8:29 pm, 10/27/2010 2nd, Mayan day 11 Jaguar

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♥ This video (stay tuned - it’s uploading ;) ♥ This video on YT if you prefer :) ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ Blip.tv channel The ‘itch’ to journal just won’t leave, so I close the day with a live video journal. Not at all sure about what needs to be said, I just start talking. A lot of it is regarding how effortless being in heart is. It’s mind that thinks we aren’t yet perfect - that we’ve got something to do, yet, before we awaken. That is so wrong as to be simply opposite, almost, of what is correct. You already ARE everything you are wanting to be. You don’t have to become that - you’re already it! I’m delighted to hear so many speakers and teachers singing my song - or I’m singing their song - that the way is through heart, not through the mind. What a joy to find the message, the basic message, so consistent. It lifts me up, to hear the ones I respect so highly, all teaching the same thing, this going to heart. Clearly, it is the way. Even St. Thomas Aquinas, a highly regarded Doctor of the Church, went totally silent in his late years when he discovered the heart, what it had to offer. Of course, I’m assuming here, but he did go quiet - he was a great theologian - yet he gave that all up. My bet is he had an awakening experience - one that showed him the sheer folly of head, next to heart. That’s my bet. There’s no sense in going back over your scholarship, your thinking, either, to try to patch it up. It just doesn’t work that way. They’re totally different realms - heart and head. They don’t connect or bisect that way at all. So he just went quiet - never said another word, or

wrote one, either. Quite a story. The Church doesn’t broadcast it much, but the info is there for the determined researcher to ferret it out. The mental realm is not our specialty, anyway. There are ancient times when we were more advanced, and there are far, far more advanced races, technologically - that is apparent to anyone looking, today. That, and these other races haven’t had their DNA stripped down like ours is - they use more than 30% of their brain - they’re much less limited that way. That doesn’t lead you to awakening. That leads, instead, to a brittle arrogance, where like the science of today, they are so convinced they know so very much. Well, maybe they do. But isn’t it true, as well, that the only constant is change? That means everything changes, and that today’s science, whether theirs or ours, is only the best current theories - not solid Truth. Truth can’t even be contained within words. Words are mental, symbolic constructions. The way of mind is not transcendent in the same way that heart is. Our waking state is much like dreaming. We are all energy beings everything is energy. In dreaming everything is more plastic - you think of a place and you’re there. Maybe that’s what is ahead of us, as we rise up - that instantaneous way. We are much more unlimited than we think we are. As we clean out our store of beliefs the limits will drop. Just keep marching onward this way. You’re waking up. All the rules are different in heart. No effort is required - not in the way mind conceives of effort at all. Everything just is. You don’t have to make it be - it already is. Our problem, today, if we have one, is that our purity, our perfection has been covered over, has been quite thoroughly hidden from us. Thus, what is in front of us is not a road to becoming, not a set of practices to perfect the self - not at all. Rather, we are simply uncovering the already perfect self. We are clearing away the debris of the ages - uncovering Higher Self. So, in a way, it’s not a doing, but rather an undoing, that is called for

these days. Also, we have to start seeing ourselves differently. We’ve been so heavily programmed to have a certain self-concept - that’s just got to go. It’s so far from the Truth as to be ludicrous, or of evil intent. It’s much like getting the rug pulled out from under us. All we relied upon, all we thought we knew and really trusted - we are realizing the foolishness of literally all of this. We’ve been well trained into the leftbrain polarity dance of taking opposite sides of whatever comes up. An argumentative mood is the perfect demonstration of the polarity dance. You may know someone so oppositional that, to get them to do something, just ask them not to - they’re that polarized. That’s the dance of 3D duality - the one we’[re leaving behind. Heart is the center of a whole new realm of being, though - having nothing to do with our mind-centric world and its ways. The body has its own intelligence. I share a bit awkwardly how my body would be doing little fidgeting, but it was mirror imaging right and left sides - that helps to balance the left and right brain out. What you’re used to doing with your right hand, do it with your left, instead - start balancing out. I mention Brain Gym, too, which is a booklet of exercises designed to balance the chi flow, right and left. In particular I share one little Brain Gym exercise, where you walk down the hall at home. As you walk, touch right hand to left knee, left hand to right knee - this helps straighten your energy out, balancing brain hemispheres. It brings blessings. It’s a demonstration of the body’s own intelligence. Nothing is accidental - not even your fidgeting. Everything is so much more perfect than we even begin to realize. Let’s be open to that. We would just melt into joyful tears if we really perceived, absent left brain. We could begin to really see the beauty that is, everywhere, in everything.

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