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SOUTHERN GAS CONSTRUCTORS LIMITED CHANGE ORDER NO.003 (Three) TO AGREEMENT NUMBER 6093-ON-C282 Original Agreement Amount Jolomi Engineering Services Limited (and Previous Change Orders) CONTRACTOR: Page Date Not to exceed amount 1of3__| 13 December 2014 NGN 277,627,752.00 SOUTHERN GAS ‘Change Order Number: CONSTRUCTORS LIMITED (003(Three} ‘Addition by this Change Order ; Number 093(Thvee) Agreement Number: Not to exceed amount NGN 31,146,354,00 ‘5Km New Port Expressway, EUG EACH Warri, Delta State, Nigeria | Job Number: | SCR Number: Deduction under this Change Order Number 003 (Three) ous eae Not to exceed amount re NGN 0.00 : Original Chevron Nigeria Limited ‘Amended Total Notification Confirmation Job Name: Not-to-exceed amount NGN 308,774,106.00 x Escravos Gas to Liquids Project SUBCONTRACTOR Suite 22 The Terms and Conditions forming the Mabiaku Road original AGREEMENT are made an integral Warr, Delta State, part of this Change Order except to the extent Nigeria as modified herein Prepared by: Andrew Wakefield Description Refer to the AGREEMENT as noted above together with Change Order Number 001 (One) & 002 (Two) for Chevron Nigeria Limited's Escravos Gas to Liquids Project at Escravos, Delta State, Nigeria as now amended by this Change Order Number 003 (Three) as follows: 1.0 Purpose The purpose of this Change Order Number 003 (Three) is to extend the level 3 & 4 training by 2 (Two) weeks per level. The additional time is to ensure the class of building personnel capacity, continuing to aid community growth and further employment opportunities for the successfully trained students. 2.0 Scope of Work No additions or revisions of scope of work are applicable to this CO Number 003 (Three). 3.0 Drawings and Specifications Drawings and Specifications remain as per the SUBCONTRACT. 4.0. Time of Performance This CO Number 003 (Three) extends the Overall Time of Performance from 32 (Thirty Two) weeks to 36 (Thirty Six) weeks. Page No, CHANGE ORDER NUMBER 003 (Three) ‘Subcontract No: 2013 6093-ON-C282__ 5.0 Agreement Value ‘Table Showing Revised Time and Value per Level Item ] Welding Training | Anticipated Maximum Unit Rate per Course Duration (Weeks Student(Naira [1 |Level1 8 ~_1,135,174.00 | - ae | 2 | Level2 | 65 1,433,255.00 3. | Level 3 85 7,954,727.00 4 | Level 4 - 10 — ~_ 2,13,963.00 5 [NW Exam - 3 1,900,000.00 Subcontractor L a Total Level 36 wks /9 months 8,577,059.00 L 1 to Exam - This COAR Number 003 (Two) adds to the AGREEMENT VALUE the Not to Exceed Amount of: - Thirty One Million One Hundred Forty Six Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Four NGN (NGN 31,146,354.00). Resulting in a revised AGREEMENT NTE VALUE of Three Hundred Eight Million Seven Hundred Seventy Four Thousand One Hundred Six. (NGN 308,774,106.00) Value of COAR Number 003 (Three) is NGN 31,146,354.00 Reference Value NGN Original Subcontract Amount 269,915,870.00 Value of COAR # 001 11,882.00 Value of COAR # 002 0.00 [Value of this COAR#003 34,146,354.00 Final AGREEMENT Not To Exceed Amount 308,774,108.00 6.0 Terms and Conditions This CHANGE ORDER represents the sole agreement between CONTRACTOR and SUBCONTRACTOR concerning the matters addressed in this CHANGE ORDER, and with regard to such subject matter supersedes all other documents, letters, conversations, or other ‘communications (whether oral or written). 7.0 Execution of this Document SUBCONTRACTOR shall execute the two (2) originals of this CHANGE ORDER SUBCONTRACTOR shall return both signed original documents to CONTRACTOR at the address given below marked for the attention of The Subcontracts Manager. CONTRACTOR will execute both original documents and return one (1) signed original to the SUBCONTRACTOR Southern Gas Constructors Limited Attention: Subcontract Manager Km 5 New Port Expressway, Wart, Delta State, Nigeria CHANGE ORDER NUMBER 003 (Three) ‘Subcontract No: 6093-ON-C282 ALL OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICES AGREEMENT REMAIN UNCHANGED. SUBCONTRACTOR CONTRACTOR Jolomi er Services Limited Southern Gas Constructors Limited a == vane Loy Cpocenucce Mfc, “my pala HOSE Tite: Propeet: Mine ie 02—0//20/ | ge-~