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The World Bank Tokyo Office Telephone: (03) 3597 6650
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan
Thursday, March 28, 2019

Dear People,

This tweet will show you how time is on our side in the Global Currency Reset to end the
corruption in the world's money. I am very happy to be able to write you this letter.
Every day, when I go out to walk the dog, at least three military planes fly low overhead,
streaking across the sky. In the evenings, the lights are many colored and flash around
the aircraft. Sometimes one or two helicopters fly along the road when I go out in my
This morning I saw that several people retweeted my reply to Cheryl Morece about
prosperity funds.

Morece's question is now buried in the middle of the comment section. Why? YouTube
was hoping that people would not click on the "View 4 replies" button, and that they
would miss my reply that there are no prosperity funds, and that the Banking Cartel's
shills Shelly Bolling and Hendo Henderson were trying to confuse you. The Banking
Cartel hopes for those people who know about the Global Currency Reset and can find
my reply, that we are going to fight when people realize the world's wealth is only being
used to wind down the Banking Cartel and clean up Fukushima.
To save people the trouble, I am going to give you my introduction to the video, and my
correspondence with Shelly Bolling and Hendo Henderson at the end of this Tweet.
First, I am going to talk about how time is on our side:
We are in reality. I am very real. I am telling you about reality. You can see
reality for yourself. There is no way to disprove what I am telling you, because
what I am telling you is real.

How is time on our side? Because the military powers of the world are on our side, and
they are keeping peace while we get rid of the corruption in the world's money and
figure out what is real and what is fake.

How do you know that what I am telling you is real? Because nobody stops me from
saying that Donald Trump is not the Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

This is what I said on July 31, 2018:

Donald Trump is an imposter and play actor. He is not the real President of the United
States, and he is not its Commander-in-Chief. I speak for a powerful coalition that was
started at the end of WWII to put the Bankers and the Black Nobility that are trying to
hide behind disinformation agents OUT OF BUSINESS. Donald Trump is not defending
himself, he is trying to leave his defense solely to disinformation agents. Donald Trump
can't defend himself, because Donald Trump is a bankrupt liar and imposter. Trump is
only backed by paper money, and Trump owes all of his properties and everything he
owns to me and to the Global Debt Facility after Trump was caught out in his lies. I am
backed by the US' gold reserves and world's assets in the Global Debt Facility. That is
why Donald Trump and the rest of the world's countries do not contradict me.

The link which I used last year for the teleprompter was:

but the Black Nobility took it down. The Black Nobility has to reveal itself to fight us.

I am going to answer a question about Fukushima, and respond to a sock puppet trying
to confuse you.

This morning I have to deposit a check in the World Bank's Federal Credit Union. I like
to make the Banking Cartel nervous by going to the World Bank's headquarters
building. For now, I am showing the Banking Cartel and Black Nobility's corruption
from the outside.

One of these days when we are ready, we are going to start distributing the world's gold
in our national currencies. We are not yet able to keep the gold from going missing
because the world's peoples are too confused to keep the money in our currencies.
When people ask why we aren't exchanging the Banking Cartel's fake paper money for
real currencies, it is because we are still too confused. Do something about it. Tell
people around you about reality.

Fukushima as set out in the letters to the Tokyo embassies." What is the
remediation for?

YouTube is hiding my response behind this View reply button (YouTube is

owned by Google, and Google was created by the CIA in an attempt to control
the flow of information--the CIA is headquartered in Switzerland and answers
to the Banking Cartel, not the United States)

Then, YouTube broke the links in my comment:

Karen Hudes 1 second ago
The accident at Fukushima is polluting the oceans with radiation. I devoted
two segments on DCTV to this problem. The teleprompters are at

and the videos are at:

The tsunami was blamed for flooding the reactors and causing the
explosions. But Stone presented compelling evidence that Israel destroyed
the Fukushima Daiichi plant by installing gun-type nuclear weapons in the
guise of security cameras, and then setting them off in the tsunami's

Brian Carman 10 hours ago

I have a question, but first, thank you for everything you're doing. My question will take just a
tiny bit of preface, but I'll try to make it quick. I follow Q-Anon, which is a group within
Military Intelligence who approached Trump and asked him to run for president in order to take
down the Deep State worldwide. There are some very reputable, high-level government agents
and intelligence agents who confirm that Q-Anon is real and one of them is the one who tells the
story of what I just told you (he's extremely credible with amazing credentials and is an awesome
whitehat who's actively exposing and taking down the Deep State). Before today, I figured that
Q-Anon was very likely working with you because you said you're working with the militaries of
the world to take down the central banks. But when you said Trump is fake and that you
bankrupted him, I immediately knew you weren't working with Q-Anon. Here's my question:
what information and/or experiences are you basing your opinion on that Donald Trump is a
fake? Thanks again for everything you do. Regardless of who you are or aren't working with, I
support what you're doing and appreciate it greatly.

Karen Hudes 1 second ago

Q-Anon is providing disinformation, and you are a sock puppet. I have called out Q-Anon many

If Donald Trump were the real Commander-in-Chief of the

United States armed forces, Trump would not have
allowed me to state repeatedly that he was not the
We are in a new reality now that a critical mass of people realizes what is actually
going on. The Black Nobility has a strong reaction to being exposed, and is finally
beginning to understand that this is only making things worse for them now that we
have reached critical mass.

We the people are in a coalition that also includes all of the military powers of the
world. We are now cleaning up the corruption in the world's paper money issued by
the central banks. This clean-up of the corruption in the world's money is called the
Global Currency Reset.

José Rizal put the vast wealth that used to be held by the Vatican on deposit for the
benefit of humanity in a trust called the Global Debt Facility. José Rizal's lawyer was
Ferdinand Marcos. Rizal and Marcos created the World Bank and IMF as a big world
cooperative to make sure the world's wealth wasn't stolen and went to the world's

That's where I come in. I figured out what Rizal and Marcos had done. I got a lot of
help to figure this out. When I say, a lot of help, I mean a lot of help. The world's
military powers, all of them, all of them, are making sure we stay the course so that
the world's wealth stays with the world's people.

This link shows you the letters I wrote in 2015 to all the countries for the Global
Currency Reset

There are already 63 comments. YouTube disabled the comments section for last
week's video after four days. The Banking Cartel is trying to create confusion, as you
can see from this response. This morning I have a cello lesson and will reply to other
comments later.

I am also attaching a Tweet, showing that my videos are being translated. That is the
good news. The bad news is that disinformation agents from the Banking Cartel whom
I have blocked are still spreading disinformation out over the internet.

We are going to work together to make sure that necessary controls will be in place
for the Global Currency Reset so that the Banking Cartel does not continue.

YouTube has hidden the following four replies, telling Cheryl Morece that there
are no prosperity funds. Hendo Henderson and Shelly Bolling, among others,
have been spreading this disinformation about prosperity funds for years. I am
including in this comment my advice to Bolling and Henderson that the Global
Debt Facility is going to be used to replace the paper currencies issued by the
Banking Cartel and also to prevent our oceans from being killed off with the
radioactivity from Fukushima. This is all that is approved. That is the only way
to wind down the Banking Cartel.

Sabwafare is a sock puppet. SBCGLOBAL is an agent of the Banking Cartel.

Subject: RE: Contempt of the People of the United States
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 20:50:02 -0500

Dear Shelley Bolling,

You are sadly mistaken. The statement "corpus for the entire world debt, humanitarian and Global Social
Development of Cultural Exchange and international commerce of posterity, can be exploited and
maximized for the good and benefit expressions of our founding traditions" is wholly without effect
because there is no legal signatory authority over the Collateral Accounts. The International Court of
Justice had entirely no jurisdiction over the res it purported to adjudicate. The Jesuits' theft has come to
naught. Your statement that there is a metals backed banking system is wholly without effect and mere

For the US Constitution to be reinstated, it is necessary to convene the Constitutional Convention under
Article V of the Constitution. How can it be otherwise when 49 state legislatures have demanded the
Constitutional Convention and the US Congress remains in contempt of the people of the United States?

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 16:55:36 -0600

Subject: Re: Constitutional Republic reinstated as of 11/04/13.



We are the people that submitted Omni-Law to the World Court in 1983, which is now International Law,
and are also the ones that designed the new metals backed banking system. It was our sequester
submitted March 1, 2013 to the US government, that is now in place as the budgetary authority per H.J.
Resolution 85, Section 101, b, 2 signed into law October 3, 2013.

If you will do your homework instead of sitting and waiting for us to prove ourselves to you, you will see
we are who we have always said we were. We now stand as the global authority for restoration of
humanity according to the Covenant of Salt as the true Hebrew Israelite heirs. To assist you with your
homework, I have attached the "Writ of Certiorari" that is now the budgetary authority for the US.
(Attached document is the typed version before signatures. Original document submitted to the US
government was signed.)


Shelley Bolling

On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 10:11 AM, Karen Hudes <> wrote:

Dear Shelley,

You have not provided any information. This lack of transparency throws your entire venture into


Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 08:19:11 -0600
Subject: Constitutional Republic reinstated as of 11/04/13.
To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 2goforth@safe-;;;;;;;;;;;

URGENT - YOUR ASSISTANCE NEEDED - Important information on how you can help in the process of
ARE HOPING YOU WON'T FIND OUT. Bottom link has instructions on how you can get involved.
This is an Awareness Blog to consider the future of your world. Actions are being done now to restore our
world. Watch and become AWARE! Send comments/news to 38 MILLION
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT NESARA LAW WAS ENACTED at 1:30 am Reno Time on 11/15/13 by Judge Roberts
of the Supreme Court. Multiple announcements to follow.
Knights, The Good Military and Thank You GOD.

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