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Volume : 6 | Issue : 2 | February - 2017 ISSN - 2250-1991 | IF : 5.215 | IC Value : 79.


Original Research Paper Commerce


ICICI BANK Conducted in the area of Kharar

Assistant Professor in commerce department, S.K.R.M. College, Bhagoo Majra,

Babal preet Kaur Kharar, Mohali, Punjab
Business opportunities are created by society for business enterprises. As the prime aim of every business enterprise is to earn
maximum pro t but it cannot forget the society and the surroundings in which it has to operate. No business can exist without

serving customers. The economic growth of country is on accelerating mode. Banking institutions are the important part of
society. New technologies are being introduced and there is always a fear of economic uncertainties. Therefore, customer
satisfaction is the key for many banks to survive. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the customer satisfaction of the banking
sector based on customer perception regarding service quality. This is an empirical study using mainly primary data collected
through a well-structured questionnaire. The research method will help in examining the various factors those results in
satisfaction in Banking. Percentile is the statistical tool that has been used for data analysis.

KEYWORDS Questionnaire, satis ed, technologies, banking

INTRODUCTION society. Customer expects more from the companies whose

Economic development is structural adjustments, innovations and product they buy. Increased recent corporate scandals reduced
institutional changes to improve the standard of living of the public trust of corporations. The growing in uence of media sees
people. The economic development of a country depends to great mistakes by companies and brought immediately to the attention
extent on its banking institutions. Economic development and of the public. So an attempt is made to evaluate that “ICICI Bank”
nance are closely related to each other. Investment is a pre is socially responsible or not.
condition of economic growth. The increased demand for banking
services; speed, service quality and customer satisfaction are going OBJECTIVES OF STUDY
to be key differentiators for each bank's future success. The level of 1. To make aware about the various services provided by ICICI
satisfaction can also vary depending on other options the bank.
customer may have and other products against which the 2. To know that “ICICI” ful ll their responsibility.
customer can compare the organization's products. Thus, it is 3. To analyze which facility in uences the customer most while
imperative for banks to get useful feedback on their actual selecting Bank,
response time, which in turn will help them take positive steps to 4. To compare the various services provided by the ICICI bank.
maintain a competitive edge. This paper helps to study the new 5. To study the growth and development of ICICI Bank.
generation banks in India. 6. To study the customer behaviour towards the service quality.
7. To offer valuable suggestions based on the problem of the
Industrial credit and Investment Corporation of India is a private
sector bank founded in 1994 and headquartered in Mumbai, DATA COLLECTION
Maharashtra, India. Bank has a network of 4450 branches and PRIMARY SOURCES
14404 ATM's in India. It has a presence in 18 countries besides Responses collected with the help of the schedule administered to
India. It has subsidiaries in U.K and Canada. It offers a wide range the customers of “ICICI” are the main primary source of data for
of nancial services and banking products. It launched internet this research work.
banking operations in 1998. In 1999 ICICI become the rst Indian
bank from non Japan Asia to be listed on the NYSE. In 2000, ICICI SECONDARY SOURCES
bank became the rst Indian bank to list on the New York Stock Secondary data is collected from the several interviews which have
Exchange. In 2002 the merger of ICICI and ICICI Bank was also been conducted with experts on the subject and also a
approved by its shareholders and by the high court of Gujarat. In number of persons who are connected directly to the customers of
2008 the reserve bank of India issued a clari cation on the nancial “ICICI”.
strength of ICICI bank to dispel the rumours of adverse nancial
position of the bank. The bank has contributed to the set up of a SAMPLE FRAME
number of Indian institutions to establish nancial infrastructure in The sample size was put 80 chosen from various groups in the area
the country. National Stock Exchange in 1992, Credit Rating of Kharar (Punjab). Strati ed random sampling system has been
Information Services of India limited in 1987, National followed to select the customers of “ICICI”.
commodities and derivatives exchange in 2003, Financial
Innovation Network and operation Pvt. Ltd. in 2006, TOOLS FOR DATA COLLECTION
Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India in 1983, North The questionnaire was designed and developed on the basis of the
Eastern Development Finance Institute in 1995, Asset objective of the study and administered to the sample of the
Reconstruction Company India Limited IN 2002, Credit customers of “ICICI “and society.
Information Bureau of India limited in 2000 and Institutional
Investor Advisory Services was promoted by ICICI. In March, 2016 TOOL FOR ANALYSIS
ICICI bank launched the Jiyo Khulke contest. In this contest they The interview schedule method is used for gathering data which
were invited to write their most cherished moment of life in a are relevant for the study conducted of the customers of “ICICI”.
choice of 11 languages. The data collected through the schedules from primary sources
have been processed and the results are analyzed by using the
NEED FOR THE STUDY percentiles.
The era of the social enterprises is upon consumer. Corporate
social responsibility asks companies to ensure their business ANALYSIS
operations are clean and equitable, and contribute positively to the
Volume : 6 | Issue : 2 | February - 2017 ISSN - 2250-1991 | IF : 5.215 | IC Value : 79.96
DETERMINANTS TOWARDS CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION merchant banking services 28.75 47.5 23.75 - 100
1: Quick and secure payment on mobile application of ICICI bank.
automated lockers 37.5 31.25 27.5 3.75 100
2: Are you satis ed with online money transfer services?
3: Are you satis ed with merchant banking services? schemes for rural areas 53.75 25 12.5 8.75 100
4: Are you satis ed with service regarding automated lockers? credit or debit card bene t 48.75 20 18.75 12.5 100
5: It offers new schemes for rural areas applicants. money transfer services 38.75 22.5 20 18.75 100
6: Opinion regarding credit or debit card dual bene ts. range of services/products 43.75 31.25 13.75 11.25 100
7: Opinion regarding money transfer services.
Protection regarding frauds 42.5 36.25 12.5 8.75 100
8: Are you satis ed with the range of services/products provided
by ICICI bank? complaints and grievances 31.25 37.5 15 16.25 100
9: Do you feel it try to protect the customer from frauds? handling
10: Do you satis ed with the attitude of staff for handling your Co-operate government 37.5 40 10 12.5 100
complaints and grievances? check account balance 86.25 13.75 - - 100
11: It co-operate in planning, investigating and administrative service
activities of the government. employment opportunity 57.5 20 12.5 10 100
12: It provides the service of check account balance. help to the weaker section 31.25 47.5 10 11.25 100
13: Provide more employment opportunity.
14: Opinion regarding help to the weaker section of the societies. abide the rules and 27.5 32.5 22.5 17.5 100
15: It abides the rules and regulations and laws of the government. regulations
16: It promotes technology upgradation. promote technology 37.5 40 15 7.5 100
17: Is it preserving social and cultural values by providing credit upgradation
facilities for homes and education? preserving social and cultural 50 26.25 21.25 2.5 100
18: Does it provide safe video banking? values
safe video banking 60 18.75 15 6.25 100
Classi cation and organization of data on the basis of
Base for services Highly satis e dissatis Highly Total To test the consumer satisfaction, out of services provided by
satis ed d ed dissatis ed No. of ICICI bank to its customer 41.25% customers are highly satis ed
No. of No. of No. of No. of peopl and 35% are satis ed with quick and secure payment on mobile
people people people people e application of ICICI bank. 57.5% are highly satis ed and 35% are
Quick and secure 33 28 9 10 80 satis ed with online money transfer services. 28.75% are highly
payment satis ed and 47.5% are satis ed with merchant banking services.
online money transfer 46 28 4 2 80 37.5 % are highly satis ed and 31.25% are satis ed with service
merchant banking 23 38 19 - 80 regarding automated lockers. 53.75% are highly satis ed and
services 25% are satis ed to offer new schemes for rural areas applicants.
automated lockers 30 25 22 3 80 48.75% are highly satis ed and 20% are satis ed regarding credit
schemes for rural 43 20 10 7 80 or debit card dual bene ts. 38.75 % are saying that ICICI Bank
areas provides secure money transfer services and 22.5 are satis ed with
credit or debit card 39 16 15 10 80 their opinion. 43.75% are highly satis ed and 31.25% are
bene t satis ed with the range of services/products provided by ICICI
money transfer 31 18 16 15 80 bank. 42.5% are highly satis ed and 36.25% are satis ed by its
services effort to protect the customers from frauds. 31.25% are highly
range of 35 25 11 9 80 supported and 37.5% are satis ed by complaint and grievances
services/products system of the ICICI Bank.37.5% are highly satis ed and 40% are
satis ed with the statement that it helps in planning, investigating
Protection regarding 34 29 10 7 80
and administrative activities of government. 86.25% are highly
satis ed and 13.75% are satis ed by providing the service of check
complaints and 25 30 12 13 80
account balance. It is providing employment opportunities 57.5%
grievances handling
are highly in favor of this concept and 20% are satis ed with its
Co-operate 30 32 8 10 80 effort. 31.25% are highly satis ed and 47.5% is satis ed by
government helping weaker section of society. 27.5% persons are highly
check account balance 69 11 - - 80 satis ed and 32.5% are satis ed with the statement that ICICI
service Bank abide the rules and regulation of the government. 37.5% are
employment 46 16 10 8 80 highly satis ed and 40% are satis ed by promoting technology
opportunity upgradation. 50% are highly satis ed and 26.25% are satis ed
help to the weaker 25 38 8 9 80 with the statement that ICICI Bank trying to preserve the cultural
section and social values. 60% persons are highly satis ed and 18.75%
abide the rules and 22 26 18 14 80 are satis ed by providing video banking services.
promote technology 30 32 12 6 80 CONCLUSION
upgradation As per the result analysis of the above table it can be concluded
preserving social and 40 21 17 2 80 that ICICI Bank positively ful ll their social responsibility but there is
cultural values a chances for further improvements. In case of social responsibility
safe video banking 48 15 12 5 80 towards society, ICICI Bank will have to work hard, as per personal
Representation of data in terms of percentage interview we are able to conclude that majority of the customers
ICICI Bank are quite satis ed with the range of products and
Base for services Highly satis e dissatis Highly Total
services provided by their bank. This satisfaction can be used as a
satis ed d ed dissatis ed of
weapon to increase the market share of the bank. However, it
No. of No. of No. of No. of perce
should abide the rules and regulations and should effort to
people people people people ntage
preserve the social and cultural values as customers dissatisfy with
(%age) (%age) (%age) (%age)
credit facilities at higher rates of the bank. It is clear that majority of
Quick and secure 41.25 35 11.25 12.5 100 customers consider that bank employees are very friendly and
payment knowledgeable. The positive attitude of employees can help the
online money transfer 57.5 35 5 2.5 100 bank to retain and increase the reputation of bank. Managers are
Volume : 6 | Issue : 2 | February - 2017 ISSN - 2250-1991 | IF : 5.215 | IC Value : 79.96
the most important factor in making banking smoothly. Hence,
Bank managers should maintain personal contact with its
customers. The management of the ICICI Bank is advised to look
for that.


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