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Resources Committee/
Solutions to address
Vulnerabilities/Issues Type of Hazards Expected Outcome Time Frame Needed/Source Person
of Funds Responsible

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS - knowledge and capacities to effectively anticipate, respond to, and recover from, the Impacts of likely, imminent or current hazard events or
Lack of knowledge and Conduct trainings and capacity Flood, typhoon,  Members of the BDRRMC trained on disaster Within 3 years Community,
capacities to effectively building activities on disaster fire, earthquake preparedness, response, and search and rescue 5 % BDRRMC
anticipate, and prepare preparedness, response and storm surge, etc. operations. Fund BDRRMC
for disasters search and rescue operations  Organized Emergency response team/units in the
barangay LGU/NGO
 Community assemblies conducted on DRR
Conduct of simulation exercises Simulations/Drills conducted quarterly of every year Within 3 years
or drills on various hazards; fire

Information dissemination and  IEC materials like leaflets, brochures and posters Within 3 years
campaigns on DRR preparedness distributed.
 DRR sessions/orientation conducted
Mobilization and activation of Barangay Emergency Response Committee activated Within 3 years
Barangay Emergency Response and mobilized
Lack of disaster Procurement and Acquisition of Flood, typhoon, Purchased and acquired disaster equipment for disaster Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
equipment for disaster Disaster Response and Rescue fire, earthquake response and rescue activities, supplies and inventories, Fund
response and rescue Equipment storm surge, etc. and construction and heavy equipment BDRRMC
activities, supplies and
inventories, and Acquisition of construction and LGU/NGO
construction and heavy heavy equipment
Acquisition of expendable items,
supplies and inventories
No Early warning system Formulate Early Warning System Flood, typhoon, Early Warning System (EWS) posted in conspicuous Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
(EWS) available (EWS) specific to a particular fire, earthquake places within the barangay Fund
hazard, eg. Flood, typhoon, storm surge, etc. BDRRMC
landslide, etc.
No contingency Plan for Conduct training on the Flood, typhoon, Contingency Plans formulated and reviewed yearly. Within 3 years Community,
different hazards development of contingency fire, earthquake
plans on various hazards storm surge, etc. BDRRMC
Lack of basic emergency Stockpiling of basic emergency  Contract signing with private establishments Within 3 years Community,
supplies needed in times supplies through MOA or MOU to purchase food and non-
of disasters food items. BDRRMC
 Stockpiled food and non-food items
Lack of safe and Construction of safe and Flood, typhoon, Safe and standard evacuation center constructed within Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
standard evacuation standard evacuation centers fire, earthquake the barangay. Fund
centers to accommodate storm surge, etc. BDRRMC
evacuees 20 %
development LGU/NGO
DISASTER PREVENTION - the outright avoidance of adverse impacts of hazards and related disasters.
DISASTER MITIGATION - the lessening or limitation of the adverse impacts of hazards and related disasters. Mitigation measures encompass engineering techniques and
hazard-resistant construction as well as improved environmental policies and public awareness.
No community risk Conduct of community risk Flood, typhoon, Community Risk assessment conducted and analyzed Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
profile or assessment assessment, vulnerability fire, earthquake reflecting high risk areas on various hazards Fund
available analysis storm surge, etc. BDRRMC

No available exposure Implement Community-Based Community-Based Monitoring System implemented Within 3 years Community,
data to implement Monitoring System
Community-Based BDRRMC
Monitoring System
Lack of Knowledge on Conduct of capacity building Capacity building activities conducted on disaster risk Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
disaster risk reduction activities on disaster risk reduction and management and Climate Change Fund
and climate change reduction and management and Adaptation BDRRMC
adaptation Climate Change Adaptation
Occurrence of health Coordinate with lined agencies to Biological Hazard Community members trained on health and disease Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
and disease outbreak conduct training and seminars on outbreaks. Fund
health and disease outbreak BDRRMC
Lack of policies or Formulation or adoption of local Flood, typhoon, Passage of Resolution/Ordinance adopting legislations Within 3 years Community,
legislations that support policies and legislations fire, earthquake that support DRRM and CCA/M
DRRM and CCA/M supporting DRRM and CCA/M storm surge, etc. BDRRMC
Absence of visible Conduct of symposium or Vehicular Symposium/orientation conducted on road safety Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
signage to accident orientation on Road Safety accident Fund
prone areas BDRRMC
Provide Caution and Prevention Caution and prevention signs instigated in accident
signs in accident prone areas prone areas LGU/NGO

Visible posters of hospital and Hospital and emergency response team directories
emergency response team visible in the barangay
Perennial flooding due to Construction of barangay Flood and Drainage system constructed Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
heavy rains and absence drainage system (specify purok, Typhoon Fund
of creeks or clogged type, coverage and target) BDRRMC
drainage system
Dredging/De-clogging/Repair of Dredged/declogged/repaired barangay drainage system Within 3 years Community,
existing barangay drainage
system BDRRMC

Denuded/diminished Implement tree/fruit/ mangrove Flood, landslide, Tree/fruit/mangrove planted in designated areas within Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
forest/mangroves, planting and growing activities storm surge and the barangay. Fund
“kaingin system” Typhoon BDRRMC

Houses located near the Ordinance prohibiting permanent Storm Surge Passage of Ordinance prohibiting permanent habitation Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
danger or buffer zones habitation within 40m; within 40m; No Build Zone within high risk areas Fund
within a coastal Ordinance on No build Zone BDRRMC
barangay within High Risk Areas
Relocation of families with Families with houses near high risk area relocated Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
houses located near high risk Fund
areas; lobbying to National lobbied to National Housing Authority for resettlement BDRRMC
Housing Authority for
resettlement LGU/NGO
Houses made of light Purchase and installation of fire Fire Installed fire hydrants systems/connection for fire Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
materials and located in hydrant systems fighting Fund
congested areas of the BDRRMC
DISASTER RECOVERY AND REHABILITATION - measures that ensure the ability of affected communities/areas to restore their normal level of functioning by rebuilding
livelihood and damaged infrastructures and increasing the communities' organizational capacity.
Damaged Construction and rehabilitation of Flood, landslide, Constructed, rehabilitated infrastructures, facilities and Community,
infrastructures, facilities damaged infrastructures, storm surge and evacuation centers damaged by disasters.
and evacuation centers facilities and evacuation centers Typhoon BDRRMC

Social, Economic and Provision of financial assistance Flood, landslide, Financial assistance and livelihood opportunities 5 % BDRRMC Community,
physical losses due to and livelihood opportunities for storm surge and provided for disaster survivors Fund
disaster disaster stricken areas. Typhoon BDRRMC

No available post- Conduct of Post Damage Flood, landslide, Post Damage assessment and needs analysis conducted Community,
disaster assessment data assessment and needs analysis storm surge and
Typhoon BDRRMC

DISASTER RESPONSE: QUICK RESPONSE FUND OR STAND-BY FUND - the provision of emergency services and public assistance during or immediately after a disaster in
order to save lives, reduce health impacts, ensure public safety and meet the basic subsistence needs of the people affected.
Affliction of disasters Convene coordination meetings Flood, landslide, Carefully planned, organized, monitored activities for an Within 3 years 5 % BDRRMC Community,
and organize activities storm surge and effective and efficient response to various disasters. Fund
Typhoon BDRRMC
Activation of Evacuation and Achieve zero casualty or at least reduced number of
Relief Distribution Centers casualties. LGU/NGO

Conduct Search and Rescue and

evacuation operation

Relief Operation ( Provision of

goods, medicines, hygiene and
sanitary kits and other basic

Continuous monitoring of Status

Provision of temporary shelter g.

Psychosocial Support
Services/Psychological First Aid