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Ms. Sarita Arya

Librarian, Pacific College of Engineering, Pacific University
Udaipur, Rajasthan,,Mobile: 09309232002


Ethics of human character for any scientific venture are expressed as moral principles of
conduct. Ethics are the elements which belong to a branch of philosophy dealing with the moral
nature of human conduct, or it may be defined as, the principles and standards guiding moral
conduct in everyday life or in a special field or profession. The word ethics suggests norms,
moral responsibilities, personal values etc. When we talk about engineering profession, we talk
about engineer’s moral responsibilities and personal. For en example, an engineer, who is trained
for technical skills, is required to observe certain code of conduct or norms for his acts or
behaviour. This code of conduct or behaviour pattern is governed by ethical considerations,
popularly known as professional ethics. The professional ethics signifies the code of conduct to
be adopted in practice by the individuals who are in respective profession.
Role commitment is, in general, engineer’s moral responsibility. The ethical conduct of
engineers makes them accountable for their actions towards the society and the community
which entrusts its young ones to their duties and work, towards the pupils, towards the
authorities who supervise their actions and most importantly towards their own self. “The role of
engineers is vital for progress and development of the country. All the professionally registered
engineers and technicians have committed to working in an ethical and socially responsible
manner according to their professional engineering institution’s code of conduct, issued in line
with guidance from the Engineering Council. The study on ethics helps to know the people’s
beliefs, values, and morals, learn the good and bad of them, and practice them to maximize their
well-being and happiness. It involves the inquiry on the existing situations, form judgments and
resolve the issues. In addition, ethics tells us how to live, to respond to issues, through the duties,
rights, responsibilities, and obligations.


Ethics, Professional Ethics, Engineering, Code of Conduct, Social Responsibility.