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Bomens e Métados Formulério FICHA DE TRABALHO ENGLISH DIAGNOSTIC TEST — Beginner / Elementary Grammar 1___'s your name? Thomas aHow bWho ¢ What d Where 2 This is Lucy and her brother, Dan. my friends. aWe'e bi'm c You're d They're 3___? I'm from Italy. a Where are you from? b Where you are from? Where from you are? d From where you are? 41'm from Milan. is in Italy. aThey bit cHe dShe 5 Excuse me, how your last name? R-I-L-E-Y a spell b you spell cdo you spell d spell you 60h, are my keys! a This b These c That dit TI'd like omelette, please. aa b- can dtwo 8 And here is your__. adesk bdesks. ca desk dan desk. 9 My name's Pete and this is Sylvia. _ doctors from France. alm bWe'e She's d Theyre 10 Sorry, Paul. My name's Eric. alisn't blis not cl aren't d'm not "1 2 No, he isn't. aAre they teachers? b Are you from ttaly? cls Mr Banning a teacher? dls this your phone? 12 is the school? It's 50 years old. a How many years b How much years c What years d How old 13.Whatis___? job Mary b Mary job c Mary's job d job's Mary 14 Your bag is next the table. aon bto cin dof Yee 62020 Ml