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MARCH 29, 2019

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Page 9
Focusing on a
healthy and
active lifestyle
Times Reporter
Me to We
The Strathmore Run Club will be pulling
some old programs out of the archives this
Page 13 spring to offer folks double the chances to
get in shape, learn to run, test their stamina
and to learn the benefits of a healthy and
active lifestyle.
The two programs, which haven’t been
offered by the Strathmore Run Club since
2017, will offer ample opportunities for in-
terested participants to have fun and get
Back by popular demand is the Off the
Provincial champs! Rails 5.2 kilometre (km) walk and run
on June 15 at the Strathmore agricultural
grounds. The free race is open for anyone
to join and registration for the event opens
April 15.
In the weeks leading up to Off the Rails,
the Strathmore Run Club will also be offer-
ing a free 10-week Learn to Run program
for those interested in learning to run for
the first time or those interested in getting
back into the sport
“The Learn to Run program is specifical-
ly for people who are just starting to run
or are returning,” said Diana Baird, club
president. “The idea is we start off very,
Offering IV Sedation
very slow and we use the walk-run meth-
Dr. Ashkan Hamzehi DDS
Dr. Arzy Kafrouny DDS
od. Week one we run for one minute and
Dr. Sharif Faizi DMD we walk for two minutes, and then we re-
General Practice Family Dentistry peat that each week and the repetitions
100 Ranch Market, Unit 105F decrease but the amount of time running
Strathmore, AB 403.934.5292 increases.” Baird said the program is designed for
participants to learn to run in a safe envi-
Look on Page 4 for ronment and that it starts off slow so that
Town of Strathmore every participant is at the same level and
they don’t exhaust themselves right away.
Municipal Notices
Several run club members will join the
Contact Us Today! learning runners, donning bunny ears for Storm battles at provincials
403.934.5589 encouragement, to answer questions and
to promote the number one rule of not
The Strathmore Storm Midget A team battled Beaumont during the round robin portion of the 2019 provincial championship on March 22 at the Strathmore Family Centre. The Storm hosted
passing the head “bunny” – a rule to ensure the best Midget A teams in Alberta from March 21-24. See Page 14 for more coverage. runners don’t go too fast and lose stamina.
Doug Taylor Photo
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104 - 3rd Avenue,
Strathmore $253,500 $354,700 $307,500 $679,900 $244,900 $164,400
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Authorized by the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta
March 29, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 3

Strathmore 7:30pm
musicians Closed

awarded March 29 - April 4, 2019

Young musicians from
Strathmore were pre-
sented with 21 awards The
and 12 nominations
at the Drumheller and
Kevin Hart,
District Music Festival’s final concert and awards presentations on March 22 at the Badlands Community Facility in Drumheller. A total of 24 vocal and 10 Bryan Cranston,
piano students from Strathmore participated in the 10-day festival, and the primary, junior and senior École Brentwood Elementary School choirs and the Nicole Kidman,
Encore and Finale Strathmore Children’s Choirs performed as well. Participants included Metaya Anderson (back, l-r), Janet Ying, David Klassen, Susanne Julianna Margulies,
Sevcik, Shelby Laycock, Rayanne Laycock, Brianna Hollingsworth, Danai Allan, Elizabeth Muller, Julian Wiley, Kamryn Humen (front, l-r), Connor Riou, Golshifteh Farahani
Parker Riou and Mason Miller (not in photo). The young musicians will go on to participate in the Alberta Music Festival Association’s Provincial Music
Festival, May 26-June 1, in Edmonton. All the Strathmore students who participated in the Drumheller Festival will also be participating in the inaugural PG
Strathmore Performing Arts Festival from March 29 to April 9. Photo Courtesy of Melissa Wiley
For Movie Listings call 403-934-3057
or go to

Commercial | Farms Industrial | Investment

Bob Sheddy C0-Owner/Commercial Broker 403-324-2222
Pints and politics
Wicked worms Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta leader, Derek Fildebrandt, hosted KaraLee Foat, MA Co-Owner/Broker
The Canadian comedy music group the Arrogant Worms performed at a pints and politics evening on March 22 at the Roadhouse Restaurant. 587-390-0596
Strathmore United Church on March 22 hosted by the Arts on 817. The former Strathmore-Brooks MLA is running for the new Chestermere-
Manny Everett Photo Strathmore riding in the upcoming provincial election.
Mario Prusina Photo

Wheatland Crossing students heading abroad

123 2nd Ave,
Strathmore, AB

ADELLE ELLIS the Golden Lane and the famous 15th century astronomical
Times Reporter clock at Market Square. Their third stop will be in in the only
major Polish city to escape devastation during the Second
Some Wheatland Crossing School students will gain a great-
er appreciation for different parts of the world as they embark
World War, Krakow, known for Wawel Cathedral, Wawel Hill, Strathmore
on an international trip to five different countries from April
19 to 30.
Glowny Square, St. Mary’s Church and most infamously the
concentration camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau. Denture Clinic
The 22 students from Grades 10 to 12, six chaperones and
Next, passing through Slovakia and the Tatra Mountains on Terry Grant Denturist
to Budapest, students will experience the Fisherman’s Bas-
several parents and grandparents will become immersed in tion, Parliament, Matthias Church and the Budapest Baths. 403.934.3877
five different languages and four different currencies during The last two days of the trip will be spent in Vienna with a
their 12-day trip to Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest and Vi- visit to the opera house Kärntnerstrasse, Ringstrasse and the • Complete / Partial Dentures
enna. Schönbrunn Palace, before making their way back home after
“This is a great location for students because of the history 12 packed days. • Same Day Relines & Repair
from the holocaust, particularly Berlin and Krakow. Prague, For most students, this will be their first taste at an interna- • Custom Mouthguards
Budapest and Vienna have such beautiful architecture and tional travel experience. Gerritsen said while some may feel
culture,” said Kathy Gerritsen, Grade 5 teacher at Wheatland out of their comfort zones, they can use the experience to • Custom Night Guards
Crossing School. Gerritsen has previously led Standard and feel more confident in their abilities after the trip and they • Natural Teeth Whitening
Wheatland Crossing high school students on five international can gain a broader cultural awareness of different parts of
student trips, the most recent being a service trip to Kenya last the world.
year with a small group of students. “I absolutely feel that it is so important to experience trav-
In the past, students had the opportunity to visit Italy, el,” she noted. “Travel is my passion; the more I can get im-
Greece, London, Paris, Barcelona and Kenya. mersed into the culture and experience the local lifestyle, the
Some of the outcomes from students participating in the more that I benefit from the trip.
self-funded trips are to “gain a greater understanding of glob- Gerritsen said she has found great success in the high
al cultures,” increase their confidence and independence in school trips and plans on continuing them every three years
themselves, and grow an appreciation for a different part of to give every high school student an opportunity to travel in-
the world, helping them to broaden their perspective of the ternationally. She also plans on offering a service learning trip 413 - 3rd St. Strathmore
world and exposure to other lifestyles and cultures. every three years as an option for students who would prefer
Students will start their trip in Berlin, where they will visit to experience travel on a service trip.
Checkpoint Charlie, the Topography of Terror Museum, the “One of the most exciting features of travelling is that the GET YOUR CLASSIFIED
Reichstag building and Brandenburg Gate. From there they world becomes your classroom,” said Gerritsen. “I know that ADS IN THE TIMES!
will make a pit stop in Dresden before continuing on to
Prague where they will see Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral,
the students will come back with a greater appreciation of the Call 403-934-5589
world around them and all the benefits that travelling entails.”

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

FREE $ 40
with the Purchase of INTERIOR VEHICLE
4 Tires $139.95 value! DETAILING!
With this coupon, expires April 2, 2019 With this coupon, expires April 2 2019
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Next Regular
Council Meeting:
April 3rd, 2019

Next Committee
of the Whole
April 10th, 2019

Campaign is open from

February 23 to
March 31 2019.
Individuals, families or
businesses can commit
for $250.
For a limited time, 100
Community Commitments
donors have the
– Wall of Fame
opportunity to create an is a permanent tribute
impact on the health and that will display the

100 donors.
wellness of the
For more information visit:

Campaign is open from

February 23 to
March 31 2019.
Individuals, families or
businesses can commit for $250.
For a limited time, 100
680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1 • 403-934-3133 • Office Hours: M - F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Community Commitments
donors have the
– Wall of Fame
March 29, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 5

PB Club
donates to
Handi Bus
The Carseland Public Ben-
efit Club donated $5,000
to the Strathmore Handi
Bus on Nov. 20, 2018. Lori
Christensen (l-r), Wayne
Herdman, Florence Vander
Velde, Norma Hanson and
Jason Wilson. Happy Gang donation to Handi Bus
Photo Courtesy of The Happy Gang donated $1,500 to the Strathmore Handi Bus on Nov.
Florence Vander Velde 20, 2018. The Strathmore Handi Bus was able to purchase a new van in
2018 with the help of the generous donations from various organizations

2019 budget and businesses. Arlene Wahl (l-r), Sue Trippe, Jason Wilson and Florence
Vander Velde. Photo Courtesy of Florence Vander Velde
MARTIN SHIELDS that suggest the Prime Minister is attempting to
Member of Parliament Bow River Riding cover up his attempted political interference in a
criminal prosecution.
On March 19, the Liberal government intro- The Liberals shut down the Justice Committee’s
duced their last budget before the next election. investigation into the SNC Lavalin affair, and the
As expected, the government broke their 2015 Prime Minister continues to refuse to fully waive
election promise to balance the budget this year. solicitor-client privilege and cabinet confidence.
The Prime Minister said in 2015 that his pledge We know that Jody Wilson-Raybould has more to
to balance the budget by this year was “set in say. We learned from media reports that former
stone.” We now know that was not true. This Minister Jane Philpott knows something about
year’s deficit alone will be $19.8 billion – that in- the scandal that she can’t share with the Cana-
creases every Canadian citizen’s share of federal dian public. It’s time for the Prime Minister to
debt to over $19,000. The total spending commit- give up his attempt at a cover-up and come clean.
ted to in the budget reaches $41 billion. This is Conservatives are using every tool at our dis-
yet more proof the Liberals simply do not care posal to hold the government to account for SNC
about our nation’s fiscal health. They are addict- Lavalin. We refuse to allow the Prime Minister
ed to spending your tax dollars at every turn. to continue to cover up his involvement in the
We can reach no other conclusion than that affair.
Justin Trudeau is trying to distract from the SNC I can be reached in Ottawa at martin.shields@
Lavalin scandal by ramping up spending dramati- My Brooks office can be reached at
cally – and this will be the most expensive cover- 403-793-6775 or,
up in Canadian history. The scandal has thrown and my Strathmore office at 403-361-2980 or
the Trudeau government into complete chaos. Please don’t hesi-
Every week, new revelations have come to light tate to contact me about any federal issue.


What has your government representative done for you?

To the Editor there before their time.
Like most people, I base my judgment on what peo- Anyone running for this position should be stating
ple do rather than what people say. what they are going to do for this area, rather than
It’s seems to me that whenever you’re reading feed- what the other parties are not doing. As a constitu-
back from your representative it’s more about what ent, I would ask that the candidates publish in our
another party is doing wrong in their eyes rather than local newspaper before election day for all to see your
talking about solutions to social issues. platform details on your parties’ environmental plan,
It’s easier to criticize than it is to lead, however these health care plan, education plan, job investment di-
representatives are being paid quite well to do actual versification plan, senior support plan, housing plan,
leading. According to the latest web search info, MLA infrastructure support plan. If you’re against the car-
salary compensation is $127,296 plus benefits and ex- bon tax, then where is the money coming from in
penses, and an MP salary $172,700 plus benefits and supporting industry-leading green technology devel-
expenses. And of course, pensions that typically don’t opment which is diversification, if you even have an
require a long service time when compared to indus- environmental plan?
try standards. Remember, as constituents these representatives
Given this is an election year for both positions, work for you, so don’t accept an answer that doesn’t
it’s a good time to review their accomplishments. So, address your concern, or you’re asked to vote for
what stands out or comes to your mind? them first and if they get to power, they will then let
Have they been personally transparent and account- you know the plan details. They say history is the best
able with your taxpayer’s money? way to predict the future, let that be your guide as it’s
Did they walk the talk, or did they just talk? your tax money and vote, and to you younger voters
Were they true to their beliefs you voted for or hyp- it’s your choice to influence your future.
ocritical? Dennis Bigras
What programs or changes to policy that their con- Wheatland County
stituents wanted to see are now in place that weren’t

In the March 22, 2019 edition of the Strathmore Times, the letter to the editor titled “Snow angels and FCSS”
was incorrectly signed. The author of the letter was Martin Van Bostelen.
We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

STRATHMORE Open House Sunday 12 - 2.
Kristina Bezic Financial Manager
March 31st. $489,900
Mario Prusina Publisher
Best priced Fully Finished
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Bungalow in an Estate Area!
Rose Hamrlik Advertising Jody Schneider Production Manager
80 Lakes
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Page 6 • Strathmore TIMES • March 29, 2019

“Dry eye” can be treated

ALBERTA ASSOCIATION OF OPTOMETRISTS tients try and treat the symptoms themselves, not
realizing that dry eye can be a real issue and that
As Albertans shake off the layers left behind from the bru- their optometrist can help by properly assessing
tal cold of winter, a new study reveals many are battling the the cause and providing the best course of treat-
symptoms of dry eye. ment.”
Stinging, gritty, scratchy and uncomfortable eyes are just The Alberta Association of Optometrists recent-
some of the signs that Alberta optometrists are encouraging ly commissioned a survey to dig deeper into the
people to be on the lookout for. issue of dry eye. The survey revealed that 90 per
“Many Albertans aren’t even aware that they are suffering cent of Albertans have experienced the symptoms
from an eye condition,” says Dr. Michelle Duke, an optom- which also include fluctuating vision, a burning
etrist at FYidoctors in Strathmore. “Often times we see pa- feeling or, most common among Albertans, the
feeling of something foreign in the eye (74 per
cent) and teary eyes (74 per cent).
Strathmore Legion Branch #10 NEWS “There are many factors that can cause dry eye
symptoms,” says Duke. “They can result from the
By Irene Knappe. For further information, please call the Legion at 403.934.5119 normal aging process, hormonal changes, expo- The Alberta Association of Optometrists recently commis-
• On March 22nd, the Chase the Ace Jackpot increased to $505.50!! See you all on sure to certain environmental conditions and ir- sioned a survey to dig deeper into the issue of dry eye. Above,
Friday the 29th at 6 pm. A reminder that we also have meat and 50/50 draws, and Pat’s Dr. Troy Brady, practicing optometrist and president of the
ritants, UV exposure or problems with normal
blinking. Medications such as antihistamines, oral Alberta Association of Optometrists, consults with a patient.
• On Saturday, April 6th, The Strathmore Musical Arts Society and Alberta Foundation
for the Arts, present NOVA SCOTIABLES KITCHEN PARTY. Doors open at 6 pm, dinner at contraceptives or antidepressants can also be a Photo Courtesy of Alberta Association of Optometrists
7 pm, music at 8 pm. All included in the price of the ticket: $35.00 per person! Tickets cause.”
are available at Assist Business Centre, Chinook Financial, Pro Water Systems and The In moderate to severe cases, dry eye symptoms Duke points out that these can, in some cases,
• Our next Executive Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 9th at 7 pm. can lead to blurred vision, light sensitivity or even make the situation worse. In fact, symptoms of
• PLEASE NOTE: The next General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, JUNE 25th, at periods of excess tearing in response to the dry- dry eye may be indicative of a larger issue such
7 pm. ness. They can also make contact lens wear more as an eyelid infection or disease, which would re-
• Saturday, April 20th, 2019, the Entertainment Committee has arranged for difficult due to the increased irritation. quire a proper diagnosis and treatment from an
LEGENDARY DUOS, performing hits from the most popular male/female duos of our
time: Meatloaf, Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton, Sonny/Cher, and
According to the new data, almost three in five optometrist.
many more! Showtime is 8 PM. Tickets: $25.00 per person, available at the bar. Albertans who have experienced dry eye symp- “I would encourage everyone to visit their op-
• SHOOT FOR THE TROOPS (darts) will be taking place on Saturday, May 4th, toms do not use anything to treat their dry eye. tometrist for dry eye symptoms, as we are your
and we are looking for silent auction donations. If you have something you would like Duke says this statistic is concerning, as when best line of defense against any underlying issues
to donate, please bring the item(s) to the Legion, with your name attached to it for
left untreated, dry eye symptoms can cause tissue that may be causing the problem,” she says. “Ap-
recognition of your donation to this wonderful cause for our Veterans! The last day for
donating will be Friday, May 3rd. I thank you in advance for your contribution(s). damage and scarring of the sensitive corneal tis- pointments to treat conditions like dry eye, an eye
• Steak and Lobster tickets are still available for the Sports Committee’s annual sues of the eye, leading to impaired vision. infection or sudden changes in vision are covered
dinner which will be held on May 11th at 6 pm. Steak and Lobster: $45.00. Steak only: While over-the-counter drops or lubricating eye by Alberta Health Care – the first step is to book
$20.00. Lobster only: $25.00. All the trimmings are included, and be sure to bring your treatments can temporarily mask the symptoms, an appointment.”
own lobster crackers. Those of you who don’t have one, I saw them at Sobey’s by their
lobster tank. From my experience, you will need one!

Learn to run with the Run Club

• Friday, May 24th, 2019, the Entertainment Committee presents: DUELING
PIANOS with BURN N MAHN. 8 PM show. It is an audience request show: you pick the
songs and they play them. Tickets: $25.00 per person, available at the bar. Tickets will
NOT be sold at the door!!!!
Continued from Page 1 in the program. There is no cost and
ALL YOU WILL BE DOING DURING THE COURSE OF YOUR DUTIES. Each week, every participant is encouraged to complete “We definitely want to promote gen-
two weekly runs on top of the weekend group run, to be eral health and wellness. We think it’s
sure they are capable to move on to the next level. By week awesome that we have the space here
nine of the program, runners will run for 10 minutes fol- and we can go run and be physically
Thought for
lowed by a one-minute walk. active; it’s good physically and mental-
the Week The tenth week of the program will be a five km race, ly, it gives a place where you’re not in-
~ which intentionally coincides with the Off the Rails race, giv- timidated,” she said.
Silence ing Learn to Run participants a local race to test out their Baird said she runs for health reasons
newly created running skills. to keep herself and her bones strong,
- can bring The Learn to Run program has been offered three times in and every runner has their own reason
peace the past, and Baird hopes to see at least 20 new runners join for running. Some benefits of running
include losing weight, as an aid in de-
- healing pression recovery, companionship and
- joy meeting new friends, learning how to
Festival tickets compete in marathons and finding a
- simpicity Day Pass - $5 running buddy.
Festival Pass - $15
Baird, who is the oldest runner in the
and truth Showcase concert group, claims a person is never too old
Individual - $5 to start and that as long as they are able
Family - $10
to walk for 30 consecutive minutes and
have no extreme health problems or
concerns, they would be able to join in
Musical Theatre: March 29-30 - Strathmore High School the Learn to Run program.
Concert Band: April 1 - Strathmore High School “It mainly comes down to your will-
Voice: April 2 - Strathmore united church ingness to learn something and you
Choir: April 3 - École Brentwood Elementary School need to stick with it. Running doesn’t
Sponsored by: Strathmore Lions Club happen in one week, you need to build
Piano: April 4-5 - strathmore united church slowly and this is something we real-
Sponsored by: Mary Mercer Memorial ly emphasize to the new runners,” said
Instrumental: April 5 - Strathmore United Church Baird, who added that running is a great
Sponsored by: Corbiell Electrical Ltd. sport to take up as the only equipment
Showcase Concert: Tuesday, April 9 at 7:00 pm
needed is a good pair of running shoes,
Strathmore Alliance Church
and it is a sport that can be done all
year long – whether outside or at the
new Sobeys Indoor Walking Track.
An information and registration night
Strathmore Lions Club Corporate Sponsors MEMORIAL
for the Learn to Run program will take
place on April 2 at 7 p.m. at Legends
Cheadle Lions Club
Restaurant. Interested participants can
get all the information they need and
can also sign a waiver form to join the
The Learn to Run program will start
on April 14 at 8:15 a.m. at Starbucks,
prior to the Strathmore Run Club start-
Patrons & Donors ing their runs at 9 a.m.
Lynne Fair Alberta Society of Music Festival Friends
For more information about the pro-
gram, join the Strathmore Run Club
The Muller Family The Steeves Family D. & K. Haughey
on Facebook or send an email to
March 29, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 7

Western Irrigation District Memories:

Muriel, Brian and Wayne McKinnon
JOHN GODSMAN Olds College studying agriculture, while Brian studied busi-
Times Contributor ness administration at SAIT. Both of them are now share-
holders in Kenwynn Farms.
The McKinnon family name originates in Tiree, a small Wayne is married to Allison, and they had three children,
island on the West Coast of Scotland, and in 1847, Donald but a son passed away in 2016 at age 18. Brian is married to Strathmore RCMP is
McKinnon arrived in Ontario. In 1887, grandson Lachlin Teri, and they have three children.
McKinnon boarded a CPR train at Priceville, Ont. and trav- investigating the Theft of a
During this time, flood irrigation was introduced to Ken-
elled west, where he obtained employment with General wynn land alongside the Bow River. This required the con- Travel Trailer that took place on
Strange of the Military Coloni- struction of contour ditches, with December 2, 2018.
zation Company (M.C.C.) which
was located just east of what is
tarpaulins to block off sections, The Trailer is described as a
like a dam. This method was pri-
now known as Carseland. marily used to irrigate hay crops White Travelaire Rustler with
One of the earliest family farm- and pasture but was very labour license plate Y91180 Alberta and
ing companies, Kenwynn Farms
Ltd., was formed in 1950, and
intensive. the decals on it appear faded.
In the early 1970s, the flood
after his father Don McKinnon system was replaced by high-
passed away in 1976, Keith McK- pressure centre pivot systems, If you have any information that
innon and his wife Muriel took resulting in substantial savings could help locate this Trailer,
over. Keith had attended school of both water and time. A centre
at Carseland through Grade 12, please contact
pivot system to irrigate a quarter-
followed by two years at both section is a quarter mile long and Strathmore RCMP.
Olds College and SAIT. Muriel at- can water 130 of 160 acres. In the File: 20181794883
tended Bryn Mawr, a local one- 1980s, to increase water efficien-
room school for seven years be- cy and be even more cost effec-
fore completing her education tive, the pivots were converted to
in Strathmore. She then studied high-pressure from low-pressure, 1-800-222-TIPS
education at the University of
Calgary before arriving in Carse-
and ran entirely on electricity.
Additional improvements have (1-800-222-8477)
land to teach Grades 3 and 4 for involved the use of precision ag-
two years. riculture, such as GPS, to further
The McKinnons were married increase efficiency on their farm.
on July 26, 1958 and their sons Wayne and Brian were born Wayne and Brian feel that with the Western Irrigation Dis-
in 1959 and 1962 respectively. They both attended elemen- trict renovating the canal system, and converting to pipelines
tary and grade school in Carseland and Strathmore; Wayne whenever possible, this will increase irrigation efficiency and
then attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton and provide better water management for future generations. 403-934-5552
120 - 2nd Avenue, Strathmore


Westmount School YOUR WEEKLY
Transitional Vocational Fair What do we have to offer? HEALTH ADVICE
★ Highly Effective Teachers ★ Specialized Phys. Ed. teacher
THURSDAY, APRIL 4TH ★ Opportunities for Critical and
Creative Thinking

Music for Grades K - 4
Hockey Program - Grades 5 - 6
5-7 P.M. ★ Literacy & Numeracy Support
○ Emerging Readers (Grades 1 &
★ Career and Technology
Foundations for Grades 5 - 6
Gord Morck
CHS NORTH GYM 2) ★ Collaborative Drama Production
○ Early Literacy (Grades 1 & 2) where EVERYONE is involved! Capsule Comments
The CHS Learning Support team is inviting families with children who have special ○ Literacy Success (Grades 2 - 4)★ Do It Yourself Club/Makerspace
needs and/or learning challenges to discover resources that are available to them ○ Early Numeracy (Grades 1 & 2) ★ Sign Language Club The blue light waves emitted from our phones
both in Calgary and the surrounding areas. ○ Trained Support Staff ★ Connections to Indigenous Culture and tablets can interfere with one’s body clock and
★ Student Leadership Opportunities ★ Run, Basketball and Volleyball can disrupt sleep patterns. The blue light tells your
Representatives from many programs/agencies will be available to provide information regarding ★ Access to Technology Clubs brain that it’s not ready to sleep yet. Giving your
resources that are available for school aged children as well as students transitioning from the
high school setting. There will also be two, 30 minute information sessions on PDD, AISH and
★ And more... eyes a “screen rest” especially in the evening before
Guardianship for interested families, and Investors Group will host a financial literacy session. bedtime can result in a better sleep.
Call our office (403) 934-3041 for a personalized tour! Speaking of light waves, tanning beds are not as
If you have further questions please contact the school at 403-272-8868. #collaborative #passtionatelearners #thinkingculture #inclusive #community popular as they once were. Recent surveys of young
people found that fewer of them are engaging in
this activity. Exposing the skin to tanning rays can
damage the skin since tanning is the skin’s response
STRATHMORE to damaged skin. Many do this to get a “base tan”
which they think will protect them against sunburn.
LIONS CLUB This is fake news.
INVITATION TO April is National Oral Health Month in Canada.
THE Poor oral heath can affect a people’s quality of life
and as well as their physical, mental and social

M UNI TY well-being. Everything that happens in your mouth

C O M affects your whole body. This is why it’s important

to have regular dental checkups to help prevent

small problems from becoming big ones.

Cancer deaths have dropped 26% since 1991. This

is due to less people smoking, early detection and

new treatment methods, many based on a person’s
genetics. About 1 in 2 Canadians will develop
UNDRA T COM cancer in their lifetimes and 1 in 4 will die of the
disease. But progress is definitely being made and
DONAT survival rates for many cancers are increasing.
A p ri l 6 , 2 0 19 Canadians are better off than Americans with our
St ra th m or e Ci vi universal health care so you don’t have to be rich to
c Ce nt re receive cancer treatment.
Di nn er 6p m ; A uc
En ter ta inm en t:
tio n 7p m Hours:
Co wb oy Po et &
Do c Me hl
En ter ta ine r
M-F: 9 - 7 pm • Sat: 9 - 6 pm
Em ce e: Gr ay do
n Pe as e Sun & Holidays: 11 - 5 pm
Au cti on ee r: Ke
n Jo rd on Contact: Strathmore 132 - 2nd Ave. Strathmore
Tickets: $35
Dinner (Prime Rib & Chicken) Ph: 403-934-3122
prepared by Tim Drover
strathmore-lions-community- Fx: 403-934-6474
Silent & Live Auction auction-tickets-58650716873
Get the latest new products, special
Entertainment savings, contests and more sent directly
Cash Prizes to your email. Sign up today for the
Value Drug Mart E-letter.
All proceeds from this event will be in support of
community initiatives and special projects
Page 8 • Strathmore TIMES • March 29, 2019



Community Features
33 acres of water features with
16.5-acre recrea�onal lake

Between two golf courses, easy

pathway access to connec�ng

3.5-acre recrea�onal island with
parking for community members
and guests

Large grass park area featuring

picnic and play areas with
washrooms and change rooms

Wraparound island beach

Homes From Low $400k's April 6, 2019 12-4pm

60% of Phase 1
Already Sold Out!
Event Highlights

Where You Can Find Us Draw for 30min Helicopter Ride

Draw for 2 Tickets to a 2019 Flames Playoff Game
Join us for a barbeque and refreshments
New Home Tours
March 29, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 9

Cattle farming
for 75 years
The Don Fraser family from Hus-
sar were honoured for 75 years
of continuously raising hereford
cattle, at their bull sale in Brooks
on March 18. Nyle Stromsmoe,
Canadian Hereford Director (l-
r), Kay Fraser, Don Fraser, Tom
Fraser and Geoff Fraser.
Photo Courtesy of Kay Fraser

Me to We club members are currently organizing their annual benefit concert and silent auction to raise
money to send a Ugandan student to school.
Photo Courtesy of Christine Magill

Literally moving Learning farm

Westmount Elementary School

from “me” to “we”

held farm safety classes for stu-
dents from March 25-27. The pro-
gram is geared towards teaching
students the dangers that can be
on a farm and how to properly rec-
REANNA THIESSEN things we’ve been doing for the last ognize and act safely around them.
Strathmore High School three years is working with Wheatland
Miriam Ostermann Photo
Lodge. Once a month we play bingo
For whatever reason I have just al- with the seniors. When we first started
ways loved to help. Any task, anytime, going, some seniors talked about hear-
anywhere; I look forward to rolling up
my sleeves and pitching in. So, when I
ing negative stereotypes about teenag-
ers. The interaction with our students A big thank you to the
joined Me to We, I knew I had found really changed their perception and businesses and individuals who
the perfect fit. they realized how wonderful and car- donated to the
The club started in 2010 after teacher ing our students really are.”
Christine Magill organized a group of 21 The club also volunteers for various I Love My Strathmore Library
students for a volunteer trip to Kenya.
The students were so moved by what
local events that occur around town,
including We Scare Hunger in the fall,
Community Silent Auction
they saw there that they wanted to start an event that organizes students to go
a club at Strathmore High School (SHS) door to door on Halloween for food Special th
to encourage more student involve- bank donations. ank you
to Natalie
ment both globally and locally. The Me to We program run through All About Nails Inc. Dannatt
In the last nine years, Me to We has Angela Hitch for making
We Charity focuses on using a collab- it all
done six volunteer trips to Kenya, Costa orative method when it comes to help- Ask Arlene Taxes happen.
Rica and Nicaragua, and it is about to ing out rather than a top down method. Assist Business Centre Magnet Signs
embark on its seventh trip this April to Becky Stone Yoga Mike Hira -
They believe that by working with com-
Ecuador. Participants have built a class- Blink & Glow Core Ag Inputs
munities it will provide longer lasting
room in Kenya, sponsored a student to Braeside Barber Shop Miranda & Marvin Sutherland
results instead of just a temporary fix. Brittany Coates RMT O.K. Tire
attend high school and are in the pro- This partnership allows students to feel Caleigh Haworth P.H.D. Automotive & Transmission
cess of sponsoring a second student more connected and knowledgeable Calgary & Area RE/MAX Agents Pam Metzger-Savoie
from Uganda named Felista. about real life issues. Carmen Wilson - Young Living Essential Oils Peaceful Pastures
Magill met Felista in her travels be- Strathmore High School’s motto, Clara Lehmann Pet Planet - Strathmore
fore the sponsorship and students are Empowering Connected, Caring, Ac- Councillor, Denise Peterson Pooh Busters
now able to communicate with her and complished Citizens, is one that Magill Councillor, Lorraine Bauer Renaissance European Bakery
see her progress in school. This has believes the Me to We club hits on per- Custome Hand Crafted Furniture Sammich Sycles
created a more meaningful connec- fectly. Debbie Enslen Strathmore Ford
tion and gives a greater purpose to the “We are very much about being con- Diane Lewald - Leasa Renae Salons Strathmore Pawn & Collectibles
club’s efforts. nected to both the local and the global Enlightened Soles Strathmore Times
Without sponsorship Felista would community, and trying to build connec- Envious Renovations Studio 86 Tanning Strathmore
not be able to attend high school as tions with organizations and people Henderson Renovations Superior’s Quality Cleaning
her family is extremely poor. To be able Holy Kraut T&A Electrical Services
outside of the school along with con-
to send Felista to school for those four Horse Bitz Tack Shop Tami Bowers - Stylz Salon & Spa
nections between students who may
years, the Me to We club has set a goal Humptys Family Restaurant - Strathmore Tasty Candy & Ice Cream
not normally spend time together. The Inspire - Nails by Wendy Taura Fox Walker - Epicure
of raising $3,000. To achieve this goal, process for the students to become
the students have been holding bake Jennifer Eckenswiller The Garden Cannabis Co.
these connected, caring, accomplished - Just Sugar Body Sugaring The Roadhouse Restaurant
sales and coin drives, and are currently citizens is one that takes time and ef- Jennifer McEachern - Nail Perfection
organizing their annual benefit concert fort, but the rewards far outweigh the Studio
and silent auction. The concert has an effort.” Kevin Hicks
exciting lineup of talent all set to per- If people would like to support Me Linda Pekrul From
the S l of us at
form April 10 at 6 p.m. in the theatre. to We, they can plan to attend the ben- Lindsay Desmarais
The Me to We club focuses not only efit concert (admission by donation), Lyndsay Helfrich trath
on international involvement, but also volunteer to perform or donate auction - Hellion Natural Body Products Muni more
Libra al
on local involvement. Magill explains, items for this important event. For more Macaila LeBlanc - Scentsy
“We try to look for opportunities that Macaroni Kid Strathmore -Wheatland
students have an interest in. One of the
information, contact Christine Magill at ry

Our office is located at
122 2nd Ave. Strathmore, AB
Fax: 403-934-4800
Nancy Stairs Steve Farran Alisa Wurz Ashley Newbon
(403) 934-1625 (403) 901-9335 (403) 934-7903
Unlicened Assistant
(403) 934-3900
Residential • Acreage • Commercial
32+17+2 yrs of Award Winning Experience Visit our Website to find your DREAM HOME @
Page 10 • Strathmore TIMES • March 29, 2019

Public Hearings
Wheatland County will consider the following applications for Public Hearing at regularly scheduled
Council meetings. Public hearings begin at 9 a.m. and proceed until all applications have been heard.
□ April 2nd, 2019
Bylaw #: 2018-38
Legal Description: County-Wide; Cannabis Production Facilities Amendment
Proposal: Am end Land Use Bylaw 2016 -01 to update Industrial General and Intensive Industrial Districts, Specific Use Regula-
tions Section 8.14, and Definitions regarding Cannabis Production Facilities.
Bylaw #: 2018-36
Legal Description: Calgary M etropolitan Region Board (CM R B) plans
Proposal: Am end Land Use Bylaw 2016 -01 to insert the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board Interim Regional Evaluation Frame-
work and Growth Plan.
Bylaw #:2018-40
Legal Description: Calgary M etropolitan R egion Board (CM R B) plans
Proposal: Am end the M unicipal Developm ent Plan 2013 -18 to insert the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board Interim Regional
Evaluation Framework and Growth Plan.
Bylaw #:2019-09
Legal Description: County-Wide, Parks & Recreation District amendment
Proposal: Am end the Land Use Bylaw 2016 -01 to include the Community of Speargrass in the reference to “Hamlet”.
Bylaw #:2019-06
Legal Description: County-Wide
Proposal: For the purpose of establishing and operating a fire service, authorizing the prevention and control of fires
and authorizing the imposition and recovery of related fees, expenses, and charges.
□ April 16th, 2019
Bylaw #: 2019-11
Legal Description: W est Highw ay 1 Area Structure Plan; South of Highw ay 1
Proposal: Am end the W est Highw ay 1 Area Structure Plan Bylaw N o. 2006 -05 (WH1ASP), to include Primary Commercial
as a use within the Origins Business Park Area, to add Map B outlining the Origins Business Park Area, and to make additional
amendments to make the whole of the WH1ASP consistent with the aforementioned additions.
Comments may be forwarded in writing to Wheatland County or in person at the above meeting. The application files may be reviewed in the County Office
during regular office hours – Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Any comments provided will become part of the public record in accordance with Section
40 (1) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act. Any personal information on submissions made regarding applications is collected
under the authority of the FOIP Act Section 33 (c) and subsequent versions of the Act.

Career Opportunities
Did you know?
Submit your resume online through our website or email to We now list Planning and Development More detailed job descriptions can
be found on the careers page of our website. permits and Public Hearing information
Manager of Planning and Safety
Codes Services
Economic Development Officer
Closes April 3, 2019 at 4 p.m. on our website! You can find this
Closes April 3, 2019 at 4 p.m. Please Quote Job #P19-13
Please Quote Job #P19-14
“The Economic Development Officer information on the new Permit Decisions
“The Manager of Planning and Safe- supports economic growth by at-
ty Codes Services is accountable and
responsible for all aspects of current
tracting new businesses and promot-
ing the expansion of existing busi- and Public Hearings page.
planning, long range planning, and nesses in Wheatland County…”
building and safety codes…”

Upcoming Meetings and Closures

April 2
Council Meeting at 9 a.m.
April 9
Municipal Planning Commission at 9 a.m.
April 16
Council Meeting at 9 a.m.
Agenda packages and minutes are
available on the website on the
Agendas and Minutes page.

Address: 242006 Range Rd 243 Phone: 403-934-3321 Mail: Hwy 1 RR 1, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1J6 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
March 29, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 11

Rosebud students perform piece

of little-known Canadian history
LAUREEN F. GUENTHER makes you eager to get on with living and to taste
Times Contributor all it has to offer.
A young woman named Beatrice, played by Re-
Rosebud School of the Arts students will tell a nee Cyr, tells the audience her story. “You hear
nearly-forgotten part of Canada’s history when about her longing for a returning soldier who she
they perform the play Unity (1918), opening April wants to marry, and her hopes for the future.”
5 on the BMO Studio Cissy, Beatrice’s reck-
Stage in Rosebud. less, impassioned sister,
Unity (1918), by Cana- is played by Holly Lang-
dian playwright Kevin
Kerr, is a story of what
mead. Hart, a blind re- Helping hockey
turning soldier, is played

might have happened in Renaissance Bakery held a bake sale at the Strathmore Family Centre and
by Chris Friesen. Rachel housed a silent auction at their location over the weekend, to raise money
the real Saskatchewan Franson plays Sunna, a in support of the Strathmore Minor Hockey Association, which had it’s ATM
town of Unity, when young woman who takes machine stolen on Dec. 25. Matthew Solda (l-r) and Chelsey Tellier.
the Spanish Flu arrived over the undertaker du- Miriam Ostermann Photo
in November 1918. The
(1918) ties after her uncle dies.
disease took more lives
in four weeks than the
The other community
members, whom we’ll OPEN HOUSES
First World War had tak- “really come to care
en in all four years. And a play by about,” are played by the
the flu targeted young Kevin Kerr other students of Rose-
people first. directed by bud School of the Arts’
“This play is a fiction- Jeany Van Meltebeke
second-year class, who
al take on what some of At the end of WWI an influenza are also building the set,
those young people may pandemic swept the planet, and arranging props,
have been like when and Unity, Saskatchewan
was no exception. costumes and lights.
they were just on the “(Playwright) Kevin
cusp of adulthood and SATURDAY MARCH 30 SATURDAY MARCH 30
Kerr has such a great 2:30-4:30
ready to taste their aspi- 12:00-2:00
love for people and his
rations of their purpose #204-7 Crystal Ridge Cove D-129 Sixth Ave.
April 4–27 • Thurs–Sat @ 4:30 pm characters, while never
in life, their connection $169,900! C4226452 $159,900! C4223480
BMO Studio Stage in Rosebud, AB letting it get too senti-
to others, both at large mental,” Van Meltebeke
Reduced- Motivated Seller! Modern 2 bedroom condo with
in the community,” said said. “So as soon as it Beautiful renovated 2 bedroom many quality features! Open
director Jeany Van Melt- starts to get too sweet or Condo! Owner says sell come concept with 6 applicances and
ebeke. too resolved, it’s like he view for yourself! Why Rent off street parking! Affordable
“There is the grief of pulls the rug out from living, be an owner not a renter!
when you can own!
the loss of friend and fi- under it and something
ancé and spouse, and a community that is grap- odd, awful or funny happens.”
pling with… the germs coming. Nobody quite Unity (1918) is a full-length, two-act play with Ashlee Samaska La Shaun Andrews
knew how it was carried. Does it get carried on intermission. It opens April 5 and runs Thursdays 403-990-4962 403-850-4593
the wind? Is it the soldiers coming home? Is it the to Saturdays at 4:30 p.m. (except Good Friday) Ashlee@ Lashaun@
until April 27. For tickets, go to rosebudschooloft-
“Eventually it’s mandated that everybody has to and click on the link for the Rosebud
wear a mask,” she said. “You can’t touch, you can’t Theatre box office. To purchase a theatre-and-din- The Mother
spit, you can’t kiss. And yet here are these people ner combination ticket, call 1-800-267-7553. Daughter team
longing for intimacy and connection.” that Treats you
“For a play set 100 years ago, it’s uncomfortably
Yet in all of the fear and loss, she said, the play and refreshingly relevant.” like Family!

Growing Families Society Life and

v a l
for East Rural Counties

4th Annual
C a r n i Death

Matters: A

m i l
Fa undrai se r History of
the Hospice

&F Friday,
April 12, 2019
Dr. Alison Murray, B.Sc, MD, MPH
$25/Family or $10/Person Clinical Assistant Professor
at the University of Calgary,
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Pancake Supper (by Cheadle Lions) Strathmore
Palliative Care
Online Auction • Photo Booth
Civic Centre
Carnival Games • Kidz Kanteen
Family Photo Opportunity
Raffle • Spin 2 Win Prizes

Pre-Purchase Tickets
April 11 • 7pm
for cash only at LIL HOOTS, Strathmore High School
103, 307 - 3 Ave, Strathmore
Credit or Debit – Strathmore FCSS Auditorium
Tickets Available at the Door (Cash Only) No Charge admission
For further information contact
Margo 403-934-8548 or Followed by Discussion

Online Auction:

Bidding Opens April 1st – Closes at 7:00 pm Event Night
Page 12 • Strathmore TIMES • March 29, 2019

Strathmore Foothills AIM Society Presents

2nd annual

Cowboy Up Casino
fun Money Casino Fundraiser
Where: Strathmore Civic Centre (120 Brent Blvd)
When: March 30, 2019
Time: 5:30pm - 11PM

$50,000 IN FUN MONEY

For ticke
ts, call
or email
  Bev Rop
pel For he’s a jolly good fellow
$65 403-934
-4888 ex o
t. 222 Frank Patterson was awarded with the Melvin Jones Fellow award for his continued 56 years of service
239B 3rd r pickup with the Rosebud Lions Club, at the Wheatland Lodge on March 22. The award, named after the Lions
Ave, Stra at
thmore, Club International founder, Melvin Fellow, is given to outstanding Lions members for what they do, both
Mon-Fri AB
9am-4pm in their club and in their communities. Tyler Bray, district governor presented Patterson with the award.
  Adelle Ellis Photo
Thank you to our sponsors!
Arrest in armed robbery
Times Editor Police were called to the HI HO on
Park Lane Drive on March 20 at about
A Strathmore man was arrested after 4 p.m. after a man entered the store
an armed robbery at the HI HO Gas brandishing a short-barreled shotgun
and Convenience store. and demanding money. The man fled
Joshua Stuart Munro, 18, is charged the store after obtaining an undis-
with 11 offences related to the inci- closed amount of cash.
dent, including robbery and theft, nu-
www. merous firearms offences and failing
Munro remains in custody pending a
judicial interim release hearing sched-
to comply with previous release con- uled for April 2.

We will take you where you need to go!

Charter Buses

JR’sTransporation Services
Now Serving Strathmore and Area
Whether it is Hockey, Baseball or a Lacrosse team, we can help get your team and gear to the game.
Have a group of friends wanting to go to the mountains for a day of golf or skiing? We do that too.
Weddings and all that goes with it - we have you covered.
Scouts, Church and School Trips, Daycare & Senior Groups - we can do it all.
Call us to see how we can help your group get out for less than you think!

403-680-7415 |
realestatereps 403.934.3334 Michelle


MARCH 29, 2019


The Wheatland Warriors went undefeated in the round robin portion of the Bantam AA provincial championship tournament en route to a gold medal on March 24 in Calgary. Mario Prusina Photos

Warriors take provincial championship

MARIO PRUSINA game of the tournament all the way berth in the gold medal game with a team dispatched the West Central Ti-
Times Editor through until the end, (we) came to 3-0 record going into the contest, the gers in two games in the league cham-
work. It was commanding all the way game was a good dress rehearsal for pionship to win a berth in the provin-
Despite having a bullseye on their through, so we stuck to our game plan, the championship game the following cial championship.
back from the start of the season, and that’s exactly what we wanted to day. In fitting fashion, the game ended Overall, including the regular sea-
the Wheatland Warriors capped off a see. I’m real proud of the boys. in a 4-4 draw, setting the table for the son, playoffs and provincials, the War-
fantastic campaign with a provincial “When you see them keep pushing gold medal game. riors posted an astonishing 47-4-2 re-
championship on March 24 in Calgary. and pushing and pushing – don’t take In the final, the Warriors carried a cord. According to Brown, having the
After winning the SCAHL champion- no for an answer, it’s really surreal to 2-0 lead into the third period, before bullseye on their back was a motivat-
ship earlier this month, the local dou- see a group like that, especially kids exchanging goals en route to a 3-1 win. ing factor.
ble-A bantam team claimed the 2019 13-14 (years old) that really want it “I think we really came out to play “It was good – being one of those
Bantam AA Provincial Championship that bad.” this weekend and we didn’t stop once teams that everyone was gunning for,
by going 3-0-1 in the round robin por- The Warriors opened the tournament we got ahead,” said Captain Tate Yule. that helped us a lot,” said Brown. “You
tion of the tournament en route to the with a 3-0 win over the CNHA Kings “That’s what really brought us here … have to show up every day, it doesn’t
gold medal win. on March 21 before defeating the Sher- you have to bear down and work hard. matter who you are playing, and the
“The boys came to play – we knew wood Park Leafs 6-3 and the Calgary We battled every game and we didn’t boys realized that. It takes a lot, like I
we had a tenacious team and that’s Wranglers 2-1 the following day. let them have a sniff.” said, being 13-14, to be mature enough
kind of what we’ve thrived on all year,” The Warriors closed out the round The Warriors finished the regu- to realize you have to come to work
said Warriors head coach Cody Brown. robin portion of the tournament lar season with 36-4-1 record before every day – it doesn’t matter where we
“We outwork (teams) and try and work against the Lakeland Panthers on sweeping the south championship sit in the standings, so that was great
them out of the rink. From the first March 23. With both teams earning a tournament with a 5-0 record. The to see.”

VISIT @therepsgroup
ON: @theREPsGroup
For Real Estate Tips, Local
Michelle Hayley Christa Carey
Events, Home Tours, 587-316-2000
Eldjarnson Poirier Aleman Rose Local Market Stats & More. Each Office Independently Owned & Operated
Page 14 • Strathmore TIMES • March 29, 2019

Strathmore High School Storm battle

REGISTRATION in league final

The Strathmore Storm
Novice Tier 1 team battled
Drumheller in Game 2 of

Grade Nine
the league champion-
ship on March 22 at the
Strathmore Family Centre.

Despite being swept in
the two games, it was a
successful season for the


Doug Taylor Photos

on Thursday, April 4 • 7 pm
Strathmore High School would like to invite all Grade Nine parents
and students to attend this informative evening.
A special invitation is extended to students who are not presently
attending Crowther Memorial Junior High and who may be
interested in attending Strathmore High School in September.
Information will be presented about Grade 10 courses, the
Advanced Placement Program, Honours Program and all or our
option classes and the registration process for 2019-2020. There
will be intractive displays, performancs and many oppotunities for
hand-on activities that highlight the amazing learning oppportunites
at SHS. Make sure your child has a great year by coming and
learning about all SHS has to offer.
For more information contact
Ms. Harris or
Mrs. Galandy at
Storm host provincials
The Strathmore Storm Midget A team hosted the 2019 Provincial Championship from March 21-24 at
the Strathmore Family Centre. Despite not picking up a win at the provincial tournament, it was a great
experience for the team.
Doug Taylor Photos

on 2019 Carpet
Flooring Roll Ends
22-April 19
Range Flaman offers a solid dealer network with over
20 years of rental experience. When you become
The Flaman name is held in a very high regard
in the agricultural industry across the Prairie

12’x8’ an authorized Flaman Rental Dealer, you provinces. Not only will you get the benefits

Starting become part of a family and we take care of you that come along with being associated with a

to 12’x17’
in the same way. company known for excellent service, products
and innovative thinking, you will also benefit
from $3.89 • Flaman Rental Representative support
- here for anything at anytime with the
from the following perks:

per sq. ft.

experience to answer any questions you may • Up to 33% off on rental equipment and 15%

Hurry in have. Your Rep will handle any problems or

conflicts that may arise

off on all parts
Advertising support (including signs,

for Best • Dealer Network: with over 70 dealer

locations in Western Canada support is easy
to find
business cards, flyers, rental contracts and a
annual advertisment allowance)

Selection • Dealers work hand in hand whether it’s for

• Superior equipment: Flaman is involved
with some of the best manufacturers in the

50% off!
solving problems or maximizing equipment business. As a rental dealer you will be
use getting the absolute best when buying
from Flaman
• Volume bonus based on total rental dollars

Up to
given back to our dealers in the form of cold
hard cash
• Asset based investment

Starting at $50 and up

• Tried and true system - all of the “bugs”
are already worked out!

42A Spruce Park Drive, Strathmore, Alberta | 403-934-4954 Interested? Contact Kelsey Dortman at 403.892.6271 for more information
March 29, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 15

A Event Champions B Event Champions C Event Champions D Event Champions

The Strathmore Curling Club hosted their annual men’s bonspiel March 13-17. Team O’Connor, con-
sisting of Robbie Johnson (l-r), Sean O’Connor, Ryan O’Connor and Russ Jennings, claimed the A
event championship. Team Peterson, consisting of Kelton Mamel (l-r), Trevor Stiengart, Jim Peterson
Pass the Salt
and Rick Los, took home the B event championship. Team McKenzie, consisting of Doug Puzzie (l-r),
Rick Bishop, Roger McKenzie and Larry Windsor won the C event championship. Team Janke, consist-
ing of Wolfgang Janke, Perry Keller, Gregg Shields and Evan Shields, won the D event championship.
Photos Courtesy of Darcy Ledene
“THE TIMES THEY ARE my people make. They are
A CHANGIN”* being
Your BBB* Serving Southern Alberta treated
and East cruelly
Kootenay presents:by the
Egyptians. I’m sending you to
BBB Tip of the Week:
Yes, they certainly have Pharaoh to bring my people,
and they certainly are. My the People of Israel, out of
grandmotherAvoid was bornBeing in April-Fooled
1901 and passed in 2003, just Moses was shocked! “Who
Scams her 102 birthday.
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aspect of life. Life changed. will be with you.” “I will give
Here’s what scam victims have in
How do we cope with such you the words to say.” “I’ll be
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Midian. All noble
emotion. cantimes
They are often count on in this
motivated life of
by fear,
greed, One day
romance, while out
or excitement. change. Sometimes God
The Strathmore Storm Midget A female team claimed the 2019 Provincial Championship in Irma on March 17. tending the sheep, he saw a calls us to make changes
• They act impulsively. They download files, click on pop-up ads,
Photo Courtesy of Sherry McMurray bush that was on fire yet not but reassures us that his
sign-up for trial offers and open emails from unknown senders.
consumed. presence will be with us,

Female Storm win provincial gold •God

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he had
to look and called from the
rude. They
Moses. TakeThey won’t
are embarrassed.
they have
don’t want
the way
tell anyone
hang up the
us, loving us and blessing do so.
– always.
about being God
the second period before the Storm tied the game in the third off your sandals.
scammed so the scamYou(andare
the scammers) with us. Thanks be to God.
Times Editor
period, setting up another overtime thriller. standing on holy ground. I *Bob Dylan, 1964.
Late in the extra session, Ashlyn Riley converted a feed from am the God of your fathers,
The Strathmore Storm claimed a pro- Ainsley Olson to claim the 2019 provincial championship. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Rev. Pamela Scott
vincial gold medal at the 2019 Midget Fe- “The most exciting moment I had was the overtime win for I have heard the Learn cry for helpmore at bbb.orgUnited Church
male A championship March 17 in Irma. the gold medal, that’s obvious,” said Armstrong. “As a coach, the
The girls finished the round robin with coolest moment was Game 3 in the round robin – our dressing
an impressive 3-1 record in the round room gelled, and I put that directly on the leadership of the
robin before sweeping the playoff round players that were involved. It’s something that you don’t always BOW RIVER ALLIANCE CHURCH SACRED HEART CATHOLIC
on the final day. 105 Main St. Carseland Holy Cross Collegiate School Gym
get to see as a coach but when you see it, it’s a pretty neat thing 403-934-9337 709B - 2nd Street, Strathmore
“I don’t remember being nervous … when they come in their own and the leaders step up and the Pastor: Kevin Enns 403-934-2641
we were so into the games it was just players start buying into it, so that was fantastic.” Pastor: Fr. Wojciech Jarzecki
pretty exciting,” said head coach Clay Besides the obvious of winning the gold medal, another Sunday Worship: 10 am Masses: Saturday 5 pm • Sunday 10 am
Armstrong. “We actually said at the
highlight for the team was meeting former Calgary Flames head ST. MICHAEL & ALL ANGELS ANGLICAN
semifinal game, whatever happens in coach Darryl Sutter and having a picture taken with him and 103 - 227 3rd Ave.
the final, they will remember that over- his Stanley Cup rings he earned as a coach of the Los Angeles (1 PET. 2:9) 587-727-0649
time win in semifinals, and now I think Kings. 322 A 2nd Avenue, Strathmore
they’ve all forgot about that because we 403-714-2283 Rev. Malcolm Kern
“The success was everyone working towards a common Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 am
then won the gold medal in overtime as Pastor: Sunday Adeola
goal,” said Armstrong. “There was no one person that turned Sunday Worship: 10:30 am “Becoming fully alive in Jesus Christ”
well, which was wild. When we scored, the table to make it happen – it was 100 per cent a team effort. Wednesday Bible Study: 7 pm
the bench erupted, there were gloves, And in that I include the parent group because the support we HOPE COMMUNITY
sticks, neck guards all over the ice. It was COVENANT CHURCH
had was fantastic. We had a great group of parents, great group 245 Brent Blvd, Strathmore • 403-934-2424
like winning the Stanley Cup, it was fan- STRATHMORE FULL GOSPEL CHURCH
of coaches and a fantastic group of players.” 50 Maplewood Drive • 403-934-2225 Pastor: Heidi Wiebe
tastic. Parents, coaches, players – we had Worship Service Sundays 10 am
Senior Pastor: Rev. Les Fischer
a very close-knit group this year. Youth Pastor: Rev. Kyle Lomenda
“We got beat out of our league playoffs New Office Hours: STRATHMORE ALLIANCE
and the team that beat us out and the 9 am - 4 pm • Tues - Wed - Thur 325 1 Ave • 403-934-3543
team that won our Tier 1 banner were Worship Service: 10:30 am Corner of 1 Ave & Wheatland Trail
Children’s Church & Nursery in Service
both at provincials and we beat both of Lead Pastor: Mike Wiebe
Extending Grace - igniting hope Associate Pastor: John Duerksen
them. So, we came together at the right Youth/Worthip Inter: Connor Hyde
time of the year to end up being the best 10:00 am Worship Service
Midget A girls’ hockey team in Alberta LORD OF ALL (NALC) LUTHERAN
112 Lakeside Blvd. • 403-934-2374
that day, which was pretty wild.” Pastor: Dawn Nelson STRATHMORE UNITED
The team – which features players from This Pawpular Section is the perfect spot to showcase Worship Schedule Wheatland Trail & 3rd Avenue
Strathmore, Standard, Rockyford, Hussar your pet-friendly products and services... Thursday Evening 7:00 pm 403-934-3025
and Siksika – won with a solid defensive Sunday Family 10:30 am Rev. Pamela Scott
Featuring: Christian Education
game and clutch goals. Safety Pet Care Tips Pet Adoption Holistic Pet Therapies
Sunday Worship 10:30 am
For All - Ages 3-103 Sunday School 10:30 am
The girls opened the tournament with Nutrition Pet Treats Top Rated Pet Toys TNR Pets & Identification Sunday at 9:30 am Nursery Care Provided
a 4-1 win over Okotoks on March 14, be- Boarding/Grooming And much More! Join us in Praising our Lord, Jesus Christ! Wheel Chair Accessible
fore eking out a 2-1 win over the Calgary Loop system for the hearing impaired
Jr. Inferno the following day. STRATHMORE SEVENTH-DAY
The Storm went on to win 2-0 over Meeting in the Lutheran Church
Publication: April 12, 2019 102 Canal Gardens
Olds on March 16, before falling 3-1 to Deadline: April 5, 2019 112 Lakeside Blvd. 587-227-6956
Regular Rates apply. 403-901-0893 / 403-880-3171
the host Irma later that day to close out Colour is included in the Pastor: Donald Pierre Pastor: Elizabeth Karp
the round robin. cost of your ad! Services held every Saturday Pastor: Dave Mackie
Armed with the first seed going into For information or to book your ad Sabbath School: 10 AM Worship Sundays 10:30 am
please call Worship Service: 11 AM Youth Tuesdays 7 pm
the semifinal versus the fourth seed In- Rose 403.934.5589 Come Join us for a spirit-filled time
ferno, the Storm scored a 2-1 overtime of worship
win to earn a berth in the gold medal
In the provincial game, the Storm was
looking for revenge against Irma, but the The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
host team jumped out to a 2-1 first pe-
riod lead. The teams exchanged goals in
TIMES 60 Maplewood Drive | Bishop Justin Hansen |
403-983-2746 | | Worship Service Sundays 10 a.m.
Page 16 • Strathmore TIMES • March 29, 2019

Super hosts Gladys Marjorie
Sacred Heart Academy held the girls Ferdella nee Evenson
Grade 6 invitational basketball tour-
Gladys passed away on Saturday
nament on March 21 with six teams
March 16, 2019 at Sagewood LTC in
in attendance. The boys teams were
Strathmore, Alberta at the age of 96 years. From her
hosted in Brooks at the same time.
birth in Frontier, Sask. on July 15, 1922 to her death,
Both the girls and boys Sacred Heart
she nourished the people around her with her love
teams came away with the Sports-
and faith.
manship banner to be hung in their
Gladys was born the youngest of eight children to Ed-
gar and Serine Evenson. She grew up on the family
Manny Everett Photo farm in the Ridgley District north of Frontier. Many
of her fondest memories were of her childhood in
southern Saskatchewan, but especially her time with
Try her brother Norman and sister Iladell. They shared
a very special bond. She attended business school
Ringette and worked for the Bank of Nova Scotia in Eastend,
Sask., before marrying Woodrow (Woody) Hanson on
Strathmore Ringette December 31, 1942. During their marriage they lived
held a free Come Try in Frontier and Climax, Sask., Rolling Hills, Lomond,
Ringette event at the Picture Butte and finally Strathmore, Alberta. Together
Family Centre on Mar they raised seven children. She loved tending to her
16. Participants were gardens, cooking, baking and crafting. She enjoyed
able to get out on the completing pieces of hardanger needlework for trays,
ice to take part in some which her brother Norman Evenson crafted. She was
drills and skate with predeceased by her husband, Woodrow in 2013;
team members cur- father, Edgar; mother, Serine; four sisters, Maimie,
rently in the program. Myrtle, Alice and Iladell; three brothers, Elmer, Silas
There are plans to hold and Norman; one grandson and one great grandson.
another Come Try Rin- Left to honor Gladys and remember her love are Glad-
gette event in the fall. ys’ seven children, daughters, Sharon (Ron) Fraser,
Doug Taylor Photo Diana (Larry) Zaytsoff, Nancy (Jim) Green and sons,
Jim (Marg), Brian, Lee (Marie) and Darrell (Lucy); 12
grandchildren; 15 great grandchildren; and numer-
ous nieces and nephews. A special thank you to the
staff at Sagewood LTC in Strathmore, Dr. Sader and
Dr. Fanning for their loving care of Gladys over the
years. A funeral service was held on Thursday, March
21, 2019 at 1:00pm at Lord of All Lutheran Church,
112 Lakeside Blvd. Strathmore, Alberta. To send
condolences, please visit Gladys’ obituary at www.

The Strathmore Storm

Bantam Female B
team went 4-1-1 to win
the silver medal at pro-
vincials in Okotoks on
March 24.
Photo Courtesy KIRKPATRICK,
of Strathmore Evelyn Shirley
Storm Bantam
August 5th, 1941
Female B team
- March 24th, 2019

Bantam girls earn silver medal Shirley Kirkpatrick, beloved wife of Doug Kirkpatrick
of Hussar, passed away peacefully on Sunday, March
24, 2019 after a brave battle with cancer. Shirley is
survived and lovingly remembered by Doug, her hus-
ADELLE ELLIS The Storm opened the tournament with a 4-4 draw ver-
band of 53 years, and their children Sherri Snydmiller
Times Reporter sus the Leduc Roughnecks on March 21, before defeating (Dan) and Ryan Kirkpatrick (Kristi). She will be dearly
the Okotoks Oilers Green 4-0 the following day. The Storm missed by her grandchildren: Erica (Mitch), Jessica
The Strathmore Storm earned a silver medal at the 2019 closed out the round robin with a 3-2 win over the St. Albert (Scott), Danielle, Jared, Adam, and Megan. Shirley is
Bantam Female B Provincial Championship on March 24 in Comets and an 11-1 thumping over the Edmonton Hawks on also survived by siblings Allan Gross (Lucienne), Larry
Okotoks. March 23. Gross, and Joanne Murtagh (Gregg); brothers-in-law
They finished the round robin portion of the tournament The Storm earned a 6-2 victory over the Calgary Jr. Inferno Andy Kirkpatrick, David Kirkpatrick (Judy) and sisters-
by going 3-0-1 before earning a berth in the semifinals en Heat in the semifinal on March 24, before falling 9-5 in the in-law Margaret Munro and Winnie Peake (Hughie),
championship final later that afternoon, earning them a silver as well as numerous nieces and nephews. She was
route to the gold medal game.
predeceased by her parents Phillip and Ella Gross,
“I couldn’t have been happier with them or more proud of medal. in-laws Jack & Jess Kirkpatrick, brother-in-law Nick
them,” said head coach Rick Puttick. “Everybody played, they “Our girls have been pretty good all year. It’s been a grow- Munro, sister-in-law Yvette Gross, and son-in-law Ed
put everything they had on the ice … and they just let it all ing process; we have a diversity of talent but the girls all Sage. Shirley was born in Simpson, Saskatchewan
out and see what happens, and that’s what sports should be worked hard,” said Puttick. “We won our league champion- and grew up on the family farm in Watrous. After at-
about. Two good teams, two good competitors going as hard ship so we’re hardly underdogs, but at the provincial level tending secretarial school, she moved to Calgary and
as they can and one’s going to win and one’s not, but still two for the most part you’re playing all new clubs so everybody started her career. Doug and Shirley were married on
winners at the end.” else is probably a champion in their division as well. We had April 17, 1965 and they have enjoyed their married
our ups and downs during the week, games that we prob- life together in Hussar ever since. They were never
very far apart and together they created a lifetime

Meet your Market!

ably should have won a little more handily based on past of wonderful memories. They enjoyed curling, golf-
experience and what was on the ice we struggled with, but ing, camping, and spending time with their grand-
we managed to get the win at the end (of the round robin) children. Many laughs and happy times were shared
so that’s what counted.” with friends on their numerous cruises and at their

of those surveyed saidd According to Puttick, the team put on quite the show dur- winter home in Arizona. Shirley had a knack for or-
they get their local news
ws ing provincials and it bodes well for the growth of female ganizing people and things and those skills were put
hockey. to great use in her home and yard, and in her job as
from their local paper!
“If we keep allowing the girls to play in serious competi- the secretary at Hussar School for 20 years. We will
> Local news is more important to
miss Shirley’s kind heart, funny sense of humour, and
more Albertans than any other type. tion, with good coaching and good set-up, girls’ games are
her ability to “tell it like it is.” The family would like
> A printed local newspaper is 19034A
A0 going to go places,” said Puttick. “We are actually trying to to thank Peter and Helene at the Cozy Nest for their
the most trusted medium encourage … we have a lot of girls who play boys’ hockey
for news and advertising.* loving and compassionate care of Shirley during the
* Totum Research. Adults 18+ in Alberta. Aug 2018
and one of the reasons for that is they don’t think that the past year. A celebration of Shirley’s life will be held at
girls’ hockey – the ‘they’ being in most cases the parents – the Hussar Hall on Friday, March 29 th at 2:00 p.m. In
Our Readers are Your Customers
ers that girls’ hockey is not really going to give them that devel- lieu of flowers, donations in Shirley’s memory will be
Let us show you how we can reach them! opment opportunity. But results like the midget team had gratefully accepted by the Alberta Cancer Foundation
and then us following them up is really going to tip that bal- or the Hussar Cemetery Fund. To send condolences,
Ph: 780-434-8746 x 235 please visit Shirley’s obituary at www.wheatlandfu-
ance a little bit and let them know that the girls’ hockey is a
Toll Free in AB: 1-800-282-6903 good brand of hockey and that the girls can grow and devel-
Email: op quite readily in it. If we get more of the girls playing girl’s
hockey, it’s just going to make things all that much better.”
March 29, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 17
Wheatland County Food Bank 30, 31. 25 years of stuff, US. Business planning, train- CONTACT
Sincere thank you to lots of stuff! Furniture, ing and advisory services
crafts, tools, books, DVD’s, available. Flexible and af- JEFF WALLACE
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fordable loans. Call CF Wild
268 Maple Grove Crescent, for more information.
Strathmore RCMP Strathmore.
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CLASSIFIED fake news. Support reliable
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Thank you to all who donated, SPAF, Examinations, Spring programs,
“Keeping your numbers in order so you
and for your own musical pleasure!
bought raffle items and can relax, that’s our job”
Thank you for supporting local business!
attended the game.
Piano Tuner-Technician
The Wheatland County Food
Bank appreciates all of your
Kathie L Zakresky
‘Remembering Our Roots’
support. Thank you for all you by John Godsman
38 years of Knowlege, Experience & “Note-ability”
Also Music for Special Occasions!
Matinée Performances
do for our community. Monday, April 15 - 1:30 pm • Tuesday, April 16 - 1:30 pm Get Yours 403-934-5477 • 403-934-0301 c
Wednesday, April 17 Senior’s Tea - 1 pm Volume 1 Today While
(Free admission for Seniors) They Last!
Evening Performances $50 Western IrrIgatIon DIst
Tuesday, April 15 - 7 pm • Wednesday, April 16 - 7 pm Box 2372, 105 - 900 Pine road, strathmore,

each or
Admission: Volume 2
$135 for NOTICE OF FORM 5
Irrigation Districts Act
(Section 85/86)
Ages 0-4 Free • Ages 5-12 $3 13 and over $5
Tickets can be purchased at the door. Trilogy ELECTION NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO CHANG
Performances take place in Irrigation Districts Act (Sections 53)
TAKE NOTE that applications have been received by
Volume 3 Final Reprint Local Authorities Election ActIrrigation
the Western (Section 35, to46)
District change the area of the Dis
Westmount School’s gym (only 5 left) Applications to remove parcels consist of:
Western Irrigation District
Contact John Godsman in the Province of Alberta
Please Available at Rocky’s Bakery
Notice is hereby given that an election will be
held for the filling of the following office(s):

Join Us! Office(s)

of Vacancies
Western IrrIgatIon DIstrIct
Box 2372, 105 - 900 Pine road, strathmore, aB t1P 1K3 Director 1 1
FORM 5 5
Only those irrigators of the
Any person District
wishing canis required
to complain vote to submit a written com
Irrigation Districts Act
Irrigation Districts Act (Section 85/86)
COMING EVENTS COMING EVENTS (Section 85/86) whose majority ofWestern Irrigation District at Box 2372 105-900 Pine Road, Strathm
irrigation acres
T1P 1K3 within 30 daysfall
the date of the publication of this
NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO CHANGE Electoral Division 1 comprising Townships Jim Webber, P. Eng.
TOTAKE CHANGE THE AREA OF 21, 22, 23 and 24 in Ranges 20, 21 and 22.Manager
- Western Canada’s longest April 27, 2019 Live & Online NOTE that applications have been received by Western Irrigation District
running collectors show Auction: Rifles, Shotguns, AN IRRIGATION DISTRICT
the Western Irrigation District to change the area of the District.
Voting will take place on the 3rd day of April
- antiques, collectibles, and Handguns, Militaria. Auction Applications to remove parcels consist of:
2019 between the hours of 10:00 am and 8:00
pop culture. 44th Annual or Purchase: Collections, Es- TAKE NOTE that applications have pm. The voting station will be located at the
Wild Rose Antique Collec- tates, Individual items. Con- been received by the
tact Paul, Switzer’s Auction.
Western Irrigation District office at 105 - 900
tors Show & Sale. Sellers Western Irrigation District
Toll-Free 1-800-694-2609, Pine Road, Strathmore, Alberta.
from across Canada. Special
collectors displays. Free an- to change the area of the District.
DATED at the Town of Strathmore in the
tique appraisals by accred-
ited appraisers (maximum 3
www.switzersauction. 60th Anniversary Applications to REMOVE parcels that consist of: Province of Alberta, this 14th day of March,
items). Saturday, April 13, John & Anne Godsman Name of
Number of
Irrigation Acres
Legal Land
David McAllister, P. Eng. MSc, MBA
9AM - 5PM, Sunday, April 14, GET YOUR April 6 • 2-4 pm Returning Officer
10AM - 4PM. Edmonton Expo C-6 Ranch Ltd. 30 4;25;24;28;NE
Centre. 780-437-9722.
CLASSIFIED United Church Any person wishing to complain is required to submit a written complaint to the
C-6 Ranch Ltd. 30 4;25;24;28;SE
www.wildroseantiquecollec- ADS IN! Western Irrigation District at Box 2372 105-900 Pine Road, Strathmore, Alberta,
CALL 934-5589 Coffee & Cake • No gifts please
T1P 1K3 within 30 days after the date of the publication of this notice.
C-6 Ranch Ltd. 30
Jim Webber, P. Eng.
1810928;3;1 www.
Murray & Lynn 30
General Manager
Western Irrigation District
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Page 18 • Strathmore TIMES • March 29, 2019

SEASONAL FARM HELP Coldwell Agencies is a small, well- Biche, AB. Ritchie Bros. Auc- - Onoway & Rich Valley, AB. knee replacement, or condi-
For mixed farm operation in the Calgary established brokerage in Strathmore, Alberta tioneers Unreserved Auction, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers tions causing restrictions
LOCATION. Commercial
May 1 in Edmonton. Sentinel Unreserved Auction, May in daily activities? $2,500
area. Seeding, haying, harvest as well as that has been in business for many years.
Industrial Park. 2.42 +/- 1 in Edmonton. Onoway - rental. Warehouse for
tax credit. $40,000 refund
some fencing and cattle work. Experience Title Acres, 6500 +/- Sq Ft commercial lot, 0.51 +/- title cheque/rebates. Disability
lease. On Hwy #1. 8,000
is a must. Class 3 license is an asset but not We are currently seeking Shop & Office. Jerry Hodge: acres. Rich Valley - unde- sq.ft. building available.
Tax Credit. 1-844-453-5372.
required. Must have a clean driving record an experienced, licensed 780-706-6652; Brokerage: veloped residential acreage, Please call 403-934-
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Services Ltd.; rbauction.
2.76 +/- title acres. Jerry
Hodge: 780-706-6652; Bro- RENTAL WANTED
will depend on experience. Position could with a minimum of 2 years’ com/realestate. kerage: Ritchie Bros. Real
possibly turn into full time. No housing. experience with commercial Estate Services Ltd.; rbauc-
pasture land and farm land
and farm. FARMLAND - Thorhild, AB. in Rocky View / Wheatland,
Fax: 403-279-6957, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
N.E. of Calgary. Call or text MANAGEMENT
email: If you are interested in applying for this Unreserved Auction, May 1 3 PARCELS OF FARMLAND Ken 403-540-0856
position, please forward your resume in Edmonton. 159.88 +/- - Colinton, AB. Ritchie Bros.
including cover letter to colleenb@ Title Acres, $2900 Surface Auctioneers Unreserved WESTMOUNT DR.
SECRETARY/ or drop off in office at 133
2nd Ave, Strathmore, AB.
Lease Revenue. Jerry Hodge:
780-706-6652; Brokerage:
Auction, May 1 in Edmonton.
452.33 +/- Title Acres, 185 1 & 2 bedroom
RECEPTIONIST Ritchie Bros. Real Estate +/- Acres Certified Organic. CHINOOK III. 1 bdrm or 2
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We thank all applicants for their interest,
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Seasonal position available starting Estate Services Ltd.; rbauc- & water included. No pets. parking, some
Please call for availability.
in April thru October. Location 5km 5 PARCELS OF REAL ESTATE fully renovated
- Cremona, AB. Ritchie Bros. Call Keli 403-324-2944.
east of Strathmore. Candidate should Auctioneers Unreserved FARMLAND - Bonnyville, AB.
& include W/D.
have professional communication and Auction, May 1 in Edmon- Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers LANGDON. BRIGHT 2 BDRM Family Friendly.
organizational skills. As well as up to ton. 2 Parcels of Farmland Unreserved Auction, May SUITE. Balcony, laundry fa- No Pets.
date computer skills and should be - 306.59 +/- Title Acres 1 in Edmonton. 157.45 +/- cilities, off-street parking, From $845.
proficient in MS Office and able to learn
SUMMER STUDENT – & $3700 SLR. Residential Title Acres, $4300 Surface mature adult. $950/mo incl. + Utilities.
several custom programs. Job includes; MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT acreage - 6.1 +/- title acres
w/ 1106 +/- sq ft home.
Lease Revenue. Jerry Hodge:
780-706-6652; Brokerage:
utilities. NS/NP. Call 403-
936-5556. Please contact our
answering phones, order entry, filing, DRUMHELLER Residential acreage - 3.32 Ritchie Bros. Real Estate Leasing Team:
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Golden Hills School Division invites applications for a
+/ - title acres. Grazing lease Services Ltd.; rbauction. QUIET CRYSTAL RIDGE COVE: 403-237-8811
- 640 +/- title acres, 117 com/realestate.
mail outs, assisting customers and staff, summer student to provide maintenance support for our AUM. Jerry Hodge: 780-706-
Upper floor, 2 BDRM Apt. NP/
etc. May be required to work some NS. With dishwasher, wash-
Drumheller Schools. GHSD is looking for a responsible
Saturdays in peak season. person who can work alone or in a team setting. This
6652; Brokerage: Ritchie
Bros. Real Estate Services
Haynes, AB. Ritchie Bros.
er/dryer. $900/mo + $900 APARTMENTS
If you are interested in this position:
position will be responsible for helping ensure schools
are maintained in a proper working order. Ride-on lawn
Ltd.; Auctioneers Unreserved
S.D. Utilities not incl. Call
403-934-4769. FOR RENT
tate. Auction, May 1 in Edmonton.
Email – mower experience is an asset but not required. Other 1.31 +/- Title Acres. 5000 3 Bedroom Condos
duties and tasks will be required. Term of employment UNDEVELOPED LOT - Hinton, +/- sq ft commercial abba- HOUSE FOR RENT DOWN- for Rent
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a suitable candidate is found. Term of employment can Unreserved Auction, May 1 6652; Brokerage: Ritchie mo incl. utilities + laun- 2 Storey, 3 Bedroom
be negotiated. in Edmonton. Zoned Direct Bros. Real Estate Services dry. Shared accommoda- Units downtown
Control. 0.16 +/- Title Acres. Ltd.; tions with one other tenant. -
Please submit your application to the undersigned Jerry Hodge: 780-706-6652; tate. 23’X25’ double garage for 1&2 Bedroom Units
on or before noon on April 9, 2019. Please Note: The Brokerage: Ritchie Bros. Real rent $250/mo. Call 403-560- in adult only building
SEASONAL NURSERY competition will remain open until a suitable candidate
is found.
Estate Services Ltd.; rbauc-
Battleford, SK. Ritchie Bros.
6265. -
Tenants pay all utilities
AND GREENHOUSE Only those applicants short-listed will be contacted. We TONNES PROVEN GRAVEL
Auctioneers Unreserved
Auction, April 8 in Saska-
HOME near Strathmore. 2 For more information
JOBS thank all applicants who have applied for their interest
in the Golden Hills School Division. Please reply to:
RESERVES. Jerry Hodge:
780-706-6652; Brokerage:
toon. 11.1+/- Title Acres,
43,821+/- Sq Ft Fabrica-
BDRM + 1bath $1,100/mo +
SD Incl. elec. & gas. Pet ne-
please call
Positions available April thru October.
Human Resources Department Ritchie Bros. Real Estate tion Facility. Ed Truelove: gotiable. Avail. immediately HOMES LTD
Golden Hills School Division # 75 Services Ltd.; rbauction. 306.441.0525; Brokerage: or as required. Call 403- Hanneke
As well as summer positions for students 435 A Highway # 1, Strathmore, Alberta T1P 1J4
May – August. Phone: 403-934-5121
com/realestate. Ritchie Bros. Real Estate
Services Ltd.; rbauction.
3” wide
Job includes maintaining plants,version
potting, Fax: 403-934-5124 or 934-5125 BLANKET THE PROVINCE com/realestate.
planting, harvesting trees, loading and
e-mail: with a classified ad. Only REAL ESTATE
$269 (based on 25 words or UNRESERVED DISPERSAL
unloading trucks, assembling orders,
inventory etc. Applicants should be
less). Reach over 100 weekly AUCTION, Saturday, March
DEAD OR ALIVE HELP WANTED HELP WANTED newspapers. Call NOW for 30, 2019 @ 11AM. Choco-
willing to learn and able to do physical details 1-800-282-6903 ext latier & Gift Show Business.
Canadian Prairie Pickers
work. Horticulture experience an asset. TRENCHUK CATTLE CO. (in
Smoky Lake). Currently has
ists, Marketing and more. Al-
200; Live Onsite & Live Online!
Scribner Auction, Wain-
Applicants require their own transporta-
are once again touring the area. available. Class 1
3 positions berta’s weekly newspapers DIAMOND M CONVENIENCE wright, Alberta. 780-842-
Paying Cash For Coin Collections,
tion to rural address 5kms east of Strath- Silver & Gold Coins, Equipment
truck driver/Farm are looking for people like “The Missing Piece to complete Your Big Picture.”
STORE - Linden, AB. Ritchie 5666. www.scribnernet.
Royal Can. Mint Sets. Also
more. Starting wage $15.00 per hour. Buying Gold Jewelry
Silage/bale hauling. Must you. Post your resume online. Bros. Auctioneers Unre- com.
be mechanically inclined. A Free. Visit: served Auction, May 1 in Ed- Jonathan
If you are this bags or boxes of silver
position: coins
full-time Excavator operator, resumes_add.php. monton. 1.19 +/- Title Acres. PROVEN GRAVEL RESERVES
Email –
both positions $25/33/HR 4500 +/- sq ft building. Con- - Sundre, AB. Ritchie Bros. Peters
Real Estate Associate
1967 To arrange a free, discrete in-home visitdepending
call on experience.
MISC venience store & salon. Jerry Auctioneers Unreserved
Kellie at 778-257-8647 A general labourer $22/HR.
3” wide version Hodge: 780-706-6652; Bro- Auction, May 1 in Edmonton.
3” wide version
Call Willy 780-656-0052; fax GET UP TO $50,000 from the kerage: Ritchie Bros. Real 95.02 +/- Title Acres. 2016
resume: 780-656-3962. Government of Canada. Do Estate Services Ltd.; rbauc- built 2490 +/- sq ft home.
you or someone you know 2.6 +/- MILLION

One small ad •Great BIG Results

” wide version
have any of these condi-
tions? ADHD, Anxiety, Arthri-
tis, Asthma, Cancer, COPD, REAL ESTATE
100+ weekly newspapers $269 +GST
Depression, Diabetes, Diffi-

WANTED culty walking, Fibromyalgia,

OPEN Raelene
Over 1.6 million readers (based on 25 words) $8. Each additional word Irritable Bowels, Overweight,
Reach: Over 80% OR ALIVE
of Alberta’s Metro households Trouble Dressing...and hun-

HOUSE Nichol
Readership: Over 95% of all adults living in those households dreds more. All ages and
Canadian Prairie Pickers
Want to reach beyond Alberta? medical conditions qualify.
are once again touring the area.
We can help you reach right across Canada
Call The Benefits Program Realtor
1-800-211-3550 or send Saturday, March 30
Paying Cash For Coin Collections, SilverMaurizia
& Gold Coins,
Hinse Re/max First
Royal Can. Mint Sets. Also Buying Gold Jewelry a text message with your 1-3 pm
780-434-8746 ext. 200
name and mailing address to 32 Strathmore 403.921.6111
We purchase rolls, bags or boxes of silver coins 403-980-3605 for your FREE
benefits package.
Lakes Way
1967 To arrange a free, discrete in-home visit call CRIMINAL RECORD? Why Bi-Level , 4 bedrooms, Fully Developed
Kellie at 778-257-8647 Backs onto Green Space
3.75” wide version suffer employment/licensing
loss? Travel/business oppor-
3.75” wide version
tunities? Be embarrassed?
Think: Criminal Pardon. US FOR SALE
One “small” ad •Great BIG Results entry waiver. Record purge.
File destruction. Free con-
ING. 37+ colours available
100+ weekly newspapers $
sultation 1-800-347-2540; at over 55 Distributors. 40 year warranty. 24-48 hour
Over 1.6 million readers (based on 25 words) $8. Each additional word
Express Service available at
Reach: Over 80% of Alberta’s Metro households supporting Distributors. Call
Readership: Over 95% of all adults living in those households tour. Experience Canada’s 1-888-263-8254.
north, its wildlife and fur
Want to reach beyond Alberta?
We can help you reach right across Canada trade history on this Hudson
Bay weekend. July depar-
Maurizia Hinse tures from Calgary. 1-866- GET YOUR
780-434-8746 ext. 200
460-1415; www.classicca-
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Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
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1,172 sq ft 1,500 sq ft 1,172 sq ft

Bungalow | 2 Storey | Bungalow
Only $279,900 plus GST Each

With a down payment of $13,995

Monthly P.I. Payments between $1,150 + $1,275

Don’t Miss Out...

Kids All Gone?

4 Bungalows
Coldwell Ranch
From plus GST

Includes House and Lot
Increase your down payment by 25,000 403.934.5355

CR Coldwell Ranch
Where You’ll Want To Live
N/W Strathmore
North on Wheatland Trail
Saturdays & Sundays Agents Welcome
West on Road 244 Noon - 5 pm Generous Fees