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Basic Information

NAME : Abdulla
KUNYA : AbuHussain
CITY: Panjim, Goa, India.
HEIGHT: 5.7ft.
BUILD: Average slim.
COLOUR: Fair with brown tint.
DOB: 18/01/1997.
BORN/REVERT: Revert Alhamdulillah /2015.
CONTACT: / -wali only-

Additional information
LANGUAGES: English, Hindi, Konkani, Hindi, Urdu, and learning Arabic.
EMPLOYMENT : Not working for now as I am going to put small business in sha
EARNINGS FOR LIVINGS : I have a flat which is given for renting and I am free
from any financial support Alhamdulillah.
NOTICE : I have a strict view and doesn’t compromise.

FAMILY Information
FATHER: He is a Indian passport agent
MOTHER: She takes care of the house.
STEP SISTER: Learning school.
STEP MOTHER: She belongs to a Muslim family(not salafi)and she is a passport
agent too.
BACKGROUND: We belong to a middle class family and my father and step
mother both are working..
ADDITIONAL FAMILY INFORMATION: I have too families one is non
Muslim and other is Muslim, As for family of my stepmother are Muslims and as for
my father and mother they belong to non Muslim.

AQEEDAH/MANHAJ: My belief and Manhaj is the way of Salaf as salih
HADITH/SUNNAH: We must make sunnah a foundation for all the matters of
deen and dunya without a compromise or seeking the pleasure of people.
PRACTICAL LIFE: I try to implement Tawheed/sunnah in my practical life, and I
am a human so I make mistakes, but I try my best to live Islam practically and want
same thing in spouse.
HIJAB/COVERING : it’s not for women but for men as well and as for me I wear
thobe most of the time.
Salah : Alhamdulillah I pray
Qur’aan : have finished my Qaida and now can read, Also learning tajweed.
KNOWLEDGE: I take my knowledge from Salafi publications and from the
Scholars of Saudi who are upon Haqq and whose adala is established and beside this
I don’t take my knowledge from anyone and not from salafi scholars of India.
NOTICE : As I take my knowledge from Salafi publication we are on the view that
the ahlel Hadith of India have made some great mistake in manhaj and we will never
unite with the ahlel Hadith of india unless they correct their mistakes and this is one
of the reasons that we don’t take ilm from them but no doubt they are following the
correct way.


 Most of the time I like to be at home doing things like watching debates
on YouTube and also learning the Deen of Allah and Also doing
household chores at very few times and I take care of my things.(i.e
washing clothes, making bed, cleaning my room and etc.)
 When I am outside I meet my brothers in Islam and also visit the
markaz at least 3 times a day and I spent my most of the time in markaz
Learning and teaching that which is known to me.
 I try to implement The prophetic traditions in my life.(I.e mannerisms,
Characteristically and in my ibada.
 Good at solving computer errors.
 I am admin to as salafiyyah group on Instagram and what’s app

 Age 18-21, Should wear a full veil except eyes and should try to follow
the deen of Allah as it was revealed and also be well mannered, Caring
for herself and then what has been legislated in the sharia and should
join me in Islamic course and lectures.
 Also should be a student of knowledge who will learn that which is
unknown and will understand that which is known and practice Islam in
simplicity and should have zuhd fi dunya.
 Should have Taqwa of Allah
 Must be caring towards her own health, by following the prophetic
Sunnah, and must be calm and decent in following the seerah of
prophet Muhammad (SAW)
 Open to born muslim not revert.
 Should visit the local salafi masjid for classes, salah and taraweeh
prayers and spend most of time at our markaz in Ramadan and outside
of Ramadan in sha Allah.
 Should not incline toward materialistic things of this world and should
be steadfast on deen without falling short in matters of deen.
 Should be Family oriented- should be well read about the rights of
husband and judge with justice and also should do your own things and
not to be dependent on anyone except Allah.
 Should not have any inclination to things of entertainment.(I.e movies,
music, Nasheed and others.
 Muslims should dress Islamically and represent Islam through their
actions, manners, lifestyle and dress.