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REQUIEM ‘rom DEAR EVAN HANSEN Music and Lyrics by BENJ PASEK ‘and JUSTIN PAUL Vocal arrangements by Justin Paul Piano arrangement by Alex Lacamoire and Justin Paul Moderato emi) E oie) B chao E ose) 8 bring out melody yr Bre rferer tr) rer? pera se | ; of BeMNDE EGE no) BeHnye EIGE Chg chet) Why should play this game of pre - tend? Re member-ing through a Blesiyoe E/Gt oe) a(n) emir Sach a great son and won der~ fal ONS Ai Rhy Aaansered oy Kabah Suge Muse Pubiohing "airs faced day Ramszon aves) ect aceon) cam) BODE EGE the tears ja Teouldeul up and_ hide in my ‘a(vsn) cim%™5)—BesYDE EGE ote) There in my bed still sob-bing to - mor - cim7™) Bey EGE a(n) Boon) oan) Tcouldgive into overt mma tea) +8 Eta ctm? ° — = s se a= s = cto i aes == ame ep Sg ioe a = | 8a Nesey le) Fim cin? pos WhyshouldI— start tobreak in pie - es? WhyshouldI go and_ fall a = part_ for you? Faster should 1 play the grew Ing sie chm? poste)