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Company Profile

Testing Machine Service Centre is situated in the heart of India at Kolkata and is a
pioneer leader in the calibration field and has set up a World Class Standard Laboratory
which is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment’s. We at Testing Machine
Service Centre are catering to the calibration requirement of the industry in the field of
Physical Lab, Chemical Lab Instruments, Civil Lab Instruments, and Temperature
Measuring Instruments & Survey Instruments etc. We are having a team of experienced
technical personnel for the calibration industry to carry out your calibration requirements.
All our master equipment is calibrated by NPL, ERTL or BY NABL accredited
laboratories traceable to national standards. We offer complete linkage in unbroken chains
of comparisons for the equipment calibrated.

The Testing Machine Service Centre has been started with the aim to cater the
calibration requirements of the industry at a very affordable prices and quality services. In
the current scenario of the market financial conditions the Testing Machine Service
Centre will be able to cater to most of the units applying for ISI/ISO or any other
Facilities Offered:
We do most of the calibration at our controlled temperature laboratory. However, for few
equipment’s which are difficult to move, we offer site calibration facilities also. We also
provide the service & AMC of Chemical Lab Instruments, Civil Lab Instruments, and
Temperature Measuring Instruments & Survey Instruments etc.
Quality Policy:
Testing Machine Service Centre provide reliable calibration services to our
customers in line with national practice while maintaining a high level of
quality in all aspects of Laboratory functioning.


Chemical Laboratory Instruments Electrical &Instruments

Conical Flask Digital Temperature Controller
Beaker Digital Temperature Indicator
Volumetric Flask Digital /Glass/Dial Thermometer
Measuring Cylinder Thermocouple
Measuring Pipette Tachometer
Bulb Pipette Induction Motor[R.P.M]
Burette Jute Moisture Meter
Weight Box Tong Tester / Clamp meter
Chemical Balance High Voltage Tester.
Single Pan Balance Resistance
Digital Balance Am meter
Loose weight Volt meter
Hydrometer Pyrometer
Barometer (Scale +Thermometer) Watt Meter
Stop Watch Multi meter
Sand Testing Equipment Muffle Furnace.[D.T.C]
Permeability Meter Tube Furnace .[D.T.C]
Green Sand Strength Tester Hot Air Oven.[D.T.C]
Universal Sand Tester Hot Plate.[Temperature]
Sand Rammer Water Bath.[Temperature]
Mould Hardness Tester pH Meter
Meggar /Insulation Tester/ELCB Tester
Welding Machine
Portable Oven
Instruments For Shop/Lab
External Micrometer Dial Calibration Tester
Internal Micrometer Try Square
Depth Micrometer Comparator Stand
Stick Of Micrometer Test Sieve
Vernier Caliper Cube Mould
Depth Gauge Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Height Gauge Ford Cup B4(Orifice Diameter & Linear
Dial / Digimatic Indicator (Plunger Angle Protractor/ Bevel Protractor

Bore Gauge Pressure Gauge / Switch / Pressure
Transducer / Transmitter
Coating Thickness Gauge Vacuum Gauge
Dial / Digimatic Thickness Gauge Tachometer
Pistol Caliper Rpm
Measuring Scale Shore Hardness Tester
Contraction Scale Loose Weight
Steel Tape Balance
Feeler Gauge Hydrometer
Radius Gauge Compression/Load Testing Machine
Potter Gauge Universal Testing Machine
Foils Load Testing Machine
Hegman Gauge Tensile Testing Machine
External Dial / Digimatic Caliper Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
Internal Dial / Digimatic Caliper Brinell Hardness Testing Machine
Gear Tooth Vernier Vickers Hardness Testing Machine
Steel Ball Yearn Testing Machine
Carbide Ball Fabric Testing Machine
Steel Tape
Eye Piece Of Poldi Hardness Tester
Snap Gauge
Plain Plug Gauge
Plain Ring Gauge
Gauge/Jigs/ Fixture
Concrete Testing Equipment
G. I. Test Sieve. Elongation Gauge.
Brass Test Sieve. Flakiness Gauge.
Pycnometer Bottle. Procter compaction mould with light
Mortar Cube Mould. Core Cutter with Dolly & Rammer.
Cube Mould. Cement Cube Vibrating M/ [R.P.M]
Aggregate Impact Test Apparatus. ACV Tester.
Aggregate crushing test apparatus. Specific Gravity Bottle.
Slump Cone with Tamping Rod. Pressure Gauge of Penetrometer.
Vicat Apparatus. pH Meter .
Sand pouring cylinder. Baby Mixture.
Length Gauge. A.Curing Tank .[Dig: Tem: Controller]

Primary Service
• AMC, Calibration &repair of inspection, measurement and test
• This is 1st& Old Calibration Lab of Kolkata which Established in 1977 by
Mr. Mrigen Banerjee. [LME, LEE, B.SC]
• Calibration, Repairing & Servicing of all type of Measuring Instruments &
Testing Machines.
• Emergency service available for our valuable regular customers.
• We provide onsite & laboratory calibration service.
Mechanical, Electronic, Dimensional, Temperature, Pressure, Vacuum, Mass,
Force, Hardness, Humidity & Torque instrumentation.
Customers Served
• ~1,500 customers nationwide.
Quality Systems

• Testing Machine Service Centre is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025: 2005, CC-2498.

• The management system requirements in ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 are written pertinent
to laboratory operations and meet the principles of ISO 9001:2015 Quality
Management Systems Requirements.
• Testing Machine Service Centre meets the technical competence and management
system requirements necessary to consistently deliver technically valid test results &