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7 Immediate Benefits of SMS Marketing For Your Business

The mobile phone has changed our habits and consequently, our way of communicating. It is no
longer a secret that Mobile Marketing is a strategy that brands have to incorporate into their
communication plan if they want to be close to their customers.

The brands seek to approach their customers, and thanks to mobile phones, the customer
relationship can be more intense and personal.

It is essential to keep in mind that a marketing strategy is not sufficient on its own. It is necessary to
combine it with other channels both offline or online so that a global brand strategy is created, and
the consumer perceives brand exposure consistently.

There are different mobile marketing strategies that companies can adopt: from apps to mobile
advertising. Everything will depend on the one hand, the capacity and objectives of the company,
and on the other, the particular characteristics of its target.

SMS marketing is a mobile marketing strategy, which due to its simplicity and efficiency is easily
integrated into the communication plan of any company.

However, this alone is just the starting point for many other benefits.

1 # SMS Has No Barriers

Text messages do not need a data network to reach their receiver. In the US, there are currently
more mobile lines than home telephone, the reach that is obtained through this channel is

2 # It's Fast and Direct Channel

Text messages do not depend on an internet connection. If you choose a suitable platform that uses
direct connections, the message arrives instantaneously and securely to your receiver.

3 # It Is Economical and Effective

Not only is it accessible to all types of companies, since its cost is adapted to its capacity, it is also
one of the strategies that generate the most ROI. Currently, SMS has 98% open rate, 90% of them are
being read for 3 minutes.

4 # Provides Security and Closeness

The platform itself uses connections that guarantee maximum security in the transmission and
processing of data.

However, from the point of view of the consumer, many of its practical applications (purchase
confirmation, shipping status, delivery of offers or personalized information) perform a role of
accompaniment by the brand that brings confidence, security and Closeness that the current
consumer demands. Customers no longer only buy products, they also buy experiences.

5 # It Is a Non-Saturated Channel
Through its mobile, the user receives a multitude of communicative impacts (e-mails, banners, pop-
ups, social networks). If we think that telephone devices are one of our most personal objects today.
There is a risk of being intrusive that is ruining all of our marketing efforts. That’s why Google
nowadays sometimes penalizes those who do pop-ups on mobile phones.

However, SMS is different.

The user wants to receive information about the brand. If we add that how the message appears on
our phone is different from other media, we are facing a little saturated and differentiating channel.
They sometimes want to receive info about their order, coupons, and more.

6 # Communication Is Personalized
It can be a paradox that the sending of mass SMS is personal. Well, it is. Through the Gateway SMS
platform, you can customize the sms delivery to make more effective communication, calling the
customer by name and offering what you know they are interested in.

7 # The Rich SMS Feature

The messages are no longer only 160 characters. Nowadays, you can send SMS with emoji inside.
Also, by being able to include a short URL, it allows generating traffic to the online store, web, blog,
social networks.

With the SMS marketing you are one click away from your customers.

Therefore, you have to look for a channel that allows quick and direct communication with your
customers that brings proximity and improves their shopping experience. Therefore, you have
visibility, that you get good results with little investment, and also easy to implement.

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