . “, which their larvae feed on, . . . “
order Lepidoptera. They are grouped
(Paragraph 2)
together in the suborder Rhopalacera.
The underlined word is closest in meaning
Buterflies are closely related to moths
to . . .
from which they evolved.
A. Caterpillar
The life of butterflies is closely B. Cocoon
connected to flowering plants, which C. Adult
their larvae feed on, and their adults D. Egg
feed and lay their eggs on. They have
a long-lasting history of co-evolution
with flowering plants. Many of the
details of plant anatomy are related to
their pollinators and vice versa. The
other notable features of butterflies are
their extraordinary range of colours
and patterns of their wings.

Butterflies in their adult stage can live

from a week to nearly a year
depending on the species.
II. ESSAY 1. What country is usually associated with
Read the text to answer questions 1 and 2 tulip?
2. “. . . but are often grown as spring
TULIP blooming annual planting.”
The underline word is closest meaning to . .
Tulips grows from 10 to 70 centimaters tall. .
They can even grow in the cold and snowy 3. Rearrange these words into the correct
winter. They have 2 to 6 leaves. Some species sentence.
can have up to 12 leaves. The stem have no To learn – Maria – did not – know – was –
leaves, withlarge species having some leaves 1 2 3 4 5
and smaller speciec have none. Typically but – eager – she
species have one flower per stem but a few 6 7 8
species have up to four flower. The colorful and
attracrive cup shaped flowers typically have
Fill in the blank with preposition and
three petals and three sepals which are mostly
conjunction, for number 44 and 45.
termed as tepals because they are nearly Fish breathe (44) . . . gills. These look like
identical. combs (45) . . . are found on each side of
Although tulips are associated with the the head of the fish.
Netherlands, commercials cultivation of the
flower began in the Ottoman Empire. The word ---Good Luck. Do It Yourself---
tulip is derived from Persian Language did ban.

Tulips are indigeneous to mountainous areas

with temperatures climates. They grow well in
climates with long cool springs and early
summers, but are often grown as spring
blooming annual plantings in warmer areas of
the world. The bulbs are usually planted in late
summerand fall, normally from 10 to 20
centimaters deep.

Depending on the type planted in well drained

soils. In part of the world that do not have long
cool spring and early summers, the bulbs are
planted up to 12 inches deep. These provide
some protection from the heat of summer and
force the plants to produce one large bulb each
year instead of manny smaller non bloming
ones. This can extend the usefulness of the
plants in warmer aras a few years.