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First week of January, 2017.

I had begun to wash my face consistently for a

week at this time. Still picking, but less. It was my New Years Resolution to
stop picking."

Whilst many people struggle when it comes to dealing with stubborn acne,
she noted an improvement after committing to a New Years Resolution to
'stop picking her skin' and 'consistently wash her face'.

Most acne-sufferers will know, one of the biggest skincare myths out there is
that severe breakouts are caused by a lack of hygiene. Yes, it's important to
take care of your skin, but the majority of the time acne is triggered by things
like hormones or stress, and dealing with it is never usually as simple as just
'washing your face more'.

This prompted some commenters on her Imgur thread to suggest that she
was perhaps dealing with a more specific type of acne, Acne Excoriée. Which
'results when acne lesions are compulsively squeezed and scratched,
resulting in scabs and scars'.