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1. What would you do if you were Jennifer?

I definitely would have a meeting with the meeting

with the store manager concerning the store policy. She should implement an adequate training
program for all department managers that clearly explain their job description, as well as all the
employee that they are in charge of. Jennifer should, also have a mandatory meeting with all
staff presenting them with an updated policy concerning workplace ethics and guidelines that all
employees must follow.

Why? To make sure that the manager has read and know what the store policies are concerning
eating in the work area. They should, also fully understand the job required skills, expectations
from employees, and how to they can adequately meet the store objectives. Jennifer should
definitely hold the managers accountable, because upon hiring the employees they should have
had a written policy and procedures that adequately explained the rules and regulation
concerning the proper area to eat their lunch in.

2. Should a disciplinary system be established at Carter’s Cleaning Centers? Yes there

should be a disciplinary policy in place explaining to employees the proper protocol

3.If so, what should it cover? The managers should have a written policy for newly hired employees
to read and sign during orientation concerning the rules and regulations of the facility.

How would you suggest it deal with a situation such as the one with the errant counter peoples?
The workers should only receive a written warning, because the management department did not go
over the store policy with the employees. Jennifer to make sure that all employees read and sign an
updated store policy. This policy will let all employees be aware of the things that will be a violation
according to the store policy, such as eating in an undesignated area.

4. How would you deal with the store manager? I would have a mandatory meeting with all
managers to clearly explain their job description, along with their duties and responsibilities. This
information will give the management department an adequate guideline on the standard of
performances that all managers are expected to show.
Tell us about a time when you observed unethical behavior, either on the job or elsewhere. If you have
never directly observed unethical behavior, do some research and give us an example of documented
unethical behavior. Remember, unethical behavior is not necessarily illegal. (Please type response
directly into submission area).
1. Why do employees join unions? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a union
2. What are the differences between a closed shop, a union shop, and an agency shop?
3. Describe the most important feature of the Wagner Act passed in 1935.
4. Why was the Landrum-Griffin Act passed in 1959?
5. When management and labor sit down to negotiate “in good faith,” why is it called collective

Have you or do you know of anyone who has ever been in a union? How was your/their experience? If
you don’t have an example, consider this…if you had the opportunity would you join a
union? Why? Why not? (Please type response directly into submission area).