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El Paso members storm the Capitol

2019: Issue 3

Builders, Associates meet in Austin to represent home building industry

The bi-annual Texas Association of The group visited with
Builders Rally Day was held on March Representative Mary Gonzalez next,
20 at the Capitol in Austin. El Paso and as she always has, welcomed us
was represented by a total of twenty- with open arms. “Where’s Randy? “
two representatives who visited all the she asked knowing that Randy
El Paso delegation. We were Bowling has led our delegates over
welcomed by each Texas Legislator the past years. Randy was with the
from our area and had a special visit TAB Executive team since he is First
with Senator Jose Rodriguez. The Vice President and assumes the
EPAB group was led by President leadership in 2020. Representative
Sergio Cuartas, Vice President Edgar Gonzalez said that our lobby team
Garcia, Secretary Sal Masoud and from TAB had been in contact with her
Ray and Margaret Adauto. and her staff frequently and that she
The Capitol was swarming with the appreciates those updates and visits.
nearly 800 Texas builders and Our brochure also helps her decide on
Associates during the day long event. bills that we support or oppose.
The Rally Day headquarters was the The next appointment was with
Driskill Hotel. Representative Cesar Blanco who two
The group was welcomed to a years ago gave us a grand tour of the
traditional dinner on March 19 at the House chambers. He was scheduled
world-famous Eddie V’s, a steak and to be in Houston on House business
seafood multi-star eating and surprised us by walking in as we
establishment. Our sponsor, HUB were gearing up. “I wouldn’t miss
International treated the group to an meeting you all,” he told the excited
outstanding selection of shrimp, members.
oysters, lump crab and even a special Our final two meetings for the day
crab cake for appetizers. The main were with Senator Rodriguez and
course was one of five entrée’s which Representative Joe Moody, now the
the group chose from. It was capped Speaker Pro Tempore, a very high
off with an amazing group of chocolate honor and prestigious position. The
or banana deserts. Our thanks to Luis delegation with Senator Rodriguez
Rosas and HUB International for the was led by Sergio Cuartas and Sal
outstanding meal. Masoud and they came away happy
Wednesday started early with a and excited with that meeting. “He
meeting with Representative Lina was really nice to us and listened to
Ortega who graciously gave us a lot of our issues with an open mind,” Sergio
time to explain our issues and to ask told the Outlook. Representative
for her support. Because of the early Moody was on the House floor and so
start the EPAB took some Austin the EPAB delegates huddled with the
Voodoo Donuts to her and her staff, all staff. “Our mission at Rally Day is to
of which were quickly consumed. Our make sure we make our presence
nest visit was to the newest state rep, known, and we did that pretty well
Art Fierro who was recently elected to again,” said Ray. The next Rally Day
replace outgoing long-term Joe will be in 2021.
Pickett. He was on the house floor
and so the group met with his chief of Top Right: EPAB members in the a Above: A hard hat was presented as a gift from TAB and EPAB to Senator Jose
staff, a regular option given that the capitol hallway preparing for their Rodriguez (Seated) Left to right: Margaret Adauto, Dallas Stevens, Jacob
reps are in session and at work. meeting. Barde, Sergio Cuartas, Sal Masoud. More photos: page 8

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2019 Issue 3 Builders Outlook

Message Evolution, transformation, change, opportunity

When I was in college (1995), ‘Being a member of our association provides us with
several business instructors access to information which can help us understand
mentioned that our ability to adapt to
change was the main if not the only trends and find new opportunities in the building industry.’
individual competitive advantage we,
future business owners, could
develop. More than two decades later, homes. However, the market is Since we need to be aware of the
people living today are observing always changing. Millennials are local trends and changes, our Market
drastically accelerating, fast paced rapidly becoming the biggest share of Intelligence Committee improved our
change in many aspects of our lives. our home buyers because they just confidence survey to make it more
We are talking to artificially surpassed the baby boomers as the relevant and targeted. Please help us
intelligent phones, chat bots, phone largest segment of the population, help you by answering our 3-question
Sergio Cuartas systems and virtual personal generationally speaking. This means survey which we will e-mail to you.
President assistants. We have seen tremendous we need to understand the younger We will continue to develop it and
El Paso Association of Builders advances in longevity, self-driving generation’s needs and wants in make it an exclusive benefit for our
transportation, robots, self-checkout order to connect and service them members as the plan is to release the
What comes to mind when you hear at retail stores, and virtual reality better. This may require our industry results earlier to our members than to
the names: Sears, Kmart, Kodak, experiences. As some jobs become to make some changes in many the general public. Other committees
Blockbuster, America Online (AOL), more automated, people may need to areas. Questions we could ask are: In are meeting and moving forward.
WorldCom, GM, or Chrysler? One seek career coaching to help redirect which areas do we need to change? Thank you for your support of our
may say those companies are dying their talents and abilities toward other or how can we constantly reinvent our association. Be on the lookout for
or are already dead. On the other positions or types of employment. business? education and networking
hand, what is your first thought when While some of us feel overwhelmed Being a member of our association opportunities. They will probably be
you hear the names: Amazon, by the different technologies, provides us with access to information announced by email. Please continue
Google, E-Trade, Netflix, Quicken communication methods and 24/7 which can help us understand trends to participate in our events, and help
Loans, Facebook, Tesla, or Spotify? connectivity. Others see tremendous and find new opportunities in the members whenever you can. Finally
Most people would call them large, opportunity for exponential growth building industry. The International make it a point to do business with a
successful companies. Some may with the combination of technological Builders Show in Las Vegas in member.
realize that those companies are fast- advancements. February provided many chances for
growing pioneers who are eating the The home building industry has learning in regards to automation,
lunch of the companies who have been slow to change the way we build technology, new products, and trends.
been slow to adapt.
Builders Outlook 2019 Issue 3

Social Media & WeBSiTe
conTenT ManageMenT

Ray Adauto, e-Mail neWSleTTeRS

Vice President coMMUnicaTion

Getting in front of the issues

ediToRial SeRViceS

You read about the events at Rally force to be dealt with. wagons. going to Rally day,
day and think that it’s a waste of getting into the offices of the testifying, being present is
time. You see these members go Senators and legislators isn’t something that’s hard for us so far
and speak on behalf of the automatic, certainly during session. away. But our support system from
association and say, “no problem, Yes, they’ll meet with you because TaB is a greatly admired group with
they’ll take care of it for me,”. you’re a constituent. But the el an no bull attitude and honesty.
imagine if we didn’t have members Paso delegation meets with us That’s why we’re welcomed…nay,
willing to take the trip, go to the because we help them make tough respected when we visit.
capitol and sit in front of our local decisions and give them honest i asked our first timers what they
legislators. These engaged truthful facts. We provide them with got from it if anything. each one told
members know what this association a focus on bills that can go one way us it was a great experience, it was
does, so much better than those or the other. We bring a committed awesome, and it was rewarding.
who have never gone to a Rally day. concern with solutions. This year Would they tell the world? “Without
i call it the most important event for they must deal with about 4300 bills hesitation” was the response. My
a member to realize where the dues of which nearly 1000 could impact thanks to the group. John chaney
go, and how much more difficult it construction immediately. They said it best. “i’m always surprised
would be for the local members if
they didn’t go. everywhere we went
need us to guide them. We don’t
win them all, but we get a fair
by how well our reps think of our
association and what it took to get
ted escobedo
we were welcomed, told that it’s hearing and a few minutes to say that,”. John it’s because of ted@snappypublishing•com
good to see el Pasoans at the what we have to say and move on. members like you. Thanks to all talk & text: 915•820•2800
capitol. and it’s not just about being it is a mad house. one that can kill who went. and make plans for 2021
there, it’s about showing that we’re a the industry if we don’t circle the for the next one. Get Creative. Make it Snappy.



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excellence on the jobsite. No one in the industry
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2019 Issue 3 Builders Outlook 5

Builder News

Housing Finance
Reform Plan Moves
the Debate Forward
The National Association of Home
Builders (NAHB) commended Senate
Banking Committee Chairman Mike
Crapo for developing his housing
finance reform proposal and believes it
will serve as an important marker to
move the debate forward in Congress.
Testifying on
this issue
before the
Greg Ugalde, a
home builder
and developer
Mike Crapo
Torrington, Conn., said that an
effective housing finance system must
address liquidity as well as
“An essential component of any
strategy for housing affordability must
be advancing comprehensive housing
finance reform which will ensure the
capital and liquidity necessary for
housing developers, builders, lenders
and consumers to access stable
financing,” said Ugalde.
NAHB believes that Chairman Crapo
has put forth a thoughtful outline for
housing finance reform that includes
essential elements that would achieve
these aims.
“In particular, we appreciate the
chairman’s continued support for an
explicit government backstop for a key
portion of the conventional mortgage
market,” said Ugalde. “We firmly
believe this is critical to ensuring the
ongoing availability of the 30-year,
fixed-rate mortgage, which is essential
to affordable homeownership, as well
as preserving support for the financing
of affordable multifamily properties.”
With Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
languishing in conservatorship for the
past decade, NAHB has been a strong
proponent of comprehensive housing
finance reform.
“Having Fannie Mae and Freddie
Mac continue in conservatorship with
no end in sight contributes to
uncertainty regarding mortgage
availability and affordability and is
therefore both undesirable and
unsustainable,” said Ugalde.
Given the significant role that
housing plays in the economy, Ugalde
urged lawmakers to take a long-term,
holistic approach to housing finance
system reform.
“NAHB also urges Congress to
carefully consider the differences
between the single-family and
multifamily market and not apply
solutions to one piece of the market
that are not appropriate for the other,”
he said.
6 Builders Outlook 2019 Issue 3


New Home Sales Demonstrate

El Paso Disposal
Demand for Affordable Homes
607,000 units after a sharp upwardly
The January new home sales report

revised December report. The sales

from the government indicates an data was delayed due to the partial
increasing demand for homes sold in government shutdown.
an affordable price range. The data also show that new home
In January 2019, 66 percent of new sales posted a 2.3 percent gain for
single-family home sales were priced 2018 and the yearly total of 627,000 is
between $200,000 and $400,000 vs. the highest sales level since the Great
22 percent of homes that were sold in Recession.
the $400,000 to $750,000 range. This “Declines in mortgage rates brought
compares to 51 percent of homes sold buyers back into the market at the end
in the $200,000 to $400,000 range in of 2018 and moving into the new year,”
January 2018, and 29 percent that said NAHB Chairman Greg Ugalde, a //$!-!.)+-!%*./+-!"+-4+0/$*&0./#-!/-%'* 
were sold in the $400,000 to $750,000 home builder and developer from
price category.
./+*!,-+ 0/.-+)-%'./+*!#(..!-)%/%(!* 
Torrington, Conn. “After a challenging
“These numbers indicate that period last fall, builders expect a solid
,+-!(%*/+2++ "(++-%*#,1!-.* )+-!
builders who can produce housing at spring home buying season.”
affordable price points in markets The inventory of new homes for sale
across the nation will be able to meet rose to 336,000 in January, which
this sales demand that is generated by represents a slightly elevated 6.6-
healthy household formations and solid month supply at the current sales rate.
job and wage growth,” said Robert The median sales price was $317,200.
Dietz, chief economist of the National Regionally, on a monthly basis, new
Association of Home Builders (NAHB). home sales fell 11.4 percent in the
Today’s report by the U.S. Northeast, 28.6 percent in the Midwest
Department of Housing and Urban and 15.1 percent in the South. Sales
Development and the U.S. Census rose 27.8 percent in the West.
bureau shows that sales of newly built,
single-family homes fell 6.9 percent to

a seasonally adjusted annual rate of

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components with StrucSure’s insurance-backed warrantiess.
2019 Issue 3 Builders Outlook

Forescast The Green New Deal Is A Bad Deal

nations can easily adopt. For example, — otherwise it would compromise its In summary, the GND suffers from
pressing to invent low cost solutions that control of interest rates. What if the Fed several serious flaws. It imposes huge
Elliot Eisenberg reduce carbon emissions in manufacturing just printed money and used those funds to upfront costs on our economy, yet only
Economic & Policy and agriculture and then sharing them buy GND bonds, as was the case with slightly reduces the negative impacts of
globally, as Germany has done with solar Quantitative Easing? If the economy were domestic carbon-dioxide emissions. In
panels, would make a huge global dent in in a recession, rates would be low, but they addition, it substantially overpays for the
CO2 emissions. would also be low if the bonds were sold to CO2 reductions it accomplishes by
A second problem is that the GND only investors, so the savings would be slight. needlessly prioritizing certain CO2
focuses on removing certain sources of And if the Fed bought the bonds in a emissions over others. Lastly, having the
carbon-dioxide by trying to achieve 100% healthy economy, when rates are above Fed buy GND bonds essentially works only
renewable energy in a decade. The cost to zero, like they are currently, it would have in a recession, otherwise necessary
While advocates of the Green New Deal do this would top $4 trillion -- well over a to pay interest on the reserves it issues to offsetting maneuvers largely, if not
(GND) suggest it will solve a multitude of full year of tax revenue. This works out to banks, offsetting the income earned on the completely, negate the interest savings.
problems by combating global warming and $110/metric ton of carbon dioxide avoided. bonds as it does now.
creating millions of well-paid jobs, the The cost of weatherizing every building in
reality is that the GND is a profoundly the US to “maximum energy efficiency” is
expensive plan that takes leave of all projected to cost $400 billion or
economic principles. Within only its climate $285/metric ton. If this sounds expensive, it
change portion, the GND ignores entirely is! President Obama’s economists put the
the fact that CO2 emissions are a global — harm of a ton of CO2 at $50. In New New Home Warranties
not local — problem; it fails to reduce England, you can pay a power producer $6
carbon emissions most cost effectively; and to reduce CO2 emissions by a ton, $15 in
suggests nonsensical ways of paying for California, and $25 in the European Union,
• A Texas Warranty designed for Texas Builders
the program. based on emission permit prices in these
• 10 Year New Home Warranties
The biggest problem with the GND is jurisdictions. What is needed is market • FHA, VA & USDA Approved
that it targets only US emissions, while mechanisms that incentivize carbon • Remodelers & Detached Garage Options
extreme weather and rising sea levels reduction at the lowest possible price • Options for General Liability, Builder’s Risk & More
come from global ones. Today, the US regardless of the source.
contributes 15% of global carbon-dioxide Finally, defenders of the GND propose Texas Strong for Over 37 Years!
emissions, China contributes 30%, and paying for this ill-advised plan by taxing the
India 7%. Under existing policies and rich and having the Federal Reserve
goals, in twenty years, the US share will
fall to 12%, China’s will drop to 27% and
India’s to14%. Thus, even if the GND
reduces US emissions to zero, we will
benefit little unless other nations do the
finance it. While the Fed could buy GND
bonds, it can do so only if it helps it reach
its own congressionally-mandated goals.
While the Fed would return any interest
earned on its holdings of GND bonds to the
same. One way around this problem would Treasury, it would have to sell an offsetting
800.445.8173 ext. 2149
be to invest in innovations that other amount of Treasury bonds in the first place •

Rally Day 2019 • Austin, Texas

Members and guests who represented EPAB
at Rally Day
Sergio Cuartas
Edgar Garcia
Maribel Garcia
Sal Masoud
Luis Rosas
Randy Bowling
Jacob Barde
Sam Shallenberger
John Chaney
Henry Tinajero
Margarita Tinajero
Gus Loy
Laura Loy
Dallas Stevens
Patricia Stevens
Nadia Rocha
Hector de la Canal
Nick Loy
Margaret Adauto
Alexis Ferguson
Ian Ferguson
Adam Ferguson
Ray Adauto
EPAB receives special award
from TAB/Build PAC
Texas Association of Builders
presented the EPAB with an award
for having contributed over 400% of
goal to the Texas HOMEPAC. The
contributions are vital to the work we
have to do keeping the legislature
and others in check. HOMEPAC
funds are used to support issues
that could impact the industry. The
EPAB is proud of the contributions
made by the donors.

Training offered to members

The builder members were invited to
attend a SWP3 training on March
27. The training was given by ESS,
Environmental Safety Solutions, an
associate member and with El Paso
Water enforcement division. Steve
Teran, inspector, presented the
reasons why and what Texas says
has to happen. EPAB will conduct
another similar training later this
10 Builders Outlook 2019 Issue 3

#Real Texas

The El Paso Association of Builders encourages you to work with our members.
Builder members Padilla Homes Barragan & Associates DWS Building Supply
as of January 30, 2019 Misael Navarrete Benito Barragan Sabrina Voorhies
Palo Verde Homes Barraza Drywall Corp. EDLR Plastering
Althon Investments, LLC Edgar Montiel Ignacio Barraza Eduardo De La Rosa
Jose Luis Martin Pointe Homes Barrett Airworks E.F. Building Materials, Inc
Bain Construction Carlos Villalobos Alexandro Castro Efren Fraire
Scott Bain R.C. Baeza & Associates Bassett Woodworks ERA Sellers & Buyers
Bella Vista Custom Homes, Inc. Robert C. Baeza Danny Murillo Karla Rayos
Edgar Garcia R.E. Welch Contractor Beasley, Mitchell & Co., LLP ESS Environmental and Safety Solutions
BIC Homes, LLC Gordon Welch Brad Beasley Jose L. Garcia Ramirez
Sergio Cuartas Rassette Homes, Inc. Bella Vista Realty Eagle Custom Cabinets
Blue Sage Homes, LLC Donald Rassette Grisel Ortega Juan Benabidez
Jamie E. Gonzalez Rio USA Belmont's Air Conditioning, Inc. Eagle Roofing Products
Blue Star Construction Freddy Klayel Rafael Belmonte Scott Aguilar
Carlos Villasana Rosewood Design & Build Big A Construction Edgar's Flooring
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Randy Bowling Santana Custom Homes BMC Select Edmund Esper
Carefree Homes Fernando Santana David Quintana Edmund Esper
Richard Aguilar Southwest Land Development Serv. Boise Cascade El Paso Audio Video by Design
Casas De Leon, LLC Doug Schwartz Mike Flores Joe Gutierrez
Nick Bombach Spanish Oaks Custom Homes Border Construction Specialties El Paso Building Materials
Cisco Homes LLC Juan R. Saenz Ricardo Yvellez Ken Wade
Francisco Arroyos III The Heritage Group Border Solar El Paso Disposal
Classic American Homes David Bingham Javier Ruiz Irma Parsons
Priscilla Hernandez Trejo Construction Co. Bordertown Carpets El Paso Mortgage Bankers Association
Crown Heritage Homes Juan Trejo Brian M. Abraham Gilbert Pedregon
Lydia Mlouhi Tropicana Building Corp. Builders Source Appliance Gallery El Paso Times
Cullers & Caldwell Builders Bobby Bowling IV Sandra Lucero Sal Hernandez, Justin Riley
John Cullers Tropicana Development Bukaty Financial Companies Group El Paso Truss
Cullers Homes Greg Bowling Ruth Rivera Luis Mendiola
Jason R. Cullers Tropicana Homes C. D. Lee/Britton Insurance & Bonding El Paso Water Softeners
D B Innovations, LLC Randy Bowling Anthony Landavazo Rebecca Estrada
Dan Berry Tropicana Properties CMF El Paso Winnelson
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Diamond Homes, LLC Kristi Eddings Erez Belkin Leticia Mata
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E. Valencia Land Development LLC Luis J. Lopez Jose Del Val Mercedes Ruiz
Eddie Valencia Will Harvey Development CEA Engineering Group Felipe Rocha Construction
Eclat Homes & Design Will S. Harvey Jorge L. Azcarate Felipe Rocha
Veronica Guerra Winton/Flair / Accent Homes Central Texas Metal Roofing Supply Co.,Inc. Ferguson Enterprises Inc.
Edward's Homes, Inc. Herschel Stringfield Ben Garza, III Albert Holguin
Eduardo Fernandez ZIA Homes of El Paso LLC Centricity First American Bank
EPT Bella Custom Dream Homes, LLC Preston Brown Brent R. Morgan Louis Sauceda
Leti & Javier Navarrete Century 21 The Edge First Light Federal Credit Union
EPT Land Communities Associate members Scott Kesner Lorenzo Revelez
David Bogas as of January 30,2019 City Bank Texas First National 1870
Everest Homes Bob Kotarski Ernesto Avila
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Fortune Custom Homes Danny Heredia Thomas Brown Jay Kerr
Javier Andrade 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Citizens Loan Center Forge Factory Strength & Conditioning
Gaddy Construction Leslie Schey Jim Easley Edmundo Portillo
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Guel Construction Enrique Hernandez Martin Paredes Dan Villarreal
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Kathy Parry A C Refrigeration, LLC David Hernandez Cabinets GE Appliances
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Brent D. Harris Adams Moulding & Lumber De La Torre Iron Works GECU- Greater El Paso Credit Union
JER Custom Homes, LLC Tom Swahlen Alfredo de la Torre Danny Galindo
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Kayton Lee Residential, Inc. Agustin Favela Hector Phillips Jason Sanchez
Brianna Barnes Alden R & R Services, LLC Delek US dba 7 Eleven Goodman Mfg.
Lloyd Hamilton Construction Alejandro Dena Sonja Scanlan Jorge Guajardo
Lloyd Hamilton, III Allbrite Electrical Demcon Disposal Management, LLC Go Pro Refrigeration
LMJ Construction Co., LLC Carlos Nunez Maria Elena (Nena) Gomez Humberto Diaz
Mike Lopez Alpha Asphalt Desert Quest Plumbing Great American Insurance Group
Loyalty Homes Gabriel Chavez Hector Gonzalez Julie Tomlinson
Gustavo Loy Alvarado Plastering & Stucco, LLC Designer's Mart Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce
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Mustafa Ali Amelia's Janitorial Services Diaz Services, Inc. H P Roofing & Construction
Maravilla Homes Amelia Gomez Emmanuel Diaz Heriberto Prieto
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Pacifica Homes, Inc. David Trammell Dunn-Edwards Paints Hector Phillips
Juan Jose Vasquez Nathan Gordon
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Hercules Industries Loyas Shutters Prewire of El Paso, Inc. Spectrum Technologies
John Chaney Alfredo Loya Steven Drury Miled Daou
Hernandez Roofing Magicstone Prosperus Title & Escrow St. Mary's Custom Shutters
Concepcion Hernandez Marco Gomez Alexandra Jade Hedrick Dolores Lopez
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LOI Engineers Performance Glass & Aluminum Sierra Title Company W.W. Sales
Bernardino Olague Hector Hernandez Angelique Roman, Marielsa Pulido Eric Hoppes
L & P Building Supply Commerce Mortgage Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc. Western Heritage Bank
Denise McConnell Stephen Sepulveda, Gilbert Pedregon Ken Donham Kathy Carrillo
Legacy Real Estate Serv./TTI Prop. Man. Polar Mechanical LLC Snappy Publishing WestStar Bank
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plus tax Introducing the NEW Texas Association of
Builders Model Construction Safety Program &
$699.99 Jobsite Safety Standards Package© (Model Safety
non-members plus tax Plan) Version 4.0.

Texas Association of Builders

Model Construction Safety Plan
The NEW plan includes the This plan is available to TAB members for only $299.99 (plus sales tax).
addition of recent OSHA You will receive:
requirements such as: • TAB’s Model Construction Safety Program & Jobsite Safety Standards
Package© that includes a User Guide and the Model Safety Plan.
Permit Required Confined • Access to a new webinar that will train you and your employees on the use
Spaces of the Model Safety Plan.
• Upon completion of the webinar, a Certificate of Completion stating that you
Crystalline Silica Standards have completed the webinar that provided you with detailed information on
Access to the previous version of the Model developing your company’s safety plan using TAB’s OSHA-reviewed Model
Safety Plan is no longer available. To purchase Safety Plan. Please watch to the end of the webinar for instructions on
the new online Model Safety Plan Version
obtaining your certificate.
4.0, visit
12 Builders Outlook 2019 Issue 3

For All Your Electrical Needs

Residential Specialists
Tract Homes • Custom Homes
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One-stop shop
suports city

The City’s One-Stop

Shop consolidates the
process of land
development and
permitting assistance
into a single location.
Phillip Etiwe,
BP&I Director,
The Planning and
City of El Paso Inspections Department,
housed within the One-
Stop Shop, provides guidance and
assistance during the design, review
and inspection phases of the
development process. The City's
vision for safe and beautiful
neighborhoods begins here. The staff
strives to provide high-quality
customer service, while protecting the
health, safety and welfare of El Paso DESIGN WITH NATURAL GAS IN MIND.
The One-Stop Shop supports the
Nothing is more attractive to homebuyers than the right mix of comfort and value. You can

City’s economic development by

provide both when you build homes that have natural gas.

reviewing proposed projects and

granting approval to develop land and
Natural gas furnaces, water heaters and clothes dryers offer greater efficiency and lower

build commercial and residential

operating costs than their electric counterparts, and natural gas kitchens sell themselves.

structures. Now they are taking it a

Let us help you plan for natural gas right from the start.

step further. The One-Stop Shop will

be soon be hosting an economic and
For more information:

lending summit tailored for

contractors. Participants will include

William Nieves: 915-496-6126

the Small Business Administration,

Jorge Sejera: 915-680-7216

Small Business Development Center Builder

Builder Services
slimgas­metroElPaso@onegas.comoror 1­866­206­9587.
Please continue to direct service line and meter set requests to the Texas Gas Service

and local lenders. The summit will

Hotline at 1-866-206-9587.

provide a networking session for

contractors seeking access to capital.
Local lenders will be on hand to
answer questions and provide
guidance. Bringing these two worlds
together is an integrated approach
with a cohesive vision to planning and
community investment.
There is another exciting new
development to assist businesses.
The City’s Economic and International
Development Department recently
announced the launch of
AccelerateEP. The City Accelerator is
an initiative of Living Cities, funded by


the Citi Foundation. El Paso’s new
initiative for small and minority-
owned businesses aims to support,
centralize, and link important Homes by:
resources. These resources include BIC Homes
capital, contracts, market, strategic
Deal 2 Deal Homes
planning, and workshops.
Small and minority owned business Diamond Homes
and entrepreneurs interested in the ICON Custom Home Builder
program are encouraged to JER Custom Homes
participate in the online survey. Visit Pacifica Homes for complete
Palo Verde Homes
program information and list of
Rosewood Design & Build
partners. Located in El Paso’s
For information on the lending Winton Homes beautiful Upper Valley
summit, send your email to ZIA Homes of El Paso
Valley Creek 3 or call
developed by Hanson Asset Management

915.212.1501for more information.

Builders Outlook 2019 Issue 3
6046 Surety Dr. El Paso, TX 79905
Insurance developed for builders.
915-778-5387 • Fax: 915-772-3038
Developed for builders with the backing of the strongest insurance
carriers serving the Texas building industry, our insurance program
offers flexible coverage options and rates that are more competitive
■ ExEcutivE OFFicERS Johnny Rodriguez, Lowe's than ever. As an authorized member of Builder Agent Network©, we’re
PRESiDENt Randall Smith, Randall Smith, Cpa dedicated to providing builders and contractors with the best-in-class
Sergio Cuartas Justin Hahn, Rocky Mountain Mortgage
Angelique Roman, Sierra Title
insurance programs, pricing, underwriting, resources and service.
Edgar Garcia Ted Escobedo, Snappy Publishing
SEcREtARY Patricia Martinez, Stewart Title
Product Portfolio Highlights
Sal Masoud
ExEcutivE vicE PRESiDENt ■ tAB StAtE DiREctORS t“A” rated carriers, several available
Ray Adauto Randy Bowling, Life Director
Sam Shallenberger t(-PêFSJOHDoverage for property damage that results from faulty, defective,
Edmundo Dena
Edmundo Dena or poor workmanship in your work.
■ cOMMittEE cHAiRS: Gus Loy
Don Rassette t(--JNJUTPGVQUP...Bvailable
Luis Rosas
Luis Rosas tExpanded policy form for commercial projects
Sal Masoud tBuilder’s Risk master policies, monthly reporting, annual and one shots
Bobby Bowling, IV
Demetrio Jimenez
Sam Shallenberger
t Workers’ Comp - Two highly cost-effective programs
FiNANcE cOMMittEE tExDFTT-JBCJMJUZGPS$PNNFrcial (eneral Contractors
Kathy Carrillo/Treasurer
Honorary Life Members
t$PNNFrcial Umbrella
Angelique Roman
Rudy Guel
Brad Roe
Sal Masoud
Wayne Grinnell
Don Henderson
El Paso, Permian Basin and Surrounding Area
Patrick Tuttle
Anna Gill
iNDuStRY PROMOtiONS HUB International Insurance Services
Mark Dyer
Ted Escobedo
Sam Shallenberger -VJT3PTBT
■ ADviSORY tO tHE BOARD 915-206-6047
Jay Kerr, Firth, Johnston, Bunn & Kerr Past Presidents
committed to Serve
■ BOARD OF DiREctORS Edmundo Dena
Builders: Edgar Montiel
Jaime Gonzalez, Blue Sage Homes Frank Torres
Frank Arroyos
Lee Gillett, Classic American Homes
Greg Bowling
Lydia Mlouhi, Crown Heritage Homes
Randy Bowling
Dan Berry, D B Innovations,LLC
Bobby Bowling IV
Delton Deal, Deal-2-Deal Doug Schwartz
Eder Gallardo, Edwards Homes John Cullers
Leti Navarrete, EPT Bella Custom Dream Homes Robert Baeza
Kathy Parry, Hunt Companies Mark Dyer
Samira Gonzalez, Icon Custom Home Builders Kelly Sorenson
Laura Loy, Loyalty Homes Rudy Guel
JJ Vasquez Pacifica Homes Brad Roe
Trevor Turner, Rassette Homes Herschel Stringfield
Fernie Santana, Santana Homes Bob Bowling III
Jacob Barde, Tropicana Homes Carlos Villalobos

Associates: EPAB Mission Statement:

Sandra Lucero, Builders Source The El Paso Association of Builders is a federated professional
John Chaney, Hercules Industries organization representing the home building industry, committed
Luis Rosas, HUB International to enhancing the quality of life in our community by providing
Jorge Herrera, J & H Post Concrete & Tension affordable homes of excellence and value.
Joe Bernal, Joe Bernal Insurance The El Paso Association of Builders is a 501C(6) trade
Patrick Tuttle, Legacy Real Estate Service organization.
© 2019 Builder’s Outlook is published and distributed for the
Aaron Rich, Lone Star Title
El Paso Association of Builders