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1.Dina : Was there any victims in the flood happened in your village last week?

Nani : No, when the flood came, the people … to the safety place
a. flee
b. had fled
c. will have fled
d. is fleeing
2. You are students, … ?
a. don't you
b. will you
c. can you
d. aren’t you
3. He … as a teacher for nine years, now he has been promoted to be the principle
a. is being working
b. had worked
c. will work
d. has worked
4. You will leave, … ?
a. will you
b. willn’t you
c. won’t you
d. do you
5. You liked tea ?
a. didn't you
b. did you
c. will you
d. can you
6. Vina : When did you get there?
Fofa : Yesterday. My uncle’s family … when I arrived.
a. have lunch
b. are having lunch
c. had just had lunch
d. have been having lunch
7. You won’t leave, … ?
a. do you
b. are you
c. will you
d. can you
8. You … since three o’clock. Why don’t you take a break?
a. Are studying
b. had been studying
c. will be studying
d. have been studying
9. Please, come tomorrow, … ?
a. won’t you
b. will you
c. do you
d. don’t you
10. I planned to see you in your office yet, I was in a kind of rush. … you at your office at three o’clock
a. Are
b. Have you been
c. Do
d. Were
11. These books are new, … ?
a. do the
b. aren’t they
c. will they
d. can’t they
12. There is nothing to do now, is there?
Fred : Judy, the telephone rang many times last night, why didn’t you answer it?
Judy : Sorry, Fred. I had so many works to do and I … them.
a. finish
b. am finishing
c. haven’t finished
d. I hadn’t finished
13. I … under the three when it begun to rain
a. stood
b. am standing
c. have been standing
d. stands
14. He … me for what I had done
a. thanked
b. is thanking
c. has been thanking
d. will be thanking
15. He … English before he went to the United States.
a. has already learnt
b. is already learn
c. had already learnt
d. learns
16. While I was studying in one room of our dormitory, my roommate …. in the other room.
a. was having a party
b. is having a party
c. has a party
d. conducting party
17. Before this semester is finished, we … gerund
a. are studying
b. have studied
c. had studied
d. will have studied
18. Don’t call me at eight, because I … . I will be studying at the library.
a. won’t be home
b. Wouldn’t be home
c. have already been home
d. was already at home
19. She … to the store when I arrived
a. had just gone
b. is going to go
c. has just gone
d. is going
20. We … TV when the lights went out.
a. watched
b. were watching
c. have watched
d. is watching