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International Seminar


Governance and engagement in global blockchain development

organized by

IEEE Special Interest Group on Blockchain

Computer Society of India Allahabad Chapter
CSI-SIET Student Branch

CSI members (Professional/ Students) & IT Professionals

are cordially invited to attend the event.

Professor Greg Adamson

University of Melbourne, Australia

Key Speaker of the event

will deliver Seminar Lecture through Video-Conferencing


Monday March 20, 2017 at 3.00 p.m.

Venue: Auditorium, Shambhunath Institute of Engineering & Technology, Allahabad, India

Live webcast of the event will be available on

Contact details for free registration

Organising Committee Chair
D.K. Dwivedi
Patron & Past Chairman
CSI Allahabad Chapter
Brief about Blockchain
Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, has great promise in securing both financial
services and any supply chain applications. Yet to achieve that promise requires the
development of globally inter-operating standards. Speakers will give their presentation
to describe blockchain, its basic characteristics and application. It will then look at
programs being undertaken to achieve standards and governance in blockchain

Brief about the Key Speaker

Professor Greg Adamson, University of Melbourne, Australia has

been engaged in blockchain developments for more than three years.
In addition to his academic research, he has been working as a risk
manager at a major Australian bank in the field of trade and
payments, and is now Principal at Digital Risk Innovation. He is chair
of the IEEE Special Interest Group on Blockchain, and a member of
the Standards Australia TC-041 on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger
Technology. He is also Chair of IEEE Design for Ethics Ad Hoc. His
experience includes data communication, supply chain, cyber
security, e-business, professional ethics, and the Internet.

Core Committees
Chief Patron:
Dr. D.N. Tewari, Former Vice Chairman, Planning Board, Chhatisgarh & President, Utthan

Prof. K.K. Bhutani, Fellow, CSI
Prof. Anirban Basu, President, CSI
Prof. Sanjay Mohapatra, Vice President, CSI
Prof. A.K. Nayak, Secretary, CSI
Dr. Kaushal Tewari, Secretary, Utthan

Advisory Committee:
Prof. Greg Adamson, University of Melbourne, Australia & Chair, IEEE SIG on Blockchain
Prof. Sri Chandrasekaran, Director, Standards & Technology, IEEE, India
Prof. M.M. Gore, Dean, MNNIT, Allahabad- Chairman, CSI Allahabad Chapter

Organising Committee
Sri D.K. Dwivedi, Patron & Past Chairman, CSI Allahabad Chapter - Chairman
Prof. J.P. Mishra, Past Chairman, CSI Allahabad Chapter & Dean, SIET, Allahabad
Er. Mithilesh Mishra, IIIT, Allahabad- Vice Chairman, CSI Allahabad Chapter
Dr. Shashank Srivastava, IIIT, Allahabad- Secretary, CSI Allahabad Chapter
Sri R.K. Singh, Chief Administrative Officer, SIET, Allahabad
Dr. Abhishek Pande, SIET, Allahabad
Sri Parikshit Agarwal, SIET, Allahabad
Sri Radha Raman, SIET, Allahabad
Sri Prashant Srivastava, SIET, Allahabad
Sri Abhishek Kumar Pandey, SIET, Allahabad
Sri Pankaj Tiwari, SIET, Allahabad
Sri Ashish Pandey, Coordinator, CSI-SIET Student Branch, SIET, Allahabad
Sri Amit Srivastava, SIET, Allahabad
Sri Rajesh Tripathi, SIET, Allahabad
Sri Ashutosh Pandey, SIET, Allahabad
Sri Mohd. Kaleem, SIET, Allahabad
Sri Sudesh Srivastava, SIET, Allahabad
Sri Niraj Kumar Tiwari, SIET, Allahabad

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