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Subject: EE 158-POWER PLANT ENGINEERING Prepared by:

Exam Date: March 4, 2016
Time: 9:00 – 11:00 A.M. Engr. Marc-Eric E. Villanueva
Room: 312/313


1. Calculate the average power in MW that can be generated in a hydroelectric project

from the following data:

Catchment area: 5 hectares yield factor: 85%

Annual Rainfall: 1.75m Load factor: 40%
Overall efficiency: 85%

- If the mean head used is equivalent to the minimum rating of a francis type turbine,
calculate the rating of the generator that should be installed for this type?

2. A hydro electric generating station is supplied from a reservoir of capacity 6,000,000

m3 at a head of 170m. Assume a hydraulic efficiency of 80% and electrical efficiency
of 90%. The fall in the reservoir level after a load of 15MW has been supplied for
3hrs, if the area of the reservoir is 2.5km2 is closest to:
a.) 5.39cm c.) 5.98cm
b.) 4.32cm d.) none of the above

3. Design for an appropriate off-grid solar power using the following data:
Loads: ACU1 = 2547 BTU/Hr Lighting system using LED bulbs:
ACU2 = 3820 BTU/Hr (3pcs) – 5w, (2pcs)- 7w, (3pcs) – 3w
Refrigerator: 120w Electric fan1: 50w
Motor pump: ¾ HP Electric fan2: 45w
TV1= 100w exhaust fan: 60w
TV2= 130w rice cooker: 300w
Conditions: ACU 1 & 2 are used 8hrs a day, ref. @ 24hrs, motor pump @ approx. 2hrs
a day, TV 1= 8hrs a day, Tv2= 10hrs a day, lighting sys. Is used simultaneously at
12hrs a day, electric fan 1= 8hrs a day, electric fan 2 = 12hrs a day, exhaust fan @ 3
hrs a day, and rice cooker@ 3 hrs a day. If you will be using a 250w polycrystalline
24V system, and 60Amps MPPT solar charge controller, compute for the appropriate
design for the PV, SCC, Inverter, and the batteries if the available in the market is a
100 amp-hr solar master battery,12V system @ 50% DOD, and 70% PV eff’cy using 5
at sun-peak hrs, and 150% inverter eff’cy.
-Design a 24V system for this off-grid power, design also the protection ratings for
this system.


Checked by: Approved by:

Engr. Marc-Eric E. Villanueva Engr. Hector K. Pintor

Program Head Academic Dean