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University of Luzon

College of Accountancy
Dagupan City


This study intends to know how the newly graduates of BS in

Accountancy and BS in Accounting Technology in University of Luzon on how

they prepare their selves to be ready on the career they have chosen and being

aware on what will happen to their new environment and on how it can help to

have an advantage over the others. Most of the newly graduates find their first

job difficult because of the demands and wrong expectation that’s why we

conduct this study to help everyone about this issue.

A qualitative and quantitative study using descriptive approach is

utilized in this research. The method is data gathering included the use of

survey questionnaires with selected respondents. We included in the survey the

data about themselves, their job, and on how they cope with their new

environment. The questionnaires distribute to the respondent via giving hard

copies personally and via internet to get the result faster and less time


Graduates were found to be inadequately prepared on entering the

workplace. Inefficient practice of application of theories and knowledge

acquired in school to reality work environment and a accounting work related

culture that was discouraging graduates’ practice were identified as major

University of Luzon
College of Accountancy
Dagupan City

barriers to the accounting profession. Lack of exposure to work environment as

undergraduates was also identified as a significant obstacle among graduates.

As well as supporting the pre-existing studies on work readiness in

graduates and barriers to graduates’ accounting practice, this current study

identified the need for accounting and business schools to further incorporate

work readiness into formal curricula and increased opportunity for exposure to

accounting work environment as undergraduates. Further, if made, the review

and upgrading of the design and curriculum will give direction to what can be

done especially in policy formulation, faculty development trainings, and other

important competency skills trainings and development to help prepare the

accountancy students meet the demand of the job markets