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Half-Yearly Examination 2018-19

Class : IV Subject: EVS
Date: 11.10.2018 MM:80
Marking Scheme

Q.1 Write true or false.

a. True 1
b. False 1
c. True 1
d. False 1
e. False 1
Q.2 Choose the correct answer.
a. seeds 1
b. petrol 1
c. Towns and cities 1
d. roots 1
e. Antarctic 1
Q.3 Match the columns.
1. Equator - The circle around the middle of the earth 1
2. North pole -The northernmost point of the earth 1
3. Earth’s axis-The line around which the earth rotates 1
4. Northern hemisphere-The northern half of the earth 1
5. Orbit- The earth path around the sun 1
Q.4 Fill in the blanks.
a. Compost 1
b. leaves 1
c. cavities 1
d. blisters 1
e. air 1
f. harvest 1
g. fibre 1
h. rabies 1
i. downwards 1
j. evaporation 1
Q.5 Name the followings
a. Weaving 1
b. Tailoring 1
c. Dyeing 1
d. Finishing 1
e. Spinning 1

Q.6 Short answer

a. Organs are parts of the body that have a special job to do 1
b. Sterile means germ-free. 1
c. Staple food means the main food that people eat. 1
d. The weather is the atmospheric condition of the place on that day over a short period of
time. 1
e. The rotation of the earth about its axis causes day and night. 1
f. Air, soil and forest. 1
g. Oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide. 1
h. December 1
i. A sprain is an injury to the muscle near a joint. 1
j. Any plant that grow for or other needs. 1
Q. 7 Answer the following questions in 1-2 sentences.
a. Our breath turns white on a cold morning because the cold air turns the water vapours in
our breath into water. 2
b. The process of changing food in to a form in which it can be absorbed is called digestion.
c. When we sleep our brain puts in order all that we have heard, seen, felt and learnt the
whole day. 2
d. The help that we can give to an injured person until a doctor comes is called first aid. 2
e. When a detergent is added to water it loosens the dirt of clothes and helps to mix it with
water. 2
f. The people built houses with slanting roofs in places where it snows or rains a lot, this lets
the snow or rain slide of the roof. 2
g. The best way of ventilating a house is to have door and windows facing each other.
h. Air helps us to burn things. 2
Air helps to turn the blades of windmills the turning blade helped to grind grains and pump
water. 2
i. The revolution of the earth around the sun and the tilt of the earth’s axis cause different
seasons. 2
j. The organs that helps in digestion are -- mouth, stomach, small intestine, large intestine,
anus. 2
Q.8 Answer the following questions in four to five sentences-
a. A good house should be - -------------------
1. Strong and not break under storms. 1
2. Well ventilated. 1
3. Protect from rain, cold, wind and heat. 1
4. Built in such a way that it does not become damp. 1
5. Long lasting and not need to be repaired. 1

b. When some part of the earth gets heated by the sun the air around it gets hot. Hot air is
lighter than cold air so it rises. Cold air from cooler areas rushes in to take the place of hot air.
That causes wind. 5
c. Recycling is the process of converting waste materials in to new materials and objects. 3
i. Recycling saves resources like metals. 1
ii. Recycling paper saves trees. 1
d. Soil forms from rocks in natural ways. Rain water and the flowing waters of rivers break
off pieces of rocks and carry them away. The pieces tumble around and break in to smaller
pieces. Finally they get powdered and become soil. 5