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Procedure of the process of preparing a herbarium:

1. A search for plants in the area of IPG Kampus Pulau Pinang was carried out.
2. One plant which is known as ‘Kemunting Cina’ was found in front of KH block.
3. The entire plant with its root system was pulled out using hands and with the
aid of trowel.
4. The soil and sand attached to the plant was removed and cleaned using water.
Then, the water on the plant was dried using cloth.
5. Some excessive leaves and stalks of the plant are cut off using gardener’s
knife so that the specimen would not have too much leaves.
6. The parts of the specimen such as leaves and flower are arranged nicely on
paper sheets before pressed in the dictionary so that the parts of plant do not
overlap with each other.
7. The plant is then pressed in the thick dictionary.
8. The collected plant is then left for 2 days.
9. After 2 days, the press is then opened and plant is rearranged again. The
paper sheets are replaced with a new one. The plant is then put back in the
dictionary for another 2 days.
10.The collected plant is checked regularly to ensure that insect or fungal attack
does not occur.
11.The collected plant is then dried not direct under the sunlight. After the drying,
the plant is killed with formalin to prevent the abscission layer formation and
12. A label with 8cm width and 10cm length is pasted at the bottom of the right
side of the mounting paper.
13. The label included:
a) Name of plant: g) Habitat
b) Scientific name h) Date of collection
c) Family name i) Name of collector
d) Local name j) Description
e) Other names k) Benefit
f) Location
14. The specimen is then mounted on 30cm X 40cm mounting paper. Adhesive
tape is used to stick the specimen onto the mounting paper.