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Nursery Attendant 1. The nursery attendant is responsible for the care of children in the nursery, working with nursery volunteers, and care of the nursery space. 2. The nursery attendant works under the direction of the personnel committee and is accountable to this committee. A background check may be required prior to beginning, The nursery attendant receives formal evaluation annually from this committee. Communication should be directed to the chairperson of the personnel committee. 3. Responsibilities include: a. The care and well-being of infants and toddlers (0-36 months of age) in their care. b. Set up of the room upon arrival, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for children and parents. c. The attendant must be in the room during the allotted time in case someone brings a child by. . Ensuring that parents sign their children in and out on the nursery log. e. Ensuring that parents label diaper bags and bottles, and assuring them that someone will community with them about their child if necessary. f. Cooperate and support toddler teachers in Nursery Room B if the child count allows. g. Put the room back in order using the checklist in the office that will record the attendant’s hours worked. h. Communicate with the personnel committee chairperson, or one of the pastors, regarding any concerns or needs for making the classroom a loving environment, i. Communicate any difficulties with children to the personnel committee chairperson or one of the pastors. j. Enjoy these precious gifts from God! 4. Qualifications: a. Dedicated to Christ and God's church to help us in our teaching of the Christian faith and life. b. Minimum age of 15, with parental consent if under 16. Page 45 of 69 ©. First aid and CPR certification to be obtained within three (3) months. d. Babysitting class may be required . Time commitment of up to three (3) hours and must be willing to log hours on pay record sheet in the church office. . Wage will be the current minimum wage. The nursery-toddler year will be from the second Sunday in September to the same Sunday the following year. The nursery attendant will be expected to be in the nursery from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. or until all of the children have been picked up and signed out. The nursery attendant will be responsible for making his/her own substitution arrangements. The Personnel Committee must give approval of the substitute. The nursery attendant should expect visitations on Sunday morning to ensure safety and comfort of his/herself and the children. Page 46 of 69