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Dedicated Team
With more than 20 years of pipeline project experience, AMEC Paragon has a large group of dedicated
pipeline professionals experienced in all phases of pipeline project development, management,
engineering and construction.

Project Management Systems & Expertise

From concept development through start-up and
operation, AMEC Paragon’s project management systems
assure project delivery. These Web-enabled, automated
systems enable management of work activities,
manpower, contracts, cost, schedule, and quality. The
end results are efficient, low-cost pipeline project
Project definitions, execution plans, contracting strategies,
and all life cycle design functions are planned in close
coordination with our customers, ensuring that the most
valuable project is developed.

Engineering and Route Optimization

AMEC Paragon’s engineering and route optimization
capabilities include:
Developing and evaluating concepts
Hydraulic modeling
Cost estimating
Route selection and alternatives analysis
Property identification; survey coordination; and real-
time, Web-enabled GIS mapping and alignment sheet
Specification development, procurement and materials
Construction, commissioning and operating plan and
procedure development

Engineering Work Processes

To produce low-cost, high-quality engineering deliverables,
AMEC Paragon employs GIS database-driven systems with
intelligence built-in. This process allows rapid evaluation of
multiple alternatives with maximum data reliability.
Environmental Science and Engineering
To meet tight schedules and comply with all permit
requirements, AMEC Paragon’s environmental team
prepares local, state, federal and international agency
filings and permit applications quickly and efficiently.
Sensitive environmental issues are identified early to
avoid costly or time-consuming compliance issues.

Corrosion Engineering and Pipeline Integrity

Our staff is presently engaged in all aspects of
corrosion engineering and pipeline integrity. Typical
assignments include corrosion control and cathodic
protection system designs, internal/external coating
specifications, pipeline condition assessments, pipeline
integrity and risk analysis plan development, and audit/
due diligence investigations.

Construction Management, Inspection and Commissioning

Constructability and operability of the pipeline
system are integrated throughout the project’s
design. During the crucial phases of construction
and commissioning, AMEC Paragon’s experienced
field construction management team provides
critical services to assure compliance with all design
contract and permit criteria.

Getting Started
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AMEC’s oil and gas business is a leading international provider of total life of asset services to customers in the upstream,
downstream, petrochemicals and pipelines markets.

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