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Karen Mason
(828) 450-5903 Cell

Musical Theatre
Little Red Riding Hood Into the Woods 2015
Voice of the City Productions, directed by James King, performed at the Masonic Temple, Asheville

Beatrice/Flo The Mystery of Edwin Drood 2017

Directed by John Crawley, performed at Asheville School

Cousin Linda Fresh Preserves 2014-2016

Created and directed by Tom Godleski of Buncombe Turnpike, performed at various venues
including NC Stage and the Blue Ridge Parkway Folk Art Center

Nita Colette Collage 2019

Directed by John Crawley, performed at Asheville School

Anne Paige The Merry Wives of Windsor 2018
Directed by John Crawley, currently in rehearsal, to be performed at Asheville School, February,

Choral Experience
Asheville School Chorus Director, John Crawley 2016-2018
-Frequent soloist

Asheville Choral Society Director, Melodie Galloway 2014-2016

-Soloist for “Stage and Screen: Music Of Struggle and Triumph” concert
-Soloist for Yuletide Candlelight Concert

Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Of Asheville Chorus Director; Lenora Thom 2012-2014

Mars Hill Choral Festival Clinician/Director; Brad Holmes 2018 – 2019

North Carolina All–State Honors Chorus Clinician/Director; John Miller 2018

Additional Vocal Performance Experience

Asheville Music School Choral Performances;
Thanksgiving Service Director; John Crawley 2016 - 2018
Winter Candle Light Service Director; John Crawley 2016 - 2018
Solo Performance – Geistliches Weignlied – 2017
Marïa Wiegnlied - 2018
Spring Concert Director; John Crawley 2016 - 2019

Masterclass Performance at UNCA Medolie Galloway 2015

Care Partners Volunteer Performance Director/Performer; Simone Vigilante 2018
Solo Performance – L’abandonno, If Music Be the Food of Love

Asheville School Student Concert Director; John Crawley 2016 – 2018

Oh Mio Babino Caro 2016
Se tu Mami, So Spiri 2017
L’Abandonno, If Music Be the Food of Love 2018

Rock Ensemble (“Minor”) Director, Alec Fehl 2013 - 2018

-Performances at multiple venues, including Isis Music Hall, Asheville Music Hall, Downtown After
5 in Asheville, Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF) Downtown, Barnaroo in Leicester, NC, among others.

Voice: Ginger Haselden (5 years), Amy Rae Stupka (1 year), John Crawley (2 years), Simone
Vigilante (Current – 1 Year)
Piano: Ginger Haselden (4 years)
Language: French (5 years)
Dance: Ballet (3 years to present), Tap (2 years), Jazz (2 years), Hip-Hop (1 year), Modern
(2 years)

Workshops and Camps

Asheville Community Theater
Summer Broadway Boot Camp Asheville, NC 2015
Voice coach: Sarah Fowler Acting coach: Jerry Crouch

Summer Vocal Intensive Winston Salem, NC 2018