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Play a Kahoot displaying

different examples of effective

NEWS REPORT: Taking the role and point of view of one of the animals composition. Ask students to
who have had their patterns stolen, create a news report select what message they believe
of your suspicions. Within the report, practice forming the image conveys. Many images
complex sentences. Your news report should also include included from Jungle Drums
a recount of your day using linking devices.

Students are given basic compound sentence

that relate to the text 'Jungle Drums'. They must
use and add verb and noun groups/ phrases to Discuss what parts of the text excited students and
create more complex and meaningful sentences. held their interest. Have them create illustrations
and cartoons of the story with the aim of capturing
the peers interests. Explain the choices they made.
Understand how texts are made
cohesive through the use of
Explore the effect of choices when
linking devices including pronoun
framing an image, placement of
reference and text connectives
elements in the image, and salience
Understand that the meaning of on composition of still and moving
sentences can be enriched through the images in a range of types of texts
use of noun groups/phrases and verb (ACELA1496)
groups/phrases and prepositional
Interview different students about their thoughts and opinions of the phrases (ACELA1493)
book 'Jungle Drums' Read the story to younger siblings or pre
primary buddies and ask for what they liked and disliked. Then,
taking on a point of view that is different to their own, they will write
an open letter about the text. This may be read out to the class or to
smaller groups using a range of vocal texts to empathise their point. Discuss how authors and
illustrators make stories
exciting, moving and absorbing
and hold readers’ interest by
using various techniques, for
example character development
Use interaction skills such as acknowledging another’s and plot tension (ACELT1605)
point of view and linking students’ response to the
topic, using familiar and new vocabulary and a range of Transformations: Students rewrite the
vocal effects such as tone, pace, pitch and volume to book with a twist. Perhaps using
speak clearly and coherently (ACELY1688) different setting, new plot points or


Create literary texts by

developing storylines,
characters and settings
Research older texts such as books or cartoons that depict Africa
Identify and explain language features of texts Literature (ACELT1794)
differently. Compare the style of presentation such as descriptive
words, different views, style ect. Pairs of students choose different from earlier times and compare with the Literacy
texts to research and present how Africa has been constructed vocabulary, images, layout and content of
differently to how it is seen in Jungle Drums contemporary texts (ACELY1686)


Discuss literary
Re-read and edit for meaning by adding,
experiences with others,
deleting or moving words or word groups
sharing responses and
to improve content and structure
expressing a point of
view (ACELT1603)
With the teacher, discuss the message and mood
of their story they have written in the Engage in a discussion where each student expresses how they
'Transformations' activity. Students will re-read respond to Jungle Drums and why. Students then will go on
their draft editing it with a red pen to more express their point of view of the book in their reading response
effectively convey meaning. During this, students journal. Within it, they must also include the thoughts and opinions
should experiment with different structures of Jungle Drums of their peers.
texts and focus on appropriate word choice.

Improvisation with the elements of

music to create a simple Music Living things depend on each
composition (ACAMUM085) Science other and the environment to
survive (ACSSU073)

Students sit, quietly with bongo drums in

their laps as they listen to the story. In
sections where the book states "The
In pairs, create a short
drums ring out" students drum their
presentation, describing how
bongos until they reach a synchronised
two different animal species
Represent and communicate observations, need each other to survive.
Responses that identify and describe how the ideas and findings using formal and informal Research how the environment
elements of music are combined and used to representations (ACSIS071) they live in is suited to their
communicate ideas, mood and meaning needs

Students, in groups experiment with pace and rhythm to communicate

the mood of the storyline. Each group will have a narrator who reads the
book out loud. The others must use different combinations of drum beats
to convey moods throughought the book such as suspense, chaos, fun
ect. Each group will perform their take on the story.

Students create scientific diagrams

of their observations on African
animals. Their findings must be
incorporated into a table describing
the differences and similarities
between each animal.