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Indonesian Student Association at National Central University was establish on the June 3oth
2007 and was inaugurated by Indonesian Economic and Trade Office at Taipei (IETO/KDEI).
NCU-ISA is a representative of all Indonesian currently studying at NCU, including exchange
student, undergraduate student, master student, and doctoral student.

NCU-ISA has great relationship with other organization in NCU and specially also for NCU’s
events. NCU-ISA has been involve in various international event, such as in Final Party, NCU
Sports Day and Bazar NCU. In addition to routine activities held by NCU-ISA, we also have a
big annual event called Indonesian Cunturals Days, where especially design to introducing
tourism and spread out the beauty of culture diversity of Indonesia.

Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD 2018)

Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) is an annual event held by NCU-ISA to introduce the beauty of
culture diversity in Indonesia and also promoting the tourism to Taiwanese and International
communities around NCU. The event is packed with various the beauty and diversity of the
archipelago through the performance of dramatic theater art, dance, music, and even cultural
exhibitions as well as typical Indonesian food. ICD event has always been the biggest cultural
event in NCU. This activity received positive responses and managed to attract the enthusiasm
of locals and many international residents. Because of the good responses, ICD event always
gets full support each year from NCU Office of International Affairs. With the excitement of
the participants' enthusiasm for the ICD event, NCU has recognized this event to be one of the
annual events of the NCU Anniversary series.

ICD Structural Committee

Head of Committee : Riyan Benny Sukmara

Secretary : Izania Nurfitriana
Treasurer : Rekyan Regasari M.P.
Head of Event Division : Wahyu Kamal Setaiwan
Head of Exhibition : Dianisa Khoirun Sandi
Head of Parade : Tri Wandi Januar
Head of Costumes : I Putu Wira Hadiputrawan
Head of Logistic Division : M. Damanhuri
Head of Media Division : Muhammad Fhadli
Head of Fundarising Division : Irfandi Djaelani
Head of Food and Baverages Division : Belda Amelia Junisu
Head of Security Division : Satria Habiburrahman
Director of Performance : Qori Fajar

Event Time and Location of ICD

ICD held in March 7th and 8th, 2018 at Grand Lecture Hall, National Central University.

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

Day 1 : - Culture Parade walk around NCU Campus, start from 4.00 pm – 5.00 pm
- Culture Exhibition in Grand Lecture Hall – NCU, starts from 5.00 pm – 9.00 pm.
Day 2 : - Main performance at Grand Lecture Hall – NCU, starts from 6.00 pm – 9.30 pm.


Overall Report
Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018 was held in Grand Lecture Hall on March 7th and 8th
2018, which was attended by The leader of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office for Taipei
(IETO/KDEI), Vice Dean of Office of International Affairs (OIA), Taiwanese students,
International Students and Professors of NCU. This year also we have special guest and
contributor from representatives of Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia.
I this event, the International students have distributed from the various origin, such as
Vietnam, Philiphine, Mainland China, Malaysia, France, USA, Pakistan, Honduras, India, Egypt,
and Ethiopia. The total participant was more than 500 people.
In 2018, the variety of performing more variable compared last year event. ICD 2018
perform many performances for Main Performance Show, including Indonesian traditional
dances and songs and also blended into flowing performance with Musical Drama. That
composition of performance made audiences feel happy dan excited significantly.
Before we show the main performance, the preliminary event, which was held one day
before main performance show also has a contribution to spoil the audiences. We show the
cultural parade with traditional music instrument from Indonesia walks around NCU Campus.
And after the parade, we provide the Exhibition event, where there are has many booths which
provide information and knick-knacks from Indonesia. Also, the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia
provides the special information of Indonesia Tourism places. The participants were very
enthusiastically joining this event and also some participant joins with the performer to play
the traditional music instruments (Gamelan).
Based on the survey results, the main performance show is the most impressive and exciting
program and they feel that the Indonesian students are friendly and the cultures are very
interesting to know.
Overall, the performance of ICD got a lot of appreciations, either from IETO, OIA, Ministry of
Tourism Indonesia and especially from audiences. In general, they said the event is managed
very well like professional.

Result of Quisionairs a moment after Show.

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

Report and Evaluation of Event Implementation

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

A. Secretary
During the preparation, implementation and after ICD event, secretary had done several
jobs i.e. :
 Made a proposal in order to make relation and cooperation with the sponsorship
 Made a notes in every meeting and shared the result to the all member
 Provided a necessary documents during the ICD, such as letter (invitation, permission,
proposal sponsorship, etc), questionnaire, registration form, and others and then keep
all the documents.

From this letter we would like to report the result of the job, these were:
a) The Proposal (attached in appendix)
b) Draft of invitation latter (attached in appendix)
c) Draft of excuse latter (attached in appendix)
d) Draft of questionnaire (attached in appendix)
e) List of invited guests (attached in appendix)
f) List of attendance in Exhibition and Theater Event (attached in appendix)

B. Treasurer
Treasurer has a responsibility for manage the budget and controlling the cost for ICD event.
Tresurer also has responsibility to write the financial report for ICD Event.

Table 1 Income Budget


1 January 19, 2018 National Central University 3,000 already received
Indonesian Student Association (NCU
2 February 13, 2018 Indonesian Economic and Trade Office 15,000 already received

3 March 1, 2018 Indonesian Ministry of Tourism 48,500 already received

4 March 3, 2018 Intai Sponshorship 3,000 already received
5 Telkomsel Sponshorship 5,000 Not yet received
6 NCU Office of International Affairs 50,000 Not yet received

Table 2 Spending Details


1 printing and binding 1 package 3,032 3,032 IETO
2 stationaries 1 package 872 872 IETO
3 Bank Administration Fee 3 times 100 300 NCU ISA
Subtotal 4,205


1 Website 1 hosting 690 690 NCU ISA
2 Poster and flyer 1 package 4,818 4,818 NCU OIA

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

3 Advertisement facebook 1 package 290 290 NCU ISA
4 Video, camera and editing 1 package 0 0
media publication (online
media and national
5 newspaper) 1 package 0 0 Media cooperation
Subtotal B 5,798

C1 Parade
1 Traditional Costum 1 paket 0 0 IETO
traditional music equipment Dream Community
2 rent 1 paket 0 0 cooperation
Subtotal C1 0

C2 Exhibition
Booth decoration (poster,
banner, printing, photo
1 booth) 1 package 1,146 1,146 IMoT
2 exhibition souvenir 1 package 1,309 1,309 NCU ISA
3 game equipment 1 package 0 0
4 game price 10 packages 0 0 Indomie Sponsorship
Exhibition aquipment,
5 consumables 1 package 2,055 2,055 IMoT
6 infografis 1 package 1,670 1,670 IMoT
Subtotal C2 6,180

C3 Performance
1 Order of event 1 package 460 460 IETO
Performers costum and
2 accessories 1 package 3,361 3,361 IMoT
3 Make up 1 package 4,434 4,434 IMoT
4 Performance properties 1 package 2,778 2,778 IMoT
5 Souvenirs (frames) 1 package 804 804 IMoT
Door Prize (bicycle and
6 tumbler) 2 bikes 2,500 5,000 NCU OIA
7 Doorprize (tumblers) 3 tumblerss 319 957 IMoT
The other doorprizes
(smartphone, juicer,
microphone and speaker, Sponsorships: Telkomsel,
power banks, Indonesian Nihao Indo, Alson Shop,
Ministry of Tourism Indonesian Ministry of
7 merchandise, T-Shirt, scarf,) 1 package 0 0 Tourism
Subtotal C3 17,794
Subtotal C 23,974

1 Building Rent for the event 1 package 0 0 NCU OIA

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

2 sound, stage lighting, effect 1 package 0 0 NCU OIA
Building rent for practice
3 (weekday) 1 package 800 800 IETO
4 Payment of bulding deposit 1 Package 2,800 2,800 IETO
5 Luggage 1 package 2,800 2,800 IETO
6 Committee id card 1 package 3,250 3,250 IMoT
7 Venue properties 1 Package 1,137 1,137 IETO
Subtotal D 10,787

dinner during venue
1 preparation 100 persons 50 5,000 INTAI
Dinner day-1 for committee
2 and performer 150 persons 60 9,000 NCU OIA
Dinner day-1 for VVIP
4 invitation and guest 17 persons 150 2,550 NCU OIA
5 Traditional Food for visitors 1 package 5,500 5,500 TELKOMSEL
Specialties snack from various
6 city/province in Indonesia 1 package 0 0 Indonesain students
Dinner day-2 for committee
7 and performer 150 persons 60 9,000 NCU OIA
Dinner day-2 for VVIP
8 invitation 20 persons 150 3,000 NCU OIA
9 Dinner day-2 for visitors 1 package1 17,500 17,500 NCU OIA
10 Water and coffe 1 package 1,643 1,643 IMoT
11 Cutlery 1 package 3,711 3,711 IMoT
12 Trash bag and washer 1 package 352 352 IMoT
Consumption for evaluation
meeting (dinner, water and
13 snack) 1 package 10,543 10,543 IMoT
Subtotal E 67,799

4 times 1
1 Taipei transportation (KDEI) 4 person 200 800 IETO
2 Transportation (Sponsors) 1 package 1000 1000 IETO
Subtotal F 1,800

1 Printing 1 Package 1,204 1,204 IETO
2 Art papers, ornament, etc 1 package 8,460 8,460 IMoT
Decoration tools: glue,
3 scissors, cutter, etc 1 package 437 437 NCU ISA
Subtotal G 10,137

TOTAL 124,500

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

C. Events Implementation

Division of Event
The event division has planned, compiled and hosted a series of Indonesian Cultural Days
2018 events for 2 days, 7-8 March 2018 at the Grand Lecturer Hall and the campus
environment of National Central University, Taiwan. The achievements of each activity and
the obstacles encountered should be:
1. Evaluation of Parade
a. Fixation of difficult parade personnel related to number and list of members
b. The gamelan equipment and other properties still rely heavily on Dream Community
c. Gamelan team training time was relatively less
d. The property used was limited
e. The dance team and the main character had not been able to combine fully as a
colossal drama title representation on the 2nd day
f. Less supportive weather (rain)
With the various obstacles encountered, there were several recommendations for the
implementation of the parade in the coming year, including:
a. The formation of the Gamelan team and the fixation of personnel parade a month
before the implementation
b. Establish formal cooperation with Dream Community Taipei
c. Set the Gamelan team training time up to 2 weeks prior to implementation
d. Preparing the concept of parade more mature so that the problem of property
limitations do not happen again
e. Checking the willingness of the dance team and the main character of the drama
joined the parade
f. Consider weather forecasts

2. Evaluation of Exhibition
Some obstacles encountered include:
a. Fickle venue hampers preparation
b. The availability of artistic goods and handicrafts typical of Indonesia was very limited
and still dependent on Indonesian Economic and Trade Office
c. Arrangement of place and the flow of participants' movement had not been
organized neatly due to constraints (a)
d. There was a change in the arrangement of events (traditional games abandoned) due
to the narrowness of the venue
e. Weather was less supportive, so it affects the number of participants and the course
of the event
Based on the constraints that have been mentioned, then some recommendations that
can be given include:
a. Check venue minimum 3 months before implementation, supported by various
alternative plan
b. Proposed procurement of arts / crafts on PPI NCU board as a collection that can be
used for ICD in the coming year
c. Planning the appropriate flow of participants in the registration process
d. Substitution of event arrangements is possible, but must be communicated to the
participants well
e. Consider weather forecasts

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

3. Evaluation of Colossal Drama
The top event of ICD 2018 was filled by a colossal drama titled "Legend of Lake Toba".
The event was attended by representatives of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office,
representatives of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, Dean of OIA
NCU, and sponsors. More than 50 dancers, singers and actors were involved in a colossal
drama. There were six distinctive Indonesian dances that were presented: Welcoming
Dance, Barong Dance, Malay Dance, Javanese Dance, Dayak Dance, and Tor-Tor Sigale-
gale Dance. While the 3 Indonesian songs presented by Bhinneka Swara Choir team were
Rayuan Pulau Kelapa, Jaranan, and Gundul-Gundul Pacul. The drama, which started from
19.15 to 20.45, provided entertainment for ± 500 spectators.

4. Others Preparations and Implementations

There were several obstacles encountered during the preparation process to the
implementation, including:
a. Recruitment of dancers, singers, and actors
The recruitment process had not run smoothly for each part due to the lack of a
personal approach to PPI NCU members. Some things related to the duration of some
student holidays also impact on the turn of characters in the story so that the training
process was also hampered.
b. Communication flow and coordination
The flow of communication seems unstructured during the preparation stage due to
too many groups in the social media committee. This was because the communal
communications have not yet started in a large group of committees.
c. Preparation of manuscripts and scenarios
The preparation of manuscripts and scenarios was carried out within a very short time,
due to a lack of resources in terms of correcting the use of English and Chinese
d. Preparation of implementation / technical guidelines
These two items have been neatly arranged but the implementation was still lacking.
This was due to the detailed dynamics of events occurring during the event
preparation process.
e. Costume preparation
The traditional dresses become a routine problem faced every ICD implementation.
But the problem is always resolved by the way of costuming independently by
dancers and committee teams.
f. Checking main venue equipment
Checking equipment such as stage, sound, lighting, extra space is too close to the
implementation of the ICD so that the rehearsal time becomes reduced.
g. Implementation of rehearsal
Implementation of rehearsal has not run optimally due to late venue checks, as well
as focused dancers and committees on the preparation of properties and costumes.
In addition, agreements on rehearsal and exercise are often not achieved due to the
different academic hours of each committee.
h. Registration process
Registration process was hampered because the arrangement of flow of participants
who are less well organized. In addition, the manual checking process can also result
in too long queues.
i. Service participants and VIP / VVIP guests

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

Guest services were still not optimal due to unplanned space planning. Some
participants and invited guests had complained to the committee.

5. Recommendations and suggestions

From the various obstacles mentioned above, the recommendations that can be given
a. Recruitment of the committees and performers can be started at the beginning of the
b. Establish the flow of communication and coordination more mature
c. Select the team of translators and grammarians in the beginning of committee
d. Event
e. planning should be more structured with good understanding to all the people
f. Initiation procurement and management of traditional dresses gradually by PPI NCU
g. Conducting venue observations at the beginning of the semester
h. Better coordination in rehearsals and exercises

Division of Logistic
1. Financial aspect
 The expected spending for logistic team is 50.000 NTD but at the end we spent 52.369
NTD for two days. Also by the end of the event, a lot of leftover foods (although we
can share it to all ICD committees and performers) and logistics equipment
(fortunately it can be used in another event) were remained,
Advice for the next logistic team
 Carefully estimate the exact needs for the event
 List the important needs and buy at the same time in the cheapest place (traditional
market) to prevent excessive spending
 Don’t forget to use NCU code for reimburse kind of matter
2. Manpower aspect
 The next coordinator have to choose man over woman to be a member (unless the
woman have strong power hahaha) because a lot of hardwork was done in the logistic
preparation of this event
 Choose a member that can help anytime (if it’s possible, don’t choose performer as
a member)
 7~10 people in logistic team should be enough
 Overall, I think the teamwork of logistic team this year is very good, but many people
help us even they’re not a member (because a lot of member became a performer,
so it’s quite hard to help)
3. Preparation aspect
 Choose the simplest (but delicious) menu as the main menu, don’t work too much
(p.s : don’t decide to cook or prepare everything yourself because it’ll waste the time)
 Prepare plastic bags to save leftover foods, and also prepare 2 different trashbag (for
wet and dry trash)
 There’s no clear instruction about the audience “path” before enter the main
auditorium (p.s : audience need to cut the coupon first, and then collect the coupon,
and then take the food, etc). Maybe it’s better to prepare clear instruction to audience
for the next year event

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

 APPRECIATE THE TIME. Better be punctual in every situation because people here
really appreciate the time, so we have to work efficiently to get the work done as fast
as possible
 Ensure how many VVIP guests that will come to the event, to prevent excessive
spending in VVIP food (which is way more expensive than audience’s food)
 Choose proper caterer for VVIP’s food (to ensure the quality) and also count the exact
amount of committees and performers to prevent throwing food away
 Prepare dishwash liquid to wash all the equipment

4. Respond
 For exhibition’s food : Many people like the snack (cenil) but maybe for the next event,
the coordinator have to estimate carefully the amount of food that have to be ordered
 For drinks : Many people leave the drink untouch, maybe because they can’t stand
the spiciness (STMJ is a kind of ginger drink that have strong spiciness). But a lot of
people like it too. Maybe the ratio of people that like and dislike it is 40:60. So my
advice for next year, choose a drink that contain small amount of ginger (if you want
to use ginger as your signature drink).
 For main food : I saw all audience enjoyed the food and finished it, so maybe I think
this year’s food is a success haha. From the survey form, I saw a lot of people put
“food” as their favorite item in this event and promise to come back again. I hope the
next coordinator can choose the right menu for the main food to continue the

Division of Equipment
Before ICD 2018:
 Deliver all the equipment required by each division in the implementation of ICD 2018
 Provide a place for Exhibition and peak events (performance)
 Provide a joint training ground
 Provide a meeting place for the committee
 Next day of execution, check equipment and prepare all equipment
 At the time before the exhibition's execution, prepare all exhibition equipment

1. Exhibition
 Supervise and assist every division that needs help
 Prepare equipment for the next day
2. Performance
 Divide the members and determine the point of supervision in performance
After implementation:
 Return all items on the premises to be returned to the lending
 After the last day event, all items are transferred to central muses to be returned to
their place the next day
 Clean the venue after the event

 The number of members of the equipment is still minimal, this is because many
equipment members who become performances

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

 Of the number of members of the equipment division, active only a few persons, the
number is below 50%
 Unsuccessful borrowing of exhibition locations. This is due to losing quickly to borrow
 Lending locations for Joint exercises is still often miscommunication

Division of Fundarising
1. Fundraising division has job description as follows:
 Develop a proposal
 Prepare cooperation offer for partner
 Prepare collaborative collectors for rental of boot
 Preparing cooperation offering for media partners

2. Division Structure
Chairman of the Division: Irfandi Djailani
Supervisor: Hanas Subakti
Members: Ivan Putera Pratama, Luki Trihardani, Nurul Tazorah

3. List Sponsor, Media Partner, and client

Here are the list of sponsors, media partners, and clients who are willing to establish
cooperation with ICD 2018 events.
No Organization/ Company Sponsoring Format
1. Office of International NCU OIA is a party that regularly provides assistance every
Affair – NCU year. This year OIA helps NTD 50,000, -
2. This company provides assistance in the form of: 1 MIC
Nihaou Indonesia speaker Q7, portable mini juicer, 1 mini lipstick tongsis, 2
powerbank pokemon
3. Indomie Provide 700 packs of Indomie
4. The Company provides assistance in the form of:
- Mobile for NTD 6,000
- NTD 7,000
- 5pcs Polo T-Shirt from Telkomsel
5. Ministry of Tourism Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia provides assistance of NTD
Indonesia 50,000
6. Boot In this event there are 2 boots that are both filled by
traditional food vendors from several regions in Indonesia
7. This media helps the publication of the event three times on
its online media platform
8. Kantor Dagang dan NTD 15,000
Ekonomi Indonesia
9. Kartu AS NTD 2000 (if their card is activated on event day)

4. Progress Report
Preparation: In this ICD 2018 event, the fundraising division team functioning in
preparing offers, exploring potential donors, offering cooperation, doing technical
follow-up on communications and administration, and ensuring agreement goes
according to agreement.

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

Preparation of proposals: Proposals are prepared by keeping it simple but still consist
of all event information such as of available benefits for sponsors, media partners, or
client (i.e. tenant boot). The general structure of the composition of the proposal are;
information on the institution's profile and its management, explanation of activities,
bids for sponsors, clients and media partners, contact persons, and conclusion. The
proposal is compiled in two versions, Indonesian and English versions, as an effort to
expand the possibilities of funding sources, both from organizations and companies
from Indonesia as well as from abroad.
Strengthening the bargaining position: three months prior to the implementation of
the event, the fundraising team visited several potential sponsors, from that meeting the
fundraising team understood that the need to increase the bargaining power of the
institution to help others. The bargaining value is related to the higher the publication
of an event, the more sponsors will fund the event.
Based on these considerations, the funding team took the initiative to help the media
set up the website of the Indonesian Student Association in Taiwan (PPI NCU), writing a
press release which was then displayed in Indonesian online media such as jawapos.
Dissemination of proposals and follow up: After the proposal is completed in stacking
and translate, the division fundraising make the spread of proposals to various parties
followed by follow up. Among the potential sponsor contacted and the results can be
seen in the Results section.

5. Suggestions for future funding

1. The funding team should be strengthened with a team that is able to negotiate and
understand the ICD events correctly
2. ICD 2018 is only able to invite a few companies to open the boot, ICD expected future
able to improve this aspect

Division of Media and Publication

Publication and Documentation

No Job Description Photo Status

1 Post in Make publication in 100%

social media website, facebook, completed
Instagram, line

2 Teaser video Make videos to 100%

enliven ICD completed

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

3 Countdown Make simple poster 100%
poster for counting down completed
the event’s day

4 Event Poster Make the main 100%

poster for the event completed

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

5 Present in Had presentations 100%
classrooms in seminary and completed
classrooms to
promote ICD

6 Fixing Fixing website of 50%

website ICD for promoting completed
the event

7 Spread 2000 Spread flyers in 100%

flyers and foodstreet, completed
posters backdoor,
classrooms, etc

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

8 Frame in Make frame for 100%
social media profile picture completed

9 Collect all Collect photos for 100%

photos in a documentation. completed
drive You can see it in

10 Photobooth Make photobooth 100%

for the main day completed

11 Backdrop Make photobooth 100%

for the main day completed

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018


Activity Photo
Open gate and

Welcoming dance for

distinguished guests

Indonesian song from

Choir “Rayuan Pulau

Master of ceremony
start the event

Welcoming speech 1:
Head of Committee ICD

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

Welcoming speech 2:
Representative of
Indonesian Economic &
Trade Office

Welcoming Speech 3:
Dean of Office of
International Affairs of

Launching Indonesian
Tourism Generation
from Ministry of
Tourism of Indonesia

Delivering souvenirs for

distinguished guests

OIA symbolically start

the event

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

ICD 2018 Main
Performances: The
Legend of Toba Lake
- Bali traditional
dance: Barong &
Kecak dance
- Aceh traditional
dance: Melayu
- Batak traditional
dance: Tor-tor
Sigale-gale dance
- Kalimantan
traditional dance:
Dayak dance
- Javanese traditional
dance: Dolanan
- Choir performances:
Jaranan song and
Pacul song

Prize announcement
Group photo

Division of Security
Members of the Security Division consist of 6 Peoples
A. List of Members of the Security Division:

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

1. Satria Habiburrahman Fathul Hakim
2. Yan Amal Abdilah
3. Rizky Arief Shobirin
4. Wisnu Aditya
5. Aulia Syarief Aziz
6. Ahmad Zainollah

B. Job for security division:

1. Securing ICD tools and making ICD events successfully.
2. LO for participants and VIP and VVIP guests.
3. Conduct an event permit in OIA and the police station.
4. Checking the participants who brought the food before entering the main hall of
Grand Lecture Hall.
5. Directing participants to take seats to be conditioned neatly.
6. Assisting other divisions in need such as division of entangling.

C. What has been done when the event:

1. Securing ICD tools and making ICD events successfully.
2. LO for participants and VIP and VVIP guests.
3. Conduct an event permit in OIA and the police station.
4. Checking the participants who brought the food before entering the main hall of
Grand Lecture Hall.
5. Directing participants to take seats to be conditioned neatly.
6. Assisting other divisions in need such as division of entangling.
7. Assist the event team to print 150 sheets as VIP and VVIP seating marker.
8. Assist the consumption division of drinking water cartons.

D. Constraints:
1. Double work of the members which as a performance and also as a security division
makes the performance of this division is not running well.
2. The absence of HT communication media because it was used by other division to be
a constraint of security division in carrying out the task.

This report was made according to its original state, and we hope it can be used properly.

Zhongli, 6 April 2018


Riyan Benny Sukmara

Head of Committee
ICD 2018

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018


Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

Activity Report of Indonesian Cultural Days (ICD) 2018

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