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History of M.

A Food
MA food industry was established in 2011 in Pakistan. It is situated 5km from Arifwala road,
Sahiwal. It is a provide company. The owner of this company is Muhammad Majid, the self
driven and self devoted person, who started his business in South Africa 14 years ago by the
name of Galaxy biscuits. The company is not only fulfilling local requirement but also exporting
its products to the neighboring countries with a production capacity of 150 tons a day. After
successful operation in Africa, his passion took him to his homeland Pakistan to service his
nation and for that matter he set the foundation of “Bakers Land” with a spirit and fortitude.
Bakers Land endeavors to be a venue where endeavors to be a venue where consumers can really
enjoy the traditional taste quality and purity the products. It is a large distribution company. It
has around 178 distribution channels in which they have 20 sole distributer. The company has
around 25,000 to 35,000 retailers and wholesalers in different geographical locations. It has good
relationship with the retailers and wholesalers for their brand legality.


The establishment of an HR policy which sets out obligation, standards disciplinary procedures
is now the standard approach to meeting these obligations. HR policies provide frameworks with
in which consistent decisions are made and promote equity in the way in which people are

Step 1: Commit to hiring the best talent possible every time.
Step 2: Do not rush the employee selection process.
Step 3: Partner with stakeholder.
Step 4: Use a job benchmark with a valid pre-employment personality assessment.
Step 5: Use structured interviews.

Recruitment/ Hiring
The five steps involved in recruitment process are as follows.

 Recruitment planning
 Strategy Development
 Searching
 Screening
 Evaluation and Control

Recruitment Planning
The first steps involved in the recruitment process are planning. Here, planning involves to draft
a comprehensive job specification for the vacant positions, outlining its major and minor
responsibilities; the skill experience and qualification needed; grade and level of pay; starting of
dates; whether temporary or permanent; and mention of special condition, if any attached to the
job to be filled.

Strategy Development Advertisement

The strategic considerations to be considered may include issues like whether to prepare the
required candidates themselves or hire it from outside, what type of recruitment method to be
used, and what geographical area be considered for searching the candidates, which source of
recruitment to be practiced.

The step involves attracting job seekers to the organization. These are broadly two sources used
to attract candidates.
 Internal Sources
 External Sources

Though some view screening as the starting points of the selection we have considered it as an
integral part of recruitment.
The reason being only the selection process starts only after the application have been screened.

Evaluation and Control

Givens the considerable cost involved in the recruitment process, its evaluation and control is
therefore, imperative.
 Salary of recruiters.
 Cost of time spent for preparing job analysis, advertisement.
 Administrative expense.
 Cost of outsourcing or overtime while vacancies remain unfilled.
 Cost incurred remains in recruiting unsuitable candidates.

Human Resources Development

 Orienting and training employees.
 Designing and implementing management and organization development programs.
 Building effective teams with in the organizational structure.
 Designing systems for appraising the performance of individual employees.
 Assisting employees on developing plans.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation is the results or rewards that the employees receive in return for their work.
Compensation includes payment like bonuses, profit sharing, overtime pay, sales commission

 Designs and implements compensation and benefit systems for all employees.
 Ensures that compensation and benefit are fair and consistent.

Different Types of Compensation Include In Organization

 Base pay.
 Commissions.
 Overtime pay.
 Bonuses, Profit sharing, Merit pay.
 Stock options.
 Travel/Meal/Housing Allowance.
 Benefits including, dental, insurance, medical, Vacation, leaves, retirement, taxes.

Safety and Health

Investment in health and safety programs, including disability management, proactive health and
wellness programs, preventative measures, and a sound on-boarding and training program,
produces quantifiable bottom-line returns. By using health and safety to prevent loss-times
injuries and keep productivity at a premium, the organization is using health and safety programs
to help achieve overall goal and objectives. Not only can health and safety be a part of a
company’s overall success strategy, but it can also be used as a tool for talent retention. The
organization designs and implements programs to ensure employees health and safety. It
provides assistance to employees with personal problems that influence their work performance.

Employee and Labou Relations

The employees serve as an intermediary between the organization and its union. It designs
discipline and grievance handling systems.

Human Resource Impacts

Human resource impacts play an important role in an organization.

Research Limitations
Measurement of Islamic work ethics and organizational performance has been unidirectional,
gauged only on the basic of employee’s judgment. Inclusion of organizational and market data in
future studies will add to the value of outcome. Business organizations grudgingly provided
required information, in spite of personal connections and liaison, because of their organizational
policies, commitments and limited concern with the research. Lists of employees were not shared
with the researchers, which left only the option of convenient sampling. More reliable sampling
techniques are recommended for future research on the subject.

Practical Implications
Outcome of the study will provide useful guidelines to the business organizations by clarifying
whether business is a religion-neutral affair or not. It is also expected to provide a line of thought
for self-assessment and improvement. The concern of maximization of profit for a business
organization can be evolved to a win-win arrangement by the maximization of benefit for all
stakeholders. This is a logical and certain outcome once a business organization takes care of its
employees, society, environment and definitely, its shareholders.

Originality/ Value
A few studies exist on human resource management in Islamic. The role of the religion and its
contribution toward organizational performance has not been amply crystallized this just an
endeavor in hitherto less frequented direction.

Downsizing refers to the process of reducing the size workforce by terminating the employment
of employees. It is also referred as layoff. Downsizing is common in a recessionary situation
where downsizing helps to cut costs. Some companies also layoff a percentage of low performers
every year to maintain a competitive and efficient work force. Employees asked to exit are often
compensated by paying a fixed amount or a few months salary. Downsizing not only affects the
employees who have to exit the company, but also the remaining employees who may fear
themselves to be in a similar situation at a later time.