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Plumbing system is important in any building, might be a commercial or a

residential one. It involves the three basic necesseties of life, such as air,
water and food.Installation must be correct and conform the National
Plumbing Code of the Philippines,because if not consequences of malpractice
and negligence means additional expenses and health hazards.The purpose of
this study was to observed if proper practices applied in actual construction.
And if the sections in National Plumbing Code in the Philippines had been
followed. A site visit had been done and since it was a high rise building and
measuring will be impossible. We’ve take what we can get and that’s looking
for the fitting that had been used. The type and schedule of pipes. And some
important practices that can be done by just observing.After the visit in Verdon
Parc, a high rise residential complex, we observe that most of the sections
had been followed and some were not to be found as it is not applicable in the
said complex.