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Pride and Prejudice Adapted from Jane Austen's Novel by JANE KENDALL -€ ‘THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY Esa Pride and Prejudice ef z A Romantic Comedy in Three Acts ‘Puspanabeecieats cote sr cae Sr ee i i : 3 | il Hi fi E § i I i rod by cl arg wih “Te DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Wook Mins" Prine in he United Stas of Ameen "A igh served (PRIDE AND PREJUDICE) oNosIZ6H61 piace: Longbourn, the Bennet Lome in Hertfordshire, Eng- and. ‘mam: About 1800. SYNOPSIS. ‘Act ons: The living-room of the Bennet bore, An afternoon in spring. Act Two: Scene One. The same, Two weeks later. ‘Scene Two, The same, The nexs afternoon, ‘Act THRE: Seene One, The same, An afternoon in Jay. Scene Two, The same, Morning, a week leer NOTES ON CHARACTERS. MR, BENNET: He is a man of culture and tase, whose sense cof humor bas helped to carry him through some twenty-five cst believes thar people are beter than they are, and 0 i always ready to find a good excuse for any questionable act, Although docile and much under her méther’s thumb, Jane is